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Edward Garrison, EDITOR . . . Harold Wendelken, BUSINESS MANAGER 


President of Kent State University 



The burr has opened . . . the University has 
emerged. Like the rough, sharp covering of 
a chestnut, the years of pioneering in the field 
of higher education at Kent have folded back 
to reveal their culmination. Kent State Uni- 
versity represents the fulfillment of the 
wishes, the rewarding of the efforts of those 
who have worked so enthusiastically, sin- 
cerely, and earnestly for this once-ridiculed 

It is the two-fold purpose of this year's 
Chestnut Burr to recognize the achievement 
of these persevering dreamers, and to mirror 
the phases of student life in this new univer- 
sity, as many and varied in form as the leaves 
on a chestnut tree. 
















Off to class with a half-written theme 
a hurried glance at the assignment. 

The pause that refreshes . . . 

a long cool drink, a short worm glance. 


Fingers of sunlight point through the lacy trees at a boy and 
girl with much to talk about. 

A wide rolling campus, trees, sunlight . 
in the stillness. 

voices echoing 

Great buildings erected by the State 
of Ohio .... for the education of 
her youth. 

Springtime .... and the joy of en 
during friendships. 


V**^' V v 





two decades 
of unfaltering 
effort comes the 
the gubernatorial 
University springs 
air radiates new 
with youth-/''*^ ^*^ 

\final flourish of 
\ pen . . .\,and the 
\ into being. The very 
\ interests and tingles 

ful vitality .... the fa culty is 

\ enlarged .... classe s ore big- 

•v^^ ger and better. Ef -'fort, indiv- 

- vidual and cooperative, is spurred 

on - 's,. by the consciousness that we now ore 
"big time" .... we have the exalted title of 
"University" to uphold. Even social affairs as- 
sume the revolving glamour of University caliber 
. . we have grown up ... . we ^ are an 

u n I V -^ 






Hail to thee, our Alma Mater . . . and to 
you, her leading men . . . our trustees, 
benevolent leaders of our footsteps, 
shapers of our destinies . . . holders of 
the rusted purse strings .... holding 
board meetings, to build, to tear down, 
to hire, fire and gripe . . shiny cars dot- 
ting the drive like new buttons on a vest 
. . . factions rise and fall behind locked 
doors .... appropriations made, budgets 
pored to a rind by the powers-that-be . . 
meeting adjourned .... hoi! to thee, 
worthy quintet. 

And our profs .... chancellors of the 
exchequer of knowledge ... new faces 
every year . . ore you Doctor, or just 
professor? . . . classes more or less boring, 
but never ending . . . cuts prohibited, 
rain or shine, life or death . . . dean-calls 
.... assignments heaped ever higher, 
climaxed by inevitable examinations . . . 
grades a pattern in block and red .... 
props, advice and counsel . . . conferences 
evolving into acquaintances, mutual un- 
derstandings, friendships . . . good guy, 
that prof. . . .Hail also to thee, august 



University Trustees 

Vice president, Joseph B. Hanan, whose home is in Akron, at present connected with 
the Goodrich company. He is a pioneer critic teacher in Kent's early Teachers' Training 
school history. 

Most recent appointee, Roy H. Smith, is treasurer. He is president of the Lamson- 
Sessions company; Kent's commissioned Major in the World War, and former American 
Legion commander. Post 496. 

Left to Right: J. B. Hanan. R. H. Smith. J. R. Willi! 

President of the Board of Trustees, 
John R. Williams, Madison, Ohio, is 
Superintendent of Lake County 
Schools. Active in N. E. 0. T. A., and 
for two years president of the Ohio 
Education association. 

Alma M. Zinninger, secretary many 
years, calls Canton her home; at 
present in the English department at 
Canton McKinley; served as alumni 
association secretary, and graduate in 
the class of '27. 

Dean Williams, Liberal Arts college, 
originally from Oakland, Indiana, 
obtained degrees from Harvard and 
Indiana University. He was formerly 
on the Ohio State staff. 

Dean Blair of the Education college 
is from Alton, lyinois. He received 
his Ph.B. at Shurtleff, Alton, his M.A., 
Ph.D., at Chicago University. He was 
formerly Superintendent of schools. 
East Dubuque, III. 

J. L. Blair, Blanche A. Verder, R. E. 

Dean of Women, Miss Verder, is from Rutland, Vermont. She attended and obtained 
degrees at Middlebury and Columbia, and studied at Harvard and Oxford, England. 
Taught in high schools in Vermont and Ne.v York. 

Dean Manchester calls Battle Creek, Michigan, home. Received both A.B. end 
M.A. at the University of Michigan. Formerly was head of Mathematics department at 
Oshkosh Teachers college and Pottsdam Tea:hers college, N. Y. 

University Deans 


University Department Heads 

Left to Right — 

Arden L. Allyn, M.A. 

Business Administration 

Maurice Baum, Ph.D. 


Arville O. DeWeese, M.D. 

Health and Physical 

Margaret I. Dunbar, B.L.S. 


Isabelle Hazen, M.A. 


Willis J. Burner, Ph.D. 


Harry A. Cunningham, A.M. 


Frank N. Harsh, A.M. 

Principal of High School 

John E. McGilvrey, Ph.D. 

President Emeritus 

Bury! F. Engleman, 
M.S. in Journ. 

Journalism and Publicity 

Amos L. Heer, Ph.D. 

Director of Training School 

Raymond E. Manchester, 


Nina S. Humphrey, M.A. 


John T. Johnson, A.B. 


Left to Right — 

Bertha L. Nixson, A.M. 

Home Economics 

David Otson, Ph.D. 

Geography and Geology 

Daniel W. Pearce, A.M. 

Education and Psychology 

B. F. Renkert, A.B. 

Business Manager and 
Purchasing Agent 

A. Sellew Roberts, Ph.D. 

History and Social Science 

Edith B. Rowlen, A.M. 


Christian F. Rumold, Ph.D. 

Physical Science 

E. Turner Stump, A.M. 


Clinton S. VonDeusen, A.M. 

Industriol Arts 

Emmet C. Stopher, A.M. 

Registrar; Director of 
Teacher Placement and 
Extra-Murol Activities 

Chester E. Satterfield, A.M. 


Anna Schafheitlin, Ph.D. 


Florence M. Sublette, A.M. 


G. Hazel Swan, A.M. 

Kindergarten -Primory 

University Department Heads 



Merle E. Wagoner, B.S. in Ag. 

Assistant Professor 

Harriet Adams, A.M. 

Assistant Professor 
Mary Kathryn Boswell, A.M. 

Assistant Professor 
E. Ladislaw Novotny, B.S. 

Graduate Assistant 


Const. J. Alexopoulos, Ph.D. 

Ethel A. Gowans, A.M. 

Stephen A. Harbourt, A.M. 

Assistant Professor 
Kenneth L. Kelley, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 


Amanda Lee Thrasher, A.M. 

Assistant Professor 


Raymond M. Clark, Ph.D. 

'Henry Harrison Helter, A.M. 

Assistant Professor 
Lester H. Munzenmayer, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 
Fren Musselmon, A.M. 

Associate Professor 
Alfred W. Stewort, Ph.D. 



Florence Gray Beall, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 
Erie T. Griebling, A.M. 

Assistant Professor 
Ada V. Hyatt, A.M. 

Assistant Professor 
Edgar Packard, A.M. 

Edward H. Pake, A.M. 

Assistant Professor 
Kenneth Ralph Pringle, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 
Groce Bussing Sherrer, A.M. 



George J. Altmann, M.Ed. 

Associate Professor 
Marie Hyde Apple, A.M. 

Assistant Professor 
Ruth Isabelle Boss, M.S. 

Assistant Professor 
Joseph William Begala, M.A. 

Instructor and Assistant Coach 
Alice Gwendolyn Drew, A.M. 

Assistant Professor 
Elizabeth Ann Leggett, M.D. 

Associate Professor 
Raymond John Novotny, A.M. 

Instructor and Assistant Coach 
George Donald Starn, B.S. 

Director of Athletics and Instructor 


Herman DeWitt Byrne, A.M., LL.B. 

Assistant Professor 
Thomas E. Davey, M.A. 

Assistant Professor 
Mono Fletcher, M.A. 

Assistant Professor 
Hersel Wendell Hudson, Ph.D. 

James Tomplin Loing, Ph.D. 

Gertrude Lawrence, Ph.D. 

vEleanor Ann Meyer, A.M. 

Assistant Professor 
Louis A. Tohill, Ph.D. 



Ruth Augusta Blanshan, M.S. 

Nona Isabel Jordan, M.A. 

Assistant Professor 


Elbert W. Tischendorf, M.A. 

Assistant Professor 
Edward L. Harris, B.S. in Ed. 

Graduate Assistant, First Semester 


Jeanne Parrish 



James R. Beck, M.S. 

Assistant Professor 
Edna Esther Eisen, M.S. 

Assistant Professor 

* Deceased, Sept. 20, 1935. 


Foster Lindsey Brooks, Ph.D. 


tOn sick leave, 1934-36. Deceased, Nov. 23, 


. . FACULTY 1935-36 

Frances Harshbarger, Ph.D. 

Harold P. Rogers, M.A. 

Assistant Professor 
Hugh E. Stelson, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor 


Helen Whitman Mochon, A.M. 

Assistant Professor 


Fred H. Denker, M.M. 

Associate Professor 
Elfledo Littlejohn, M.A. 

Associate Professor 
Helen M. McClaflin, M.M. 

Assistant Professor 
Roy D. Metcalf, M.A. 

Assistant Professor 
Helen B. Spelling, B.M. 

Instructor, First Semester 


Edward M. Collins, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 
Clarence L. Cook, M.Sc. 

Assistant Professor 
Allen W. Coven, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 
Maurice B. Palmer, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 
Ronald Burns Spacht, M.A. 



G. Harry Wright, A.M. 

Assistant Professor 
Lola Archer Dougherty, A.B. 

Graduate Assistant 


Gerald H. Chapman, M.A. 

Vera M. Chapman, M.A. 

Home Economics (for Miss Scott) 
George H. Cooke, M.A. 

Biology and History 
George A. Damann, M.S. in Ed. 

Industrial Arts 
Michel Herchek, M.S. in Ed. 

Amy I. Herriff, A.M. 

Librarian; Study Hall 
Doris B. Kinneman, M.A. 

Elmer R. Meyer, A.M. 

History and Social Science 

Blanche C. Miller, A.M. 

Edith M. Olson, M.A. 

Social Science 
Nelle Richards, A.M. 

'■•'Dorothy D. Scott, M.Sc. 

Home Economics 
Norma D. Wood, M.A. 



Ora Belle Bochmon, M.A. 

Adah Broadbent, A.B. 

H. Morjorie Kelly, M.A. 

Physical Education 


Susonne M. Koehler, M.A. 

Director of Elementary Training 
Argra Etta Ruffer, M.A. 

Supervising Critic, Off-Campus Teaching 
May S. Neitz, M.S. in Ed. 

Ruth M. Porrish, A.M. 

First Grade 
Myrtle L. Shepord, M.A. 

Second Grade 
Ethel Foster, M.A. 

Third Grade 
S. Dole Parsons, A.B. 

Fourth Grade 
Pearl J. Phillips, M.A. 

Fifth Grade 
Laura E. Hill, M.A. 

Sixth Grade 


Isobelle Dunbar 

Associate Librarian 
Elmo Brenner German, B.S. 

Assistant Librarian 
Mary Elizobeth Moutz, B.S. in L.S. 

Assistant Librarian 
Virginia Riley, B.L.S. 

Assistant Librarian 
Wilma Hafenbrok Sindelar, B.S. 

Assistant Librarian 
Mabel E. Thurston 

Assistant Librarian 


Christopher M. Scherer, M.S. 

William A. Ashbrook, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor 
Edith Tope, A.B. 

Assistant Professor 

'•'On leave, 1935-36- 

That dad-derned alarm clock .... that 
damned eight o'clock .... enough to 
break up a collegian's happy home . . . 
the wind-tossed struggle up the Long 
Walk . . . filling notebooks with trifles 
and lewd sketches . . . saved by the bell 
. . . loitering gobs of humanity in the cor- 
ridors . . . don't kick the plaster or the 
big handsome cop'll get you ... a dash 
to the Brady for an hour-killing coke . . . 
back up to the grind . . . scowls for the 
spouting Phi Bete who knows more than 
the prof . . . waiting for a funny spot in 
the lecture . . . hand-kissing for a grade 
. . . finishing last night's sleep in the 
back row . . . bumming cigarettes be- 
tween classes ... up and down the hill 
in twos and threes ... or alone . . . back 
and forth to the library like a shuttle . . . 
in and out the classrooms . . . round and 
round the halls, scurrying for bits of 
knowledge . . . like ants in a sugar-bowl 
. . . great stuff, this getting educated! 





Lucille Arnold .... president. 

A flaming temper, matching her hair, won her a place on the university's conference 
championship debate team and finally led to the senior class presidency. School's repre- 
sentative in oratory; member of Chi Pi, Stater staff. 

Helen Hastings .... vice president. 

In her own quiet manner, she slowly came to the top to win the vice presidency of 
her class. A member of the Women's League, Off Campus club, and president of Phi 
Alpha Alpha sorority. 

Esther Laird .... secretary. 

Besides being a popular member of the Delta Sig sorority, this young woman carried 
her popularity over into class elections and was chosen to keep the minutes of the senior 
class straight. 

Richard Tuttle .... treasurer 

Silvery tongued orators hod nothing on this fellow. Although he spoke in gentle 
terms, what he said registered. Besides receiving recognition in his class as treasurer, he 
is Alpha Phi Beta's president, and Blue Key member. 



This year we bid farewell to our Alma Mater. Goodbye 
not to the state college which we entered but to an expanding 
state university. The class of 1936 — the first class to 
graduate officially from Kent State University. 

Entering college upon the brink of the great financial 
crisis the class has seen revolutionary changes not only in 
the college but in the business and political world. Each 
yeor our slowly dwindling group of depression-stripped stu- 
dents has returned to keep up the glorious beginning made 
in our first year. 

Our athletic material has outlived two definite regimes 
of coaching. And in this, our final year, under an entirely 
new set up, '36 athletics have played in games which fore- 
cast shadows of Kent's coming glories in sports. 

Amateur night, college night, the Pigskin Prom, the 
Sophomore Hop, winning debate teams, new heights of dra- 
matic successes, a newly uniformed band, and an enlarged 
weekly publication have been instituted within our four years 
at Kent. Each year has found disappointments in the form 
of sliced appropriations from the school budget. Yet it was 
at the beginning of our senior year that we saw the dream 
of accomplishing the result of many years' work come true — 
Kent was mode a university. 

And now when the national outlook is clouded on the 
financial, political, and diplomatic horizons, and when Kent 
is beginning to gain recognition we must lay down our books 
and our experiments, to graduate. So the class of 1936 is 
launched into this questionable world! 

Left to Right 





Kenneth Alexander 

Howard Andreas 

Raymond Arnett 

Lucille Arnold 

Glenmont, Ohio 

Wheeling, W. Va. 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Windham, Ohio 


B.S. in Ed. 



Kappa Sigma Chi 

President Barbar 
Mathematics Club 


s; Glee Club. 

4F^"%s Bancroft 

Student Council; Debate; 
Pi Kappa Delta; Kappa 
Gamma; Cardinal Key; 
Student Faculty Relations 

Frances Baldwin 

Alta Bancroft 

Committee; Stater. 

Cortland, Ohio 

Canfield, Ohio 

■^' Qanfield, Ohio 

Robert Boumgardner 

B.S. in Ed. 

B.S. in Ed. 


grncit ^ St^rti Tau Gamma 

Lakewood, Ohio 

Band; Glee Club; Phi Al- 

«! Al_l fci..-:_ /-I..U 

Sigma Sigma ~'' 



pha Alpha; Music Club 

French Club; Home Eco- 
nomics Club; [Jni 
Theotre; Pan-Hellen^ 
Women's League, Y ^^ 
C. A.; Shark Club 

Julia Begalo 

Kent, Ohio 


Kent Stater; 


Ruth Beiter 

Burr; Chi Pi; 


Canton, Ohio 


B.S. in Ed. 

''/„Rlith Benedict 

Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

Phi Alpha Alpha; Home 
Ec. Club; Cardinal Key; 
University Theatre; Ger- 
man Club. 

Editor Kent Stater; Presi- 
dent Student Council; 
President Ohio Newspaper 
Association; Sigma Tau 

Hazel Board 

Canton, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed. 
Choir; Glee Club; Univer- 
sity Theatre. 


Donald Bolich 

Cuyahoga Falls, 

Williom Celestino 

New York, New 

B.S. in Ed. 
Varsity "K"; 



Oscor Dobkin 

Akron, Ohio 

Orchestra; Chemistry 
Club; Biology Club. 

Margaret Brood 

Leoto Butler 

Corlotta Cose 

Mosury, Ohio 

Kent, Ohio 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 

B.S. in 


B.S. in Ed. 
Women's Athletic Associ- 

Music Cli 


Bond; Or- 

ation; Physical Education 

chestra; Chori 



Club; Omega Phi Delta; 

Josephine Cotmon 

Biology Club. 

Cleveland, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 

Upsilon, W 

Theto Sigma 

treas.; Phi Kappc 

treas.; Debate._^ 

Team; Jw™«(^i« 

Elizabeth Daskovich 

Cheerleader; 4~~'Card(naI > .-''"^''_ '^I 

Pataskalo, Ohio 

Key, pres.; Sti^en 

tCoun-.: ■"'<r*c''°« 

B.S. in Ed. 

cil; Women''s,/. 

, League? 'Lokewood, 



Council; Urviyersi^-y a r 



Sigma Toi 

J Gamma. 


Clarence Eckert 

Elmer Dunlovy 

Perry, Ohio 

Campbellsport, Oh 


B.S. in Ed. 

B.S. in Ed. 

Kappa Mu Kappa; 

Football; Wrestling; 

Manual Arts Club; Phys. 

Freshman Coach 

ing in Agnes Dye 

Ed. Club; Wrestling; Foot- 

Football; Delta Phi 

Sigma; Broadacre, 



ball; Varsity "K" Club; 

Manual Arts Club; 

B.S. in 


Phi Epsilon Kappa. 





Robert Eisel 

Akron, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed. 

Kappa Sigma Chi; Phi 
Epsiion Kappa; Physical 
Education Club; Varsity 
"K"; Football; Basketball. 

Charles Fouser 

Kent, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed. 

Marion Gardner 

Massillon, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Pres. Barbarians; Biology 

Doris Faulkner 

Shelby, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed. 

Moth. Club; W. 
Biology Club. 

Reito Frederick 

Copley, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed. 

Herman Fischer 

Talimodge, Ohio 

) Edward Fuller 




Home Economics^" Cfub 
Biology Club; l]%t.versity 
Theotre. ''> 

_ Ktmpo,;^ Mu Kappa; 

'l|^=^W^JUap^^ts Club; Phi 

''V /^Baj^ Koppo University 

50516' Cqtnmittee. 

Edward Garrison 

Kent, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed. 

Delta Phi Sigma; Student 
Council; Blue Key; Inter- 
Froternity Council; Editor, 
Chestnut Burr; Chi Pi. 

Blue Key; Student Coun- 
cil; Phi Epsiion Kappa; 
Delta Phi Sigma; Football; 
Student Faculty Relations 
Committee; Physical Ed. 
Club; Varsity "K" Club. 

Betty Forner 

Lorain, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed. 
Delta Sigma Epsiion, 
pres.; Cardinal K e y; 
Chestnut Burr; Stater; 
Social Committee; Stu- 
dent Council; Omega Phi 
Delta; W. A. A.; Physi- 
cal Ed. Club; University 

Lester Furney 

Waynesburg, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Sigma Tau Gamma; Var- 
sity Debate; Dramatics; 
Oratory; Alpha Psi 

Omega; Biology Club; 
Stater; Chestnut Burr; 
Intra-Murals; Freshman 
Players, pres. 

Elizabeth Green 

Stow, Ohio 

Off Campus Club; Alpha 
Sigma Alpha. 

Left to Right 




Left fo Right 




Miriam Gruen 

East Liverpool, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed. 

Pi Kappa Sigma; W. A. 
A.; French Club; Math. 
Club; Y. W. C. A. 

George Hach 


nsburg, Ohio 

Wrestling; Football; Biol- 
ogy Club. 

Carl Hageman 

Tollmadge, Ohio 

Sigma Tau Gamma; Vel- 
vet Curtain; Football; 
Freshman Players; Uni- 
versity Theatre. 

Carl Hall 

Brookfield, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed. 

Harold Hardy 

Kent, Ohio 

Kappa Sigma Chi; Band. 

Bernard Heuser 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed 

Barbarians; German Club; 
Student-Faculty Relations 

Helen Hastings « 

Kent, Ohio ^^ 

A.B. f/ 

Cardinal Key; Y W "C. 
A.; Velvet Curtig3?r UnlV 
versity Theatre;"&u AlphaV, 
Alpha. %> ..J 

Milled Heinemann 

Nancy Hollister 

Kent, Ohio 

Sigma Sigma Sigma; Biol 
ogy Club; Band; Orches 

Cdyahoga Falls, Ohio 
^ BS'ir^d 

Music ClAi, pres.; Girls 
■'jf/7 Band, pres , Girls Glee 
^ ■'lil Club, pres , Chorus; Band; 
^ 'Mi^ Ofchestro, Choir; Kappa 
^'^ ^a Pi; Cardinal Key. 

Lawrence Huber 

Tollmadge, Ohio 

Marion Hess 

Cleveland, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Alpha Sigma Tau; Uni- 
versity Theatre; Physical 
Ed. Club; W. A. A. 

Karl Huge 

Cleveland, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Manual Arts Club. 

Left to Right 





Herman Jones 

Bedford, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed. 
Delta Phi Sigma. 

Dean Kisseberth 

Burgoon, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed. 

Fred Huston 

Akron, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed. 
Sigma Tau Gamma; Col- 
lege Quartette; Men's 

Janet Knott ■<; 

Twin Lakes, Ohio ^ 

B.S. in Ed. -. 

A.B. ,^~ 

Alpha Sigma ynu, pres':;- 
Lowry Hall, pr'es.';, Velvet 
Curtain; French ^&iiti; 
University Theatre, mgr.; 
Pan-Hellenic; Alpha Psi 
Omega; Cardinal Key,' 
Student Council. 


Alice Juringus 

East Cleveland, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
W. A. A.; Phys. Ed. Club; 
Omege Phi Delta; Kent 
Stater; Biology Club; Uni- 
^.versity Theatre. 

'ptStly^ne Kurtz 

- LSroin^.Ohio 

■; '' B,^. in Ed. 

pdi Alpha Alpha; Home 
Ec. Club; Orchestra; Glee 

,, Club; Biology Club. 

John Kolkos 

Wooster, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Intro-murals; Velvet Cur- 
tain; Delta Phi Sigma; 
Biology Club. 

Esther Laird 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
K. P. Club; University 
Theatre; W. A. A.; Delta 
Sigma Epsilon. 

Frances Loughlin 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Horry Lohr 

Hubbard, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Delta Phi Sigma; Physical 
Ed. Club; Barbs; Varsity 
Basketball; Honorary Bas- 
ketball Captain-Elect; 
Biology Club. 

Helen Lundeen 

Cleveland Heights, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Alpha Sigma Tau; Fresh- 
man Players; University 
Theatre; Pan-Hellenic; 
Art Club; K. P. Club; So- 
cial Chairman. 

Leo Lutz 

Kent, Ohio 

Kappa Mu Kappo; Com- 
merce Club; University 


Ethel Maddock 

Elyria, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Chi Delta; W. A. A.; Pan- 

Don Mass 

Bellaire, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed. 

Dohrman Maffett 

Carrollton, Ohio 

Barbarian; Int 


Abe Mancovitz 

Akron, Ohio 

E<%ar ^c^ormick 

■ "Kesf, %iio 

James Motthews '^ 

Ravenna, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed 
Kappa Mu Koppa 

Julia Marshall 

Youngstown, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
W. A. A.; Physical Ed. 

~ iiK ^ ^^ S^ Julie McKay 

V 7 ^ =l<eef, *io ^ ^ „ ' 

1, ^ / ^rfr- «; Kent, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
_,_ j,y^^ ^ German Club; Cosmopoli- 

-'fiorti^ians; German Club, 
president; Kent Stater. 

Mary Meier 

Conneaut, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Kindergarten - Primary 

Bernice Miller 

Cleveland, Ohio. 

Mary Muir 

Warren, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed. 
Delta Sigma Epsilon; Pan- 
Hellenic; University The- 
atre; W. A. A.; Kent 
Stater; Chestnut Burr. 

Wilmer Munzenmayer 

Kent. Ohio 

Glider Club; Sigma Tau 
Gamma; University 

Theatre; Velvet Curtain 

Left to Right 





Wilmer Patterson 

Killbuck, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed. 

Mary Pfingsgraff 

Youngstown, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
University Choir; 
Club; German Club. 

George Porosky 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Freshman Football; Vars- 
ity Football; Barbarians. 

Gerald Read 

Akron, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 

Varsity "K"; Kappa Mu 


Royal Reynolds 

Ravenna, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
University Choir; 
Club; Music Club. 

Glee Kenneth RobenstJ^ 

Mogadore, Ohio 




Christine Roberts 

.^uyc»J»oga Falls, Ohio 

"^^neta /^Sigma Upsilon, 

\"^i3res.;~^lee Club; Univer- 

I sity^Choir; Cardinal Key; 

•University Theatre; Pon- 

.Hellenic; Chorus; Stater; 
, Chestnut Burr. 

Ella Roberts 

Alliance, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Pi Kappa Sigma; French 
Club; German Club; W. 
A. A.; Women's Glee 

Marjorie Russell 

New Castle, Pennsylvania 

B.S. in Ed. 

Delta Sigma Epsilon, 

pres.; Chi Pi; University 


Nelson Solathe 

Macedonia, Ohio 

Aloys Sacksteder 

Sandusky, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed. 

Harold Schamp 

Canton, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed. 
Sigma Tau Gamma; 
Lambda Chi; Manual Arts 
Club; Men's Glee Club; 
president University Quar- 

Left to Right 




Left to Right 




Jane Seager 

Youngstown, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 

Kent Stater Editor; Card- 
inal Key; Student Council; 
Chi Pi, president; Student 
Faculty Relations Com- 

Russell Slutz 

Navarre, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed. 
Barbarian; Biology Club. 

Dorothy Seidel 

Ravenna, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Sigma Sigma Sigma; 
Home Economics Club. 

Claud Smith 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ctoto. 

A.B. -C- 

Kappa Mu Kof^te., Un 
varsity Theatre, /*^j<ent 
Stater; Alpha Psi Ornego 

Michael Serene 

Youngstown, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Biology Club, pres.; Kap- 
pa Sigma Chi, pres.; Glee 
Club; Blue Key; Kappa 
Delta Pi, pres. 

^gma Alpha; 
French "^lub; Commerce 
Club," Women's League; 

Anamory Siemon 

Cleveland, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Chi Delto; W. A. A.; 
P. Club; Pan-Hellenic. 

Margot Spencer 

Hiram, Ohio 

Alpha Sigma Alpha. 

Flora Sprague 

Kent, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Varsity Debate; Pi Kappa 
Delta; Kappa Gamma; 
Cardinal Key; Women's 

Hazel Starr 

Ravenna, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
French Club, pres. 

Wendell Stribley 

Kent. Ohio 

Bond; Orchestra; Univers- 
ity Theatre. 

Elsie Swan 

Akron, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Theta Sigma 
University Choii 


Left to Right 






Dorothy Sweany 

Dellroy, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed. 
Home Economics Club; 

Roxane Tullsen 

Youngstown, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Biology Club; French 
Club; Kappa Delta Pi, 

Marie Walsh 

Youngstown, Ohio 
A B. 
B S. in Ed. 

Frank Taborsky 

Kent, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Delta Phi Sigma. 

Richard Tuttle 

Kent, Ohio 

Alpho Phi B.^f 
University Si^al 

Joe Taborsky 

Kent, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Blue Key; Phi Epsilon 
Kappa; Student Faculty 
Relations Committee; 



K ^Adrian 

-J M 

Council; Blue Key^j-.-.i^nl- 
versity Theatre; Band; 
German Club; Cosmopibli- 
ton Club; Student Faculty 
Committee. '■ 

Naudine Waters 

Kent. Ohio 

Lambda Chi; Home Eco- 
nomics Club. 

Vail Wyen 

^ B^^.-in Ed. 
©te^^'Club; Mole Quartet; 

Donald Weir 

Hudson, Ohio 

Sigma Tou Gamma; Pi 
Kappa Delta; Tennis 
Team; Debate Team; 
University Theatre. 

Grace Titterington 

Madison, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed. 

Olive Venn 

Lockwood, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Band; Orchestra; College 

Harold Wendelken 

Kent, Ohio 

Sigmo Tou Gamma; Vel- 
vet Curtain Players; 
Treos. University Theatre; 
Trees. Junior Class; Stu- 
dent Council; Business 
Manager of Burr, Basket- 
ball Manager. 

Paxton Whitmire 

Kent, Ohio 

Football; Kappa Mu Kap- 
pa, pres.; Commerce 
Club; Varsity "K"; Blue 

Frances Wiggs 

New London, Ohio 

Y. W. C. A.; Pres. Sum- 
mit Hall. 

Alexander Young 

Kent, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Kappa Mu Kappa, pres.; 
Varsity Football; Varsity 
Basketball; Inter-Fratern- 
ity Council; Varsity "K" 
Club; H. P. E. Club. 

Ruth Whittlesey 

Kent, Ohio 

Cardinal Key; Alpha Sig- 
ma Tau; Off Campus 
Women's Club. 

Dorothy Williamson ,i;'' '/; 

Cleveland, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Alpha Sigma Tau;,Omego 
Phi Delta; Wonr^'s Ath\ ) 
letic Assn.; Phjsicol Edu- ,;/ 
cation Club. ^ -' , f^- 

Dorothy Jane Young 

East Cleveland, Oh 


B.S. in Ed. 
Chi Delta Sorority, pres 
Y. W. C. A. pres.; Chi 
Pi; Off Campus Women's 
Club; Cardinal Key; 
Women's League; Glee 
Club; University Choir; 
Cosmopolitan Club; Mixed 
Chorus; Kent Stater; 
Cleveland Club; W. A. A. 

LeRoy Widowski 

Moyfield Heights, Ohio 

Football; Basketball; 

Baseball; Pres. Freshman 
Class; Pres. Sophomore 
Class; Pres. Junior Class; 
Blue Key; Kappa Mu 
''Kappa; Pres. Kappa Mu 
Kappa; Biology Club; 
Phys-Ed. Club; Inter- 
Fraternijy, Council. 


f-aur Wise 

Streetsboro, Ohi( 
S. in Ed. 

Sara Young 

Mantua, Ohio 

Phi Alpha Alpha; Biology 
Club; Off Campus 

Women's Club; H. P. E. 
Club; Band. 

Dorothy Wiegand 

Steubenville, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Alpha Sigma Alpha; 
French Club. 

Winifred Wise 

Kent, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed. 


abel Zurcher 

B.S. i 

-1 Ed. 









Left to Right 




Albert Green 

Akron, Ohio 
B.S. in Ed. 

Glenn Jordan 

Willoughby, Ohio 

B.S. m Ed. 
Delta Phi Sigmo; Phi Ep- 
silon Kappa; Manual Arts 
Club; Band; Glee Club; 
Vorsity "K" Club; Phys- 
ical Education Club. 

John McCort 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Vernell Dowson 

Hudson, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Alpha Sigma Alpha; W. 
A. A.; Physical Ed. Club; 
Home Economics Club; 
University Theatre. 

Fred Scott 



Riley Runk -^liCfa' 

Cuyahoga Foils Ohio-^P*^"'^ 

B.S. in Ed. :^' 

Delta Phi Sigma ^nt 
Stater, Varsit^-^S^i^Sj^—^N 
University Soagff Commit 
tee; Inter "^-f roternitv,* 
Council; Universi^ Tb- 
atre. '^«^ 


^'vencje Ohio 
imo Tou Gamma 


B.S. in Ed. 
Kappa Mu Kappa; Foot- 
ball; Wrestling. 

Elizabeth James 

Lancaster, New York 

B.S. in Ed. 
Delta Sigma Epsilon; 
Omega Phi Delta; Wom- 
en's Athletic Association; 
Physical Education Club. 

Blanche Miller 

Bedford, Ohio 
Zeta Tau Alpho; 

Loris Troyer 

Walnut Creek, Ohio 

B.S. m Ed. 
Sigma Tau Gamma; Glee 
Club; Chorus; Madrigal 
Club; Kent Stater. 

John Gidley 

Ravenna, Ohio 

B.S. in Ed. 
Physical Education Club; 
Kappa Sigma Chi. 

John Wotkins 

Kent, Ohio. 

Left to Right 







Verdean Armstrong 

B.S. in Ed. 
Canton, Ohio 

Paul Brake 

B.S. in Ed. 
Mossillon, Ohio 

Ruth Honman 

S in. Ed 

Stferlmg, Oni< 

% inEd 
Cleveland, Ohio 

Julia Wood 

B.S. in Ed. 
Canton, Ohio 

Harold Steckel 

Akron, Ohio 

Mrs. Sarah Davey 

Kent, Ohio 



Paul Boyle .... president 

Steadiness, characterizing him on the basketball court, also won for this tall blond the 
leadership of the Junior class; President of the Physical Ed. club, a member of Delta Phi 
Sigma, plays football and baseball. 

William Wardell .... vice president 

That determination to some day become a wrestler also made the class wake up and 
notice a man fit for office. He was elected vice president and is a member of Alpha 
Phi Beta fraternity. 

La Verda Capel .... secretary 

Quiet, meek but still water runs deep . .whatever the depth, this young woman has 
shown that she could capably take minutes at any meeting. She is a member of Phi 
Alpha Alpha. 

Helen Danforth .... treasurer 

Bottled up energy; small but mighty, may describe the treasurer of the Junior class. 
She is president of La Fe, W. A A., basketball manager and feminine member of the 
Holmes-Dunlavy tumbling team. 


Only one more year at Kent. Only one more year to 
show what we're made of . . and one more year in which to 
win our laurels, for next fall we triumphantly claim our right 
as seniors at Kent State University. 

Three years we've worked and griped and plugged along 
for this climax of becoming seniors. And now we approach 
it with slight regret, but with blind anticipation. What a 
life we'll lead, what a university we'll build. Foot loose — no 
seniors to step on our plans. But we'll step on yours, you 
cocky sophs, you who are almost juniors, just wait! 

Yes, thinking back, we began right. We won our first 
bag rush, and then did a good job of showing the school 
that all frosh aren't quite so timid. We spread our class in 
all the fields of learning and activity. Lost year's "Battle 
of Music" and this year's Pigskin Prom were examples of 
our carrying on the social traditional events of the univer- 

Many first class athletes and scholars who will continue 
the upward trend, now well established, are within our ranks. 
We've settled down since our gay recklessness of underclass 
days, and this year we've shown what studying really con 
do in making the junior! 

Our prospects are bright, for with another year under 
family finances, carefree college hours, and who knows what 
the world may turn to ... . we'll be all set. Another year, 
our last at Kent, to lounge, to rule, to win! 

David Alden 

Kent, Ohio 

Arthur Allen 

Sebring, Ohio 

William Anderson 

Kent, Ohio 

Philip Angelo 

Conton, Ohio 

Eleanor Bader 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Raymond Baker 

Akron, Ohio 

Philip Bambaci 

Harrison, N. Y. 

Aurora Biosello 

Steubenville, Ohio 


Wodsw&ttji, Ohio 

^ PoW-ioyle P ' W^ 
%;.Bill Bro#eV^ 

Harold Briola 

An^bridg^, Pa 

Jayne Buckmaster 

Akron, Ohio 

La Verdo Copel 

Salem, Ohio 

Virginia Carpenter 

Shaker Heights, Ohio 

Norvin Carter 

Painesville, Ohio 

Madeline Catlin 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Paul Choppelear 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Elizabeth Clark 

Kent, Ohio 

Minnie Cohen 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Mary Colby 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Helen Conkle 

Coshocton, Ohio 

Kennet-h Damann 

Farmington, Minn. 

Helen Oanforth 

Akron, Ohio 

Nellie Diday 

Mingo Junction, Ohio 

Ralph Dyke 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Louise Eberwyne 

Windham, Ohio 

Laura Eddy 

Silver Lake, Ohio 

Richard Eickleberry 

Tallmadge, Ohio 

Bernita EllioH 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Eleanor Faloon 


John Fariwacci "" ^ 

Cleveland, Ohio % 

Leofie Fields 

N§w, London, Ohio 


O/jl/' Dorothy Fifigerold . 

'•^ Kent, Ohm v 



Franklin FousfMf 
Kent, Ohio ' 

Jesse Freeman 

Canton, Ohio 

Eleanor Fuller 

Willoughby, Ohio 

Francis Galati 

Akron, Ohio 

William Gamauf 

Copley, Ohio 

Herbert Gifford 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Herbert Gill 

Twinsburg, Ohio 

Victor Gilly 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Albert Godfrey 

Kent, Ohio 

Buell Graven 

Akron, Ohio 

Don Griffin 

Akron, Ohio 

Richard Griffin 

Akron, Ohio 

Newton Guise 

Munroe Falls, Ohio 

William Harrington 

Kent, Ohio 

Margaret Hastings 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

William Helmboldt 

Monessen, Pa. 

George Holmes 

Tallmadge, Ohio 

Robert Horton 

Rootstown, Ohio 

Mary Uyinf 

Stedfeenvitle,, Ohio 

Adetwa Jacolegne ^^^ 

"Rosalie Kfjlafu^ ^ 

"/*. Berlin Center, Qfe^ 

* '■>..-,.■ ^ 

Robert Ktttienjieyer 

Velma Kauffmon 

Cleveland, Ohio 

George Keck 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Edward Kegler 

Alden, N. Y. 

Joseph Kerko 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Ruth Klein 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Eugene Korb 

South Euclid, Ohio 

Jean Lilie 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Frances Lothrop 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Silas Ludt 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Dorothy Luikort 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Edith Malpass 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Lucy Marcellefte 

Garfield Heights, Ohio 

Ethel Markley 

Burbank, Ohio 

Treva Markley 

Atwater, Ohio 

Wilbur McAlister 

Louisville, Ohio 

Jane McSorley 

Lokewood, Ohio 

Rebecca Mears 

Uhrichsville, Ohio 

Ruth Merrick 

Kent, Ohio 

Robert Miller 

Norwalk Qh\4*/^i, 

^ %, 
Wallace Mif^n W 

Cuyahoga Falls Ofwo 


Ravenna Ohio 

LaVerne Moore 

Kent Ohio 

Raymond Moron 'tJli'A^ 

Akron, Ohio ' 

Ruth Morrell 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Jean Moyer 

East Palestine, Ohio 

Dick Neol 

North Kingsville, Ohio 

Morjorie Osborne 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Ruth Oviatt 

Kent, Ohio 

Joseph Page 

Cleveland, Ohio 

Margaret Polfi 

Kent, Ohio 

Winiferd Palmer 

Kent, Ohio 

Laurel Parkinson 

Kent, Ohio 


Beryl Pease 

Bay Village, Ohio 

Jane Peet 

Lakewood, Ohio 

Virginia Petty 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Don Ronney 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Frank Ritchie 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Filomena Roberta 

Rootstown, Ohio 

Leono Mae Rodgers 

Bergholz, Ohio 

Ledo Ross 

Campbell, Ohio 

June Rummeil 

John mo^ ^1 

Mo^oroneck,''^ Y 

:^ord icKneUfr^'' -A 

YourtgstaWn, C 


Doris Schrtt 



Fulton Scott 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Stephen Sedlacko 

Struthers, Ohio 

Eugene Shank 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Howard Shook 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

Don Siddoll 

Ravenna, Ohio 

John Simpson 

Kent, Ohio 

Chester Sokoloski 

Cuyohoga Falls, Ohio 

Marion Spelman 

Kent, Ohio 

James Sprott 

Akron, Ohio 


Orlo Sprunger 

Wadsworth, Ohio 

Marie Stambaugh 

North Canton, Ohio 

Mary Jane Stewart 

shaker Heights, Ohio 

Asthore St. John 

Elyria, Ohio 

Margaret Stopher 

Kent, Ohio 

Ada Swan 

Cuyahoga Foils, Ohio 

Deborah Teas 

Hudson, Ohio 

Martha Thompson 

Garfield, Ohio 

Elisabeth Troeger 

Defiance, Ohio 

Starr Van.,^%L 

aevelbm^Hmjis, Ohio 

X-yyohogiis. Falls, Ohio ^-. 

VSfBHom Warden -,«^ 


Peter Wawrin .jV\ 

Luello Wells ' 

Elyria, Ohio 

Wilfred Wilenius 

Montua, Ohio 

Ervin Williams 

Stow, Ohio 

Rosalie Wolfe 

Cuyahoga Foils, Ohio 

Jeanette Woods 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Mary Jane Woods 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Joseph Wright 

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 

William Young 

Mossillon, Ohio 

John Zupan 

Clevelond, Ohio 



Kent, Ohio 

BEN McGINNIS Vice-President 

Youngstown, Ohio 


Kent, Ohio 


Moyfield Heights, Ohio 


Newton Foils, Ohio 

EMMET RILEY Vice-President 

Dover, Ohio 


Macedonia, Ohio 


Youngstown, Ohio 




Sophomores — the half way mark in our college career. 
About to become upperclossmen, we are confronted with a 
mixed feeling, of remorse .... at leaving behind us our 
first two years at Kent; of expectancy . . . for what the next 
two years will bring. 

Last year we were naive freshmen, bewildered and 
dazzled as all frosh. But this year we came back to the 
familiar campus to greet old friends, to dabble in activities, 
and to get an education. Best of all we came back in order 
that we, as do all sophomores, could tell the freshmen "what", 
and "how" to do it. 

Truly the second year is necessary, yet the most unin- 
teresting of the four years spent in college. It is a year of 
worrying. Athletes, playing their first year of varsity, worry- 
ing about games; committees worrying about sponsoring the 
Sophomore Hop. Worrying about classes, elections, queens, 
propaganda, dates, and exams. Most of all worrying about 

In reality we have only marked time this year. True, 
two years of studying have changed our vague thoughts into 
more concrete and definite channels influenced by our per- 
sonal interests. Two years on the campus have tried to teach 
us "who" and "who not", "what" and "what not." Yet 
we've still been underclassmen, following paths of juniors 
and seniors. Superior to freshman — but only in that at- 
tempted-sophisticated way that even freshmen understand. 

With a little more experience, a little more concentrated 
study, a little more exerted "push" — we'll be juniors. Upper- 
classmen. Content with the world after passing through our 
probationary first two years. 


Connie goes wildwoodsie 
and communes with Nature 
and alone too 

New! A g^lto. Bar. 

But /v^|Ke BiMyer and her 
pals Witt "Wd ■ifut there 





Bob BlM^ 
pleased at 

out on a 

Ladies' Day. 

This feminine nine could 
no doubt take over the De- 
troit Tigers any time. 


Jonesie has a small class 
but they seem to like it. 

Happy? Go Lucky! 

Jane and Doc look like 
a Lucky ad, or perhaps 
"Bodies by Fisher". 

First You Kneel. 

Then Dick Mock will read 
the next step in "How to 
Propose to a Michigan 

Williams for Smile Queen. 

Ernie must be fixin' to 
uphold the old Gamma po- 
litical traditions. 

Left. Top to Bottom: M. Conn; M. Bucher. F. Briggs, E. Koeppe. R. Thompson, A. Beatty; B. Butler; 
J. Seymour, A. Hranko, D. Hunk. B. Pliilius, E. Scarnecchla. E. Danko. F. Pulsford. I. Newell. L. Burge. 

RIeht, Top to Bottom; L. Jones. A. Nelson. J. Redinger. W. Ault. H. Levinson; J. Fawcett. D. 
Hommon; A, Weatherford, D. Mack, J. Mendlola; E. Williams. 


Snapshot of a Snapshot. 

Dottie Arthur con't keep 
her mind on her own photo- 

And It's Leap Year, Too. 

A few of the girls getting 
some really strenuous exer- 

Clinging Vines or Wail 

With their bocks to the 
wall they con still smile. 

You'll Never Get to Heaven. 

Jane Ebel "got there", 
but poor Westcott is still on 
the first rung. 

Do, Re Mi. 

Three gurruls in a boot- 
end the oars broke. 

And She Had a Little Curl. 

Dorothy ,|Should be seen 

Tug-of- Warriors. 

Two gol-power with ' 
couple of fore possengers. 

Dressed for Jim. 

And this quintet certainly 
looks gym-nasty. 

Left, Top to Bottom: D. Arthur. E. Riley. B. Hoffman. M. Baumberger, M. Fann. R. Fullmer; H. 
Queale, C. Peter.s, M. Moom.iw. D. Munger. I. Imbrie. L. Spillmpn; M. Weaver. V. Harpman, V. Loyer, 
B. Banyc; J. Ebel, G. Dorsey. E. Shaffer, H. Season, B. Manchester, H. Westcott. 

Riehl. Top to Bottom: E. Burton, L. Immel, H. Nighman; D. Racine; J. Young, R. Grosvenor; 
F. Womsley, S. Bramley, E. Wilson, A. Wansack; L. Elwonjer, M. Deem, M. Ruddy, T. Bowman, B. 

Grin Warfare. 

Each one of the ladies 
seems to be trying to out- 
smile the other. 

Scanlon Scandal. 

Dottle goes berserk and 
tries to do o Statue of 


This bunch of wavy-hair- 
ed lads would make Clark 
Gable plenty worried. 

Dark 'n Handsome. 

Garner's got that uh-oh 
look In his eyes. 

Stop, Thief! 

Montalto and Dowding 
hold up a couple of women 
— and no cop around. 

Bored to Tears. 



This slightlyblose Jjuor^^t , 
look __«r- tfjjt t-hey' kn;5W^> 
whot-^lhe sco.f? Wps..,^7 ^ 


Poohed Outf.f^, A^ 

The ladles sh^tf* a bit of 
siesta between ennervating 

For Ladies Only. 

Not a burlesque show but 
a slice of a gym class. 

Left. Top to Bottom: E. Judy, W. Shepherd. E. Jenlor. L. Kadlng. P. Wllklns, D. Wlllmot, T. Wldder, 
A Beck: D, Scanlon; M. Gordon. S. Gardiner, S. Kaczor, w. Evans. H. Shaffer; M. Garner. 

Right. Top to Bottom: G. Montalto, E. Scarnecchia. R, Drage, R. Dowding; G. Murray. B, Scott, 
M. Knous.s, D. Blair; R. Poetter. G. Roth. V. Bonclla; A. Rimer, B. PhlUus, D. Ream, M. Workman, 
R. Staple. 


Tau Tau Tau. 

Siegfried, Goss, and Colby 
out to sink their Tous into 
a man. 



Con it be %{at Lynette's 
octu^^liy being token for o 




They're waiting for the 
handsome ( tWey hope I own- 
er of the H'd)ck. 

Seven, Come 'leven. 

A bunch of bench warm- 
ers who can smile about it. 

Don't Get Ahl Wet! 

Jane protects the girls but 
leaves Sherman holding the 

Atlas, Sampson, and Car- 

But their real tags are 
Gill, Critz, and Creese, and 
they're the kind that Ber- 
narr MacFadden turns out. 

Wuxtry, Wuxtry! 

Wilson has a nose for 
news but the girls don't 
seem to rote him on page 

Let 'er Luse, Ken. 

And Sedlacko and Parker 
won't have any trouble keep- 
ing an eye on the ball. 

Left, Top to Bottom: V. Siegfried, R. Goss, M. Colby; L. Seeds; D. Rodick. C. Barber, E. C 
Timmons. E. Jackson, D. Opalid, M. Miller, J. Kaiser, G. Ackeret. 

Right, Top to Bottom: M Thompson, M. Williams, J. Ahl, H. Schmidt. H. Scherman; R. Gill. 
E. Creese; R. Wilson, M. Senerchia, A. Irving, J. DeLeone; S. Sedlacko, P. Parker, K. Luse. 

Seven Queens of Hearts. 

Which is more than 
enough for any deck. 

Two Jone^and a Jew^ 

moyt^ bewifChiKg^ 
-ttjiir popers^^ , 


Two and TwO MOKe Fore. 

We'd suggest these divot- 
diggers use a pitchfork, not 
a mashie. 

Aw, C'mon Fellas. 

Even the cute little birdie 
couldn't coax a grin from 
this duo. 

Foot-Loose and Fancy-Free! 

If Shotwell's not well shot, 
she con roll her own. 

Reigning in the Rain. 

It looks as tho Grobowski 
were about to be dethroned. 

The Valley Forge Lads. 

They look capable of 
bringing in large net returns. 

Left, Top to Bottom: E. Robert.s. E. Jansen, R. Jones, B. Copthorne, L. Gibbs. C. Hutson, A, Pope; 
J. Megerl. J. Rceder. J. Leighton: N. Chaddock, A. Searl. C. Bush. J. Cole: L. Schoffman. R. Killian. 

Rieht, Top lo Bottom: E. Shearer. J. Shotwell, P. Grienie; Z. Grobowski, P. Swedish, L. Randies; 
K. Re.vnolds. J. Benter, C. Turner, C. Arnold, H. Peck, R. Lawrence. 

Ain't We Got Fynn? 

Dottie cuddles up to the 
whole globe, while Helen 
and Maxine look for other 

Clear the Way! 

A mixed foursome about 
to toboggan down to the 

Spree on a Match! 

And if Pomer, Galehouse, 
and Diller need more 
matches, the Brady always 
has some. 

RIesterer Turns Rooster. 

Oscar cocks a quizzical 
eye from his precarious 

Behind the Eight Boll. 

She'll miss her cue if she 
doesn't have enough of the 
old sweet stuff on the ball. 

Don Juan, Two, Three. 

Raymer's doing O. K., 
even if his victims don't 
seem overwhelmed 


sCciy a cool 
shoulder sWl^e she s been 
made Happy by George. 

Sold Out! 

Mellert gets up and bars 
the door, but the girls hove 
a way with 'em. 

Rirht, Top to Bottom: O. Riesterer; M. Reynolds. E. Lave. R. Blair. V. Costarella. J. Fisher; E. 
Jordan, E. Raymer. V. Woods; W. Dunlap, H. Helling, H. Dye. G. McCamentt. B. Graven. S. Fink. T. 
Manko; R. Pinyoun, J. Evans, G. Dike; R. Murphy, G. Mellert, A. Davis, B. Atchinson, M. Graybill. 

What's to Do About It? 

The boys and girls look a 
bit pensive 'bout sumpin — 
maybe an exam. 

Four Wheels But No Breaks. 

Sundae seems to lack a 
little pull, but it's an uphill 

Page a Tree Surgeon. 

The girls go squirrelly and 
start looking for six other 

Elbow-Benders at the Bar. 

The Floradoro Sextet — 
but let's leave the sex out 
of this. 


Figure out how many one 
umbrella will jt-e^ dry if it 
rains * ' 

Wor%, Worry^ W^tyf J: 

Looks' J-iKe tjhe other tljree 
are in a Pogg os well as 


Being indoors doesn't stop 
these feminine astronomers 
from getting practiced up. 

Left, Top to Bottom: J. Benfer, J. Buchanan. N. Jackson, M. Renner; S. Ciancio. M. Fling. B. 
Boyett. G. Ensminger; V. Hosea. A. Beard. T. Cramer. R. Nims. D. Canfteld. E. Agae; C. Lyman, E. 
Simpson. J. King. H. Kimes, I. Newell. J, Wishart. 

Right. Top to Bottom: M. Boesger. C Peters. P. Hendee. A. Gary; J. Young. D. Ray, G. Pugh, 
S. Fogg; A. Davy, D. Pricke, L. Johns. D. Smith, B. Kemp, E. Wise, M. Whipple. 


Victorious — 

The gals are getting into 
shape to step on a few male 

Here s the reason three of 
a i<i^d beat t\yp pair 


"P^^^A. W^rkers^ 

They tnust Be — there s no 
other reason \Vhy it should 
take s€)fen Ja hold up one 
lamp posrll. 

Hood-Riding, Riding-Hoods. 

If Parmigion'd get a sup- 
erstreamlined car he could 
accommodate more passen- 
gers on the radiator. 

Full Up! 

With Don aboard it 
like there won't be 
for any Moore. 


Whot's Wrong With This 

The empty space is for a 
man who'll make a sixsome. 

Whistler's Daughter. 

Ginnie Faloon cocks her 
head like the birdies she 

They Won't Dance. 

So Comfort and the rest 
seek comfort on the lawn as 
they sit the next one out. 

Left, Top to Bottom: M. Knouss, M. ' 
Tozer; R. Miller, L. Koba, E. Luke, O. I 
Hamilton. L. Schofield. R. Parmigian. 

Right, Top to Bottom: M. Brannon, D. 
O. Cobb. J. Buck, B. Herbst, N. IVIulligan; 
R. A. Young. 

Watch Ben Swat! 

No hits, no runs; but if 
McGinnis connects with 
Winemiller it'll be his error. 


Cutting very cuttingly 
lures the lads into his limou- 
sine, with Sny'def and Stew- 
art looking.lB' ,-bitv''&luctant. 

Scheck an^ Double Scheck- 

shquHn't 'tdl?&. o^.'Ota 
waia£n' Bob. ^.^^- 

Sl'Oopin^'tO' ^onquer.,n-(S^^ 

Smith cTnd' ,'Polli Clooking 
for clovers^"., collar jj^ttons, 

whot'll y^h. 


The Three Fates! 

The girls look a bit pen- 
sive, but it might be the 

Want Ad. 

Snap of two lasses looking 
for a bicycle built for two. 

An Ice Sport. 

If Lacy, Elgin, et ol. were 
looking for a good skate, 
they seem to have found 

There Goes the Bride. 

Is Horton offering Louis 
Siegrist Congrats or condol- 

Any Plumbing? 

Or maybe Andregg and 
his pals hove some stolen 
lewels in that kit 

Ship Ahoy! 

Ginny Raysor, Jeanne 
Church and the others, wait- 
ing for shios that pass in 
the daytime. 


Bud Hausmann looks more 
like a belligerent strike- 
leader than a smoothy wait- 
er, but the customers look 

Yeah Man! 

A bunch of the "Round 
and Round" boys whoop 'er 
up OS Johnny Ervin steps 
forward to do a Bill Robin- 

Left. Top to Boltom: F, Winemiller. B. McGiiiiiis; R. Si'.yder. H. Stewart, J. Josephus. H. Cutting; 
D. Werner, I. Kumlin, M. Keppler. K, Graf. E. Sackett, L. DeSimio. C. Courtwrlght, R. Scheck: J. 
Smith. M. Polli: M. Klrkbride. G. Mlddleton, E. Yoder: N. Claik. E. McCartney. 

Right. Top to Bottom: B. Lacy. M. E. Elgin. E. Liken.s. F. Weir. M. Heeley; J. Jenkins. H. Rossettl. 
K. Hall. L. Siegrist. H. Chapman. P. Horton: C. Andregg. P. Deevers: F. Wood. V. Raysor, J. Church. 
C. Norton. L. Warren: G. Barkalow. H. Bittner. P. Pearson. G. Hausmann. H. Brown, C. Sheehe. P. 
Sykes, C. Phlllus; P. Miller, W. McBsnc. J. Ervin. K. Schmidt. S. FLshcr, W. Lang. 

Hold 'Em Dale. 

Strohl and an automobile 
demonstrate how the former 
stops his wrestling oppo- 


An idea of what you saw 
on the campus when we were 
a girl's normal school. 

Sun Gets in Their Eyes. 

And so the girls squint — 
and very becomingly, too. 

"Space Reserved" tor What? 

And we're inclined to 
wonder if the girls are also 

Over the Top! 

A pair of high-steppers 
who just finished the climb 
from the library. 


Dorothy Jones and the 
rest of the puff-wielders in 
the act of getting all pret- 
tied up. 

Safety in Numbers. 

Davidson seems about to 
pull a couple of .44's on the 
girls, but are they worried? 


About to do their version 
of Tennyson's "Crossing the 

Conundrum. /.^ 

What has 16 bare legs 
s.xind sh^rles' Answer,- Eight 
girls m gym suits _ 

W^^ Quartette. 

L?SDking for some Romeos, 
to do ,a bit of a balcony 

scene. '• ,. ,'-i 

Betty Beware. 

Thy male escort might be 

Arithmetic Problems. 

Picture of a short line 
that is five smiles long. 

Left, Top to Bottom: D. Strohl: M. Einsel, M. Bray, H. Gary, L. Dunning, E. Graber, E, Thompson. 
D. Wise, R. Snyder; D. Ryerson, R. Babb, A. Horwath, D. Thomas; A. Evans, A. Erb, W. Prysock. 
V. Gray, R. Hafely; C. Bradler, A. Davey; D. Jones. A. Warner, M. Creed, G. Adams, R. Adovasio, M. 
Deetz, A. Drantz. 

Right, Top to Bottom: A. McCloskey, E. McCorkle, E. Hixenbaugh, R. Davidson, L. Ewell, M. L. 
Ritter, E. Reynolds; G. Dorsey, D. Opalic, D. Rodich, T. Foster, E. Chapman; E. Danko, H. Vesy, R. 
Weiss, E. Reynolds, L. Day, L. Burge, S. Cannon, R. Snyder; O. Seiter, E. Ferrari, L. Andre, E. David- 
son; B. Scott, K. Hoskins; E. Prazak, G. Turk, E. Thompson, G. Kyle, V. Gartshore. 



JAY MILTNER President 

Painesville, Ohio 
BILL NOLL Vice-President 

Youngstown, Ohio 

Ravenna, Ohio 

Youngstown, Ohio 

* * * 


Massillon, Ohio 
BERNICE KING Vice-President 

Ashtabula, Ohio 

Brewster, Ohio 

Cleveland, Ohio 




Introducing ourselves .... the largest frosh class ever 
to enroll at Kent. Four years from now we'll graduate .... 
a product of purely Kent State University. The first oil- 
university class! 

Last fall with quivering thoughts we gathered at Kent; 
gathered from the four corners of Ohio and from near-by 
states, to begin our advanced studies in specialized fields. 
From our remote villages and cities we were jumbled together, 
amazed and a little frightened, to find ourselves in such 
new environment. 

Dashed from the heights of dignified high school and 
finishing school seniors, our pride somersaulted and left us 
either meek and timid or else too "cock sure." No matter 
which, those splashy upperclassmen soon began to "tell" us. 

In the midst of our bewildered members we're finding 
we rub elbows with star athletes, with talented dramatists, 
with valedictorians, all a little green, yes, even to the honor 
society pins on sweaters, and high school rings! 

Strange experience, this being a freshman! New friends, 
new faces, new haunts, new studies. What profs for which 
classes? Upperclassmen "rushing" one minute and snubbing 
the next. Rumors and "inside dope." Oh how to learn all 
our first year. Trying the university and being tried by it! 

Now, less than a year since we enrolled, we're beginning 
to find ourselves. What a change we've registered. Life 
isn't all the gay hub-bub we've read and thought about. We 
study too. Study and live and play now as college men and 
women do. Four years from now? Watch us . . . watch Kent 
State University. 


Freshman Degree 


Freshman Degree 


Freshman Degree 






Freshman Diploma 

It's K. S. U. now . . . but still an aggre- 
gation of individuals in intimate contact 
. . . with always the select few elevated 
to a pedestal, objects of deference or 
envy . . . made desirable by politics, 
talent, or luck . . . the grin-showing key- 
flipper, a born big-shot . . . every girl a 
queen . . . the Brady-bred feminine con- 
tingent with alluring figures (?) and red 
patent-leather lips (!) ... nurtured in 
booths murky with smoke and gossip . . . 
the Den crowd of nickel-dropping, 
rhythm-hipped youngsters. Feminine 
strategy in securing a leap-year prize . . . 
an athlete broad of shoulder and fame, a 
journalist dispensing wit and barbed epi- 
grams, a pipe-clenching man-about-town 
... or just a rather nice guy . . . the 
nightly constellation of couples that 
shines from the campus, the Merrill 
steps, the cannon, the library . . . "Uh, 
ah, will you-er-wear my pin? . . . ephem- 
eral boy-girl affairs that flare brightly, 
fade, die, to burst forth again with new 
fuel . . . potpourri of personalities . . . 



Miss Kent Slate 

Mary Morgaret Finnicum 

Bernita Elliott 

Homecoming Queen 

Most Popular Woman 


Most Popular Man 

Helen Strouse 

Pigskin Prom Queen 



Peggy Spencer 

Smile Queen 

Left fo Right 

Mary Finnicum, James Jones; 
Dorothy Jones, Leo Lutz; Jewel 
Leighton, Kenneth Luse; Jean 
Moyer, Kenneth Jacobson; Mary 
Lou Krebs, Wendell Stribley; Phyl- 
lis Baker, Sam Fogg; Jayne Buck- 
master, Bill Helmboldt; Ralph 
Weaver, Grayce Murray; Margie 
Palfi, John Simpson; Christine 
Roberts, Ralph Slates; Jo Cotmon, 
Bill Harrington. 




vm co^ 

~- -r li 

Sly Moments in the Lives of Great Loves . . . 

Vamp 'Till Ready. . .Watch Your Cadenzas! 

Left to Right 

Jane McSorley, Harold Briolo; 
Peggy Spencer, Dick Bolich; Doro- 
thy Arthur, Roy Pinyoun; Betty 
Bergman, Eddie Kegler; Helene 
Densmore, Dick Mack; - Jean 
Raupple, Bill Bradley; Jane Ebel, 
Don Ripley; Catherine Palmer, 
Harry Cutting; Bunny Elliott, 
Robert Baumgardner; Rosalie 
Hamilton, John Benfer. 


joiners, even in th 

. . their membership' 
organizations, honoroP' 
activities foreshadows 
in the social life of 
munity. The involu 
curricular hustle a 
however deplor 
by the professor __ 

smoothes the rough e dges 

personalities .... mokes them 
'mixers' .... enables students to utilize their acodemi. 
knowledge. So meet the future chamber-of-com 
'merce member .... the expectant executive . . 
the traditional school teacher . . . Mhe prospective 
employee .... the collegiate B6.iner 

beings are con^ 
genial animals 
. . . essentially] 
collegiate state 
in clubs, social 
es and all-campus 
later participation 
their corr\M 
able extrc 
nd bustle 
ed at times/* 




/Tfl T-e 


joiners, even in th? 

.... their membership^ 

organizations, honorar's 

activities foreshadows 

in the social life of 

munity. The invalu 

curricular hustle a 

.... however deplor 

beings are con 
genial animal? 
. . . essentially 
collegiate state 
in clubs, social i 
ies and all-campus 
later particir'""'^'^ 
their com 
able extrc^ 
nd bustle f 
-ed at times/ 

hv the professor .... 

smoothes the rough e dges 

oersonolities .... makes them 
mixers' .... enables students to utilize their academ 
knowledge. So meet the future chamber-of-com- 
merce member .... the expectant executive 
the traditional school teacher ■ ■ ■ M e prospective 
employee .... the collegiate i ner. 


ORGA n/ 

Social Organizations 



Speech - Drama - Music 

Student Administration 






All hail the Greeks . . . pin-garnished, 
gay Joe College and his gal-friend . . . 
merit and datability judged according to 
insignia worn . . . the House, where 
friendship's melting-pot is stirred and 
kept bubbling .... rushing season, bids, 
acceptances .... pledge pin, token of 
faith and endeavor .... hickory panel, 
token of stern, unrelenting discipline . . . 
the Pin ... to plant or not to plant . . . 
brothers and sisters .... Through the 

The Dance ... a band beating out 
quivering, provocative rhythms . . . soft 
lights cast capering shadows, kaleidosco- 
pic on the floor . . . receiving line, decor- 
ous, dressed-up, unamused . . . girls chic 
and gay in decollete drapes and flares or 
suggestive simplicity . . , liquid intermis- 
sion . . . the dissonant murmur of excited 
voices .... again the band . . . and again 
we go 'round and 'round and 'round . . . 
theme song, last dance . . . outdoor air 
refreshing, fragrant, tangy . . . the long 
walk lit up with moonlight and glowing 
cigarettes . . . confusion, sensation . . 
good night, sweetheart . . . there's the 
clock striking . . . good night again. 






Harry Gilcrest President 

Don Ranney Vice-President 

Harold Briola Secretary 

Thomas Manko Treasurer 

Norvin Carter . . . .Business Manager 
Dr. Amos L. Heer Advisor 

Honorary Members 

Prof. James R. Beck 
Prof. C. E. Sotterfield 
Prof. E. Turner Stump 
Dr. O. H. Williams 
Prof. G. Harry Wright 


H. Gilcrest, J. Kalkos, R, Kat- 
zenmeyer, F. Toborsky, E. Gar- 
rison, E. Dunlavy, R. Runk, A. 
Godfrey, G. Jordan. 

Juniors and 

H. Briola, J. Kerka, D. Ranney, 
F. Ritchie, N. Carter, B. Helm- 
boldt, A. Cox, J. Wright, P. 
Boyle, G. Korb. 


R. Bolich, O. Cobb, B. Gressard, 
B. Getz, H. Lohr, D. Mock. 


W. Keller, H. Nickerson, H. 
Gill, S. Gardiner, R. Lewis, D. 
Gardner, R. Maxwell, D. Pal- 
mer, J. Dunson, R, Chapman, 
R. Nischwitz, P. Hazen, D. 
Hoskin (active) , T. Manko (ac- 
tive), R. Cox, G. Shriver, R. 


O. Shuman, V. Foccinto, C. Rapp, 
O. Simons, E. Jolli, C. Hine, F. 
Wood, F. Kennedy, J. Jenkins, 
H. Dunlevy, P. Deevers. 


E. Kempf, J. Armour, L. Lewis, 
D. Strohl, S. Brown, E. Weisel, 
R. Oyler, N. Oehling, G. Pringle. 



Roy Widowski President 

Clarence Hinkle Vice-President 

Gerald Read Secretary 

Douglas Rogers Treasurer 

T. E. Davey Advisor 

Honorary Members 

Dr. J. E. McGilvrey 
Dr. A. Sellew Roberts 
Prof. Elbert W. Tischendorf 
Prof. Eric T, Griebling 
Dr. Kenneth R. Pringle 
Mr. Edward Harris 


C. Hinkle, C. Eckert, A. Young, 
R. Widowski, E. Fuller, C. Smith, 
L. Lutz, R. Johnson, G. Read, 
B. Simpson. 


D. Ripley, F. Scott, D. Terrill, 
P. Whitmire. 


J. Simpson, R. Moron, G. Bark- 
alow, D. Rogers, B. Young, F. 


R. Dyke, M. Harrington, N. 
Sanner, J. Scharf, R. Scheck, C. 


S. Fogg, B. Graven, R. Butler, 
M. Renner, L. Koba, R. Diller. 

Omitted : 

J. Benfer, W. Harrington, R. 

Snyder, C. Terry. 


R. Whitman, M. Manfull, N. 
Benson, S. Sherman, J. Mat- 
thews, B. Fritch, D. Butler, H. 
Brown, W. Barkett, J. Deeds, D. 
Renen, V. Lindsay, D. Homer. 


W. Bradley, W. Celestino, J. 
Cooper, R. Drage, S. Fackler, H. 
Harrington, E. Harris, G. Hous- 
mann, C. Hutton, E. Kegler, N. 
Littlepage, W. McAlister, J. Mc- 
Cort, C. Pope, C. Sheehe, R. 
Splelan, L. Terrill, A. Von 
Weyen, R. Voth, R. Weaver. 




Dorothy Fitzgerald President 

Marian Spelman Vice-President 

Jane Smith Secretary 

Ruth Klein Treasurer 

Vernell Dawson Editor 

Miss Helen McClaflin Advisor 


Mr. and Mrs. Ross Schram 

Dr. and Mrs. A. Sellew Roberts 


V. Dawson, J. Smith, D. Wie- 
gand, H. McGuigan, J. Spencer. 


R. Wolfe, B. Kouffmon, M. 
Stambaugh, M. Spelman, R. 
Klein, D. Fitzgerald. 


J. McGuigan, D. Arthur, J. 
Beckley, S. Klein, P. Grieme, J. 
Ahl, J. Shotwell, L. Shuman, P. 


L. Immel, G. Gettrust, L. Seeds, 
V. Myers, P. Johnston, H. Jacob, 
H. Koerpel, M. McNab, R. Van 
Fleet, J. Davis, H. Zerbe, M. 
Dunfee, P. Spencer, J. Tatgen- 

jLh^. A Ll j^^ 




Betty Forner President 

Jane McSorley Vice-President 

Bernita Elliott Secretary 

Mary Jane Stewart Treasurer 

Mary Muir Chaplain 

Mrs. Ruth Kelly Advisor 

Miss Ruth Blanshan Advisor 


Dean and Mrs. John Blair 
Mr. and Mrs. E. Turner Stump 
Mr. and Mrs. James Beck 


M. Russell, M. Muir, B. Forner, 
B. Elliott, J. Peet, E. Laird, J. 
McSorley, J. Buckmaster, M. 
Stewart, E. James (omitted). 


J. Raupple, B. Scott, M .Elliott, 
D. Scanlon, R. Snyder, H. Gray, 
J. Seymour, L. Schofield, S. 
Cannon (omitted) . 


J. Rummell, S. Rummell, D. 
Fricke, B. Kemp, D. Elliott, M. 
Lahiff, P. Mohn, V. Green, E. 
Singer, V. Petty. 


K. Stevens, B. Stewart, B. Berg- 
man, D. Dixon, R. Lytle, M. 
Winchell, R. Reesh, E. Adams, 
R. Brunstad, D. Knapik, M. 
Strahl, M. Ray. 

kak : w 




Eleanor Bader President 

Helen Strouse Vice-President 

Ruth Whittlesey Rec. Secretary 

Helen Lundeen Cor. Secretary 

Betty Manchester Treasurer 

Miss Harriet Adams Advisor 

Miss Laura Hill Advisor 


Dean and Mrs. R. E. Manchester 
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Donoghy 


M. Hess, H. Lundeen, A. Bia- 
sella, R. Merrick, E. Bader, A. 
Swan, H. Season, D. William- 
son, J. Knott. 


M. Finnicum, J. Evans, V. Sieg- 
fried, B. Hoffman, R. Goss, P. 
Baker, J. Buck, M. Keppler, R. 
Whittlesey (senior), H. Strouse, 
B. Manchester, D. Fynn, R. 
Tozer, E. Shaffer (omitted). 


E. Saum, J. Dietrich, G. Cook, 
H. DeWeese, V. Wollis, D. Sea- 
son, E. Duff, J. Megert. 


R. Bushong, J.Hankamer, B. 
Lauderbough, J. Leighfon (ac- 
tive), M. Watson, I. Follin (ac- 
tive) , M. Colby, (active) . 




John Farinacci President 

William Herr Vice-President 

Wilmer Munzenmayer Secretary 

Jay DeEulis Treasurer 

John Zupon Business Manager 

E. C. Stopher Advisor 

Honorary Members 

Dr. A. W. Stewart 
Dr. A. O. DeWeese 
Prof. R. B. Spacht 
Prof. B. F. Engleman 
Prof, A. A. Allyn 
Dr. J. L. Blair 
Prof. F. H. Denker 


H. Wendelken, J. Jones, L. 
Troyer, W. Reed, H. Schomp, D. 
Weir, D. Kisseberth, C. Hoge- 
man, W. Munzenmayer, G. 
Dike, S. Ludt. 


J. Craig, R. Baumgordner, F. 
Huston, L. Furney, N. Bancroft. 

Juniors and 

K. Jocobson, W. Herr, O. Ries- 
terer, R. Eickleberry, J. DeEulis, 
J. Farinacci, H. Stewart, B. Mc- 
Ginnis, F. Winemiller. 


R. Blockinger, J. Zupan, J. 
Smith, L. Eschenberg. 


T. DeEulis, E. Williams, R. Gill, 
G. Keck, L. Shook, J. Schaetzle, 
W. Beitzel, R. Hurd, J. Dixon, A. 
Miller, N. Monastro, D. White. 


C. Russo, D. Zink, H. Hanson, 
P. Gulgin, R. Beck, J. Tomo- 
sheska, H. Mull, P. Ryan, R. 
Gates, D. Fulton, A. Podwojski, 
T. Shultz, W. Biggins, T. Watts. 


A, Hall, J. Miltner, T. Bell, B. 
Hines, A. Lipstreu, H. Ransaw, 
K. Murphy. 




Margaret Palfi President 

Winiferd Palmer Vice-President 

Dorothy Seidel Cor. Secretory 

Nancy Hollister Rec. Secretary 

Chorlene Buell Treasurer 

Miss Mono Fletcher Advisor 


Mr. and Mrs. Emmett C. Stopher 
Mr. and Mrs. G. Frank Elgin 
Miss Carrie Hines 

Seniors-Sophomores : 

M. Elgin, V. Raysor, J. Ebel, D. 
Seidel, N. Hollister, B. Lacey, M. 
Conn, A. Bancroft, D. Hommon, 
L. Huge, D. Jones. 


C. Buell, M. Polfi, M. Stopher, 
M. Fletcher, W. Palmer, B. Kun- 
ert, J. Moyer, D. Teas, R. Oviatt, 
E. Clark. 


V. Hay, J. Lustig, B. Peck, C. 
Hulbert, H. Madden, F. Bam- 
beck, V. LaWand, W. Wykrent, 
E. Clement, R. Hudson, R. Hes- 
son, D. Winemiller, J. Burroughs, 
R. Parsons, V. Florenz, M. 
Bucher, D. Tigner. 





Christine Roberts President 

Dorothy Heminger. . . .Vice-President 

Mary Louise Krebs Secretary 

Josephine Cotman Treasurer 

Margaret Ruddy Editor 

Miss Mary Kathryn Boswell .. Advisor 


Mr. and Mrs. Eric T. Griebling 

(r. and Mrs. E. W. Tischendor 
Mr. and Mrs. G. Horry Wright 



E. Montecalvo, M. Boswell, J. 
Cotman, D. Heminger, C. 
Roberts, E. Swan (omitted), 
C. Montecalvo (omitted). 


B. Richardson, M. Krebs, M. 
Ruddy, G. Middleton, D. Racine, 
M. Brockhaven. 


M. Parker, L. Hausman, B. Ir- 
win, M. Osborne, T. Garland, J. 
Petersen, M. Lovejoy. 




Edith Malpass President 

Ella Roberts Vice-President 

Ella Roberts Rec. Secretory 

Evelyn Agoe Cor. Secretary 

Treva Markley Treasurer 

Miss Virginia Riley Advisor 


Prof, and Mrs. T. E. Davey 

Dr. and Mrs. L. H. Munzenmcyer 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Wise 


M. Gruen, E. Malpass, E. Rob- 
erts, T. Markley. 


E. Agae, D. Canfield, R. Nims, 
D. Stanley. 


N. Dominick, C. Lyman, F. Leit- 
ner, C. Barber, L. Hauserman, 
E. Fuller (omitted) . 





Helen Hastings President 

Sara Young Vice-President 

Janet Kaiser Rec. Secretary 

Grace Kyle Cor. Secretary 

Betty Kurtz Treasurer 

Miss Doris Kinneman Advisor 


Mr. and Mrs. Fren Musselman 
Dr. and Mrs. A. W. Stewart 
Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Harsh 


L.Capel, F. Baldwin, E. Kurtz, 
R. Benedict, H. Hastings, S. 
Young, R. Schmalz. 


E. Janson, M. Howard, G. 
Adams, G. Kyle, A. Warner, M. 
Knouss, J. Kaiser. 


J. Darby, R. Frederick, M. Rum- 
baugh, M. Irvine, M. Blattman, 
G. Ackeret, M. Zurcher. 




Richard Neal President 

Nelson Salathe Vice-President 

Edward Schneider Secretary 

Paul Parker Treasurer 

Robert Miller Cor. Secretary 

Dr. H. E. Stelson Advisor 

Honorary Members 

Prof. H. A. Cunningham 
Prof. Edward Poke 
Dr. David Olson 
Prof. M. E. Wagoner 


R. Neal, N. Salathe, E. Schnei- 
der, P. Parker, W. Wordell. 

Juniors and 

E. Shank, H. Schermon, M. Polli 
L. Majick, E. Raymer. 


C. Mirto, J. Layman, G. Corbett, 
G. Wrentmore, R. Dellner, G. 
Pugh, B. Hammer, Jr., J. Cogan, 
E. Wade, J. Scobie, J. Hopko. 


A. Mancovitz, R. Miller. 



Donald Kinsey President 

Marion Gordner Vice-President 

William Gamauf . . .Athletic Director 
Wilber Hammock Treasurer 


First Group: 

B. Heuser, H. Boughman, M. 
Hammock, H. Andreas, M. Gard- 
ner, M. Swinehart, R. Slutz, W. 
Gomouf, D. Kinsey. 

Second Group: 

E. Riley, R. Lash, F. Nicolosi, D. 

Third Group: 

H. Bell, B. Noll, R. Horton. 



Founded at Kent in 1935 


Dorothy Jane Young President 

Helen Schmidt Vice-President 

/^nomory Siemon Secretary 

Ethel Maddock Treasurer 

Asthore St. John Marshall 

Miss Jeanne Parrish Advisor 


Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Altmann 


A. Siemon, D. Young, E. Mad- 
dock, J. Parrish. 

Sophomores and Juniors: 

H. Schmidt, A. St. John, L. 


M. Rhodes, D. Braucher, J. 
Young, J. Treat, E. Luke, H. 
Schneider (omitted). 



Helen Danforth President 

Adeline Jacolenne. . . .Vice-President 

Esther Prazak Secretary 

Lucy Marcel lette Treasurer 

Miss Ruth Bass Advisor 




Dean Blanche A. Verder 
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Clark 

Group One: 

E. Prazak, A. Jacolenne, L. Mar 
cellette, R. Bass, H. Danforth. 

Group Two: 

D. McDaniel, K. Yurchison, B. 
Westlake, E. Hazlitt, L. Taicht, 
R. Hafely, D. Harrington, V. 
Schontz, V. Loyer, M. Bennett, 
T. Bowman, L. Berger. 





Group Three: 

N. Diday, R. Kalafus, F. Pulsford, 
R. Weiss, V. Wagner, J. Lilie, M. 
Deetz, J. Woods. 

^ Q. 

f% ^ 

The honorary . . , glorified club .... 
scorned by non-members . . . and sought 
by non-members . . . ingratiating hand- 
kissing to obtain a recommendation . . . 
pulling political wires to wangle a bid 
. . . the bid . . . affectation of indiffer- 
ence and indecision . . . nonchalant ac- 
ceptance . . . dues exorbitant . . "Where 
in hell does the money go?" . . . pins 
flourished on selfconscious chests . . . 
"Oh yes, I was initiated last night. Just 
another honorary!" . . . attending free 
dinners . . . not attending meetings . . . 
except to play politics in election of offi- 
cers . . . talking up the organization as 
a great service to the campus . . . run- 
ning down honoraries on the whole as so 
much deadwood . . . throwing sophisti- 
cated dances . . . hiring illustrious speak- 
ers ... or quasi-illustrious speakers . . . 
standing firm and supercilious in the 
face of periodic waves of investigation 
and condemnation . . . big-shots . . four- 
teen-carat gold-plated decorations on 
the bosom of the campus . . . members of 
a glorified club. 


Blue Key 

Active men on the campus who excel in scholarship, leadership 
and character ore invited to join Blue Key National Honor Fraternity. 
The principle of the organization, "Serving, I Live", is the keynote of 
all the projects carried on by the local chapter. 

Seated Left to Right: Dean 
Manchester, Prof. Satterfield. 
P. Engleman, D. Ranney, R. 
Widowski, J. Zupan. 

Standing Left to Right: J. 
Taborsky, M, Serene. H. Gil- 
crest. H, Briola. R. Tuttle. 
Prof. Allyn. P. Whitmire. R. 

Hand kissing . . . Back slapping . . . Wire pulling . 

Left to Right: Dr Pringle, 
J. Cotman. G, Dike. P. J. 
Sprague. E. Schneider. L. Ar- 
nold. R. Wilson. Prof, Wright. 

Phi Kappa Delta 

The Ohio Iota chapter of Phi Kappa Delta, National Forensic 
Fraternity, was founded on the campus in April 1934. At present the 
organization will have sixteen active members who have gained this 
recognition by their outstanding achievements in debate, extempo- 
raneous and public speaking. 


Velvet Curtain 

University Theatre members, who show talent, interest and the 
ability to work hard, after their Freshman year are selected to join the 
Velvet Curtain Players. The organization is purely a local dramatic 
project and serves as a stepping stone to Alpha Psi Omega. 

Seated Left to Rishl: J. 

Knott. W. Palmer, M, Stopher, 
J. Buckmaster, J. Moyer, B. 

Standing Left to Rigrht: Prof. 
Stump, W. Munzenmayer, C. 
Hageman, G. Dike. Prof. 
Wright, M. J. Stewart. 

. . .AH for a bid . . . Key Flipping collegians attend . . . 

Seated Left to Right: P 
Stonehill. J. Wood. M. Heine- 
mann. H. Hastings, D. J. 
young, R. Benedict. 

Standing Left to Rigrht: J. 
Seager, L. Daugherty. G. Drew, 

Cardinal Key 

In January 1934, Dean Blanche A. Verder founded on Kent's 
campus a chapter of National Cardinal Key for the outstanding women 
students. The purpose of the organization is "Service", and members 
are selected each year from the group of women who have achieved 
leadership, scholarship and character in their extra-curricular activities. 


Alpha Psi Omega 

The Beta Psi chapter was founded in 1929, and is listed seventy- 
fourth on the National Roll Call. The students gain entrance by ex- 
tensive and distinguished work in the activities of the University 
Theatre. E. Turner Stump, faculty advisor, is also Director of the 
National Cast. 

Sealed Left to Risht: 

Daugherty. L. Furney. 
Stopher, G. McDermott. 

Standing; Left to Right: L. 

;oss, Prof. Stump. Mr. Wright. 
;. Dilie. 

Free dinners, few meetings . . . Big shots 

Seated Left to Right: Miss 
Koehler, J. Wood. A- Sofranec, 
B, Luke. M- Serene. R. Tullsen. 
E. Kurtz. M- Pnngsgraff. M. 
Stopher. E. Montecalvo. 

Standing, First Row, Left to 
Right: H. Israel, Mr. Stopher 
Dr. Clark, Dr. Munzenmayer, 
H. Lanning. M. Heinemann, L 
Hoopengarncr, Miss Hvatt, A 
Ruffer, E Lehman. D. B 


A. Ogg. 

Standing, Second Row. Left 
to Right: Mr. Musselman. Prof. 
Pearce, Prof. Cunningham, Dr. 
Stewart. L. Schaible. Prof. 
Engleman. J. Werden. R. 
Skeeles. G. Cowan, Dr. Heer. 





?4« f » T l'« 


•Co ■*- *■ ^ , 

Kappa Deha Pi 

Dr. Heer, Director of the Training School, founded the local chap- 
ter of Delta Beta in May, 1935. The activities of the group are social 
as well as educational, having two dinner and discussion meetings a 
month. College of Education students, who have a three point average 
ore eligible for membership. 

To the struggling journalists, who meet the Kent Stater and 
Chestnut Burr deadlines, comes the invitation to Chi Pi, local honorary, 
The group now boasts twenty members and the goal for the year is that 
of national affiliation. 

Chi Pi 

Seated Left to Right: E. Mc- 
Co.Tnick, L. Arnold, C. Smith, 
W. Anderson, L. Troyer, E. 

Standing Left to Right: Dr. 

Beall, A. Wilcox, M. J. Stew- 
art. H. Westcott. H. Jones. M. 
Russell. Mr. Weitzel. J. Seager, 
Prof. Engleman, J. Moyer. G. 
McDermott. E. Garrison, M. 
Stopher, J. DeEulis. D. J. 

...Gold plat©d decorations on the bosom of the campus 

Left to Right: Miss Boswell. 
J. Wood. E. Montecalvo. M. J. 
Stewart. A. Sacksteder, M. 
Zurcher, H. Schamp. 

Lambda Chi 

Lambda Chi, local Art Honorary, was organized in 1926. Mem- 
bers are selected from the major or minor students in the department. 
Miss Boswell, instructor, serves as faculty advisor, while Miss Adams 
and Miss Humphrey are honorary members. 


Thursday .... the melee around the 
Stater tobies ... a surging, furiously 
jubilant mass of collegians, converging 
to grab Kent Staters . . . scathing ama- 
teur column-conductors sharing space 
with sob-letters to the editor . . . news 
wrung from assignments, beats and brag- 
ging, publicity-mad notables . . . madly 
clacking typewriters, interviews, write- 
ups, recopy, deadlines missed . . . genial 
Jane in editorial confusion, eyes dark- 
ringed, setting type . . . make-up out of 
heaven-sent copy . . . proof-reading . . . 
O. K., start the presses! 

And the Burr . . . barometer of 1936 
university life . . . applications, on un- 
decided board of publications, heated 
discussions, appointments confirmed . . . 
editor's ideas, absurd, costly .... con- 
ferences with high-pressure, banqueting 
engravers, promise-making printers, il- 
lustrious photographers . . . bids, dummy 
revisions, headaches, finally a balanced 
budget . . . production wheels begin to 
turn amid a whirl of picture-taking cam- 
paigns, measurements, assignments, and 
welcomed engraving copy . . . disappoint- 
ments and good-luck . . . the bulging, 
paste-spattered dummy . . . pleas from 
copy-hungry printers .... all-night ses- 
sions of checking, proof reading .... 
anxiety, optimism .... acceptance .-. . . 
success ! ! ! 



Fifteen hundred 


the eyes c 

Edward Garrison 

Edito.-, Chestnut Burr 

Harold Wendelken 

Busincc3 Manager, Chestnut Burr 

Back in the bygone days when Kent State University 
was merely "The Normal" the long skirted and long haired 
co-eds decided to publish a yearbook. Searching for a sut- 
able name the first editorial board, noting the chestnut 
trees dotting campus and surrounding terrain, dscided to 
coll its brainchild "The Chestnut Burr", opening to afford a 
full view of college life and activity. 

Year after year the Burr staggered on, growing in size 
but not in subscriptions. Interest in Kent's yearbook was a'( 
a low ebb until last year when editors and business managers 
presented a plan whereby every member of the Kent State 
student body would receive a copy of the book. Students 
voiced their approval of the plan; the university administra- 
tion reallocated the student activity fee. This year, for the 
first time, the Chestnut Burr has a universal Kent State cir- 

Kent's 1 500 students receive this photographic review 
of the year with its biting satire, its novel arrangements, its 
complete review of Kent State University life and activity. 
In years to come 1500 students, rooting in the attic, will 
brush the dust from 1500 Chestnut Burrs and glance happily 
backward at days that were. 

chestnut burrs unfold to reveal a 

vie'w of campus life through 

candid cameras and caustic commentators 

Left to Right: 

Adrian Van Wyen, art- 
ist extraordinary . . . The 
copy hound Jay DeEulis . . 
Haunter of people's pri- 
vate lives, Mac McDer- 
mott . . . The hustling, 
bustling photo-getter, 
Randa Tozer . . Oral 
Burke, art .... Eleanor 
Bader, more art . . James 
Craig, still more art and a 
bit of copy . . . The color- 
ful copywriter, Mary Jane 
Stewart . . . Dorothy Jane 
Young, copy batter outer 
. . . Sam Fogg, the sports 
scribing lad . . . Pulchri- 
tudinous secretary to the 
business manager, Doro- 
thy Fitzgerald . . . John 
Zupan, somewhat of an 
editor . . . Gene Korb and 
Harold Briola, the busi- 
ness assistants and ad 
snatchers ... William 
Kimbrough Anderson, 
sports . . . Publications a 
specialty. Bob Baumgard- 
ner . . . Margaret Stopher, 
student administration 
writer , . . George Urban, 
handyman . , Helen West- 
cott, historian . . . The so- 
rority editor, Christine 
Roberts . . . Jean "Most 
Anything" Moyer . Mrs. 
Joseph W. Begala, honor- 


The "Kent 

Jane Seager 

Editor, Kent Stater 

Raymond Moron 

Business Manager, Kent Stoter 

Modestly described in its masthead as a newspaper 
"published for the best interests of Kent State University 
every Thursday during the college year with the exception 
of prolonged vacations by a student staff" the Kent Stater 
is the university's student voice. 

Ten years ago when the Stater's first edition flopped 
off the old rotary press to replace the "normal's" first journ- 
alistic venture, "The Searchlight", its editors did not visu- 
alize the Stater of today. It's an alive, alert, active paper, 
this Kent Stater of today, with its late news, its brilliant 
columnists, and its cosmopolitan makeup as contrasted with 
the Stater of 1 926 with its five columns, its lack of journalis- 
tic practices and its bulletin board appearance. 

Leaping to seven columns at the beginning of the 
spring semester and having a student as its business man- 
ager for the first time. Volume 10 of the Kent Stater begins 
the "University Era" of student publications at Kent State. 
Unhampered by rigid censorship restrictions such as exist in 
many colleges and universities, and financially supported by 
the student activity fee the Kent Stater, progressing with 
Kent State University, will continue to serve the best inter- 
ests of its university and the student body. 


Stater" • • . . Four pages, seven 
.... The news of the week 

Red thatched Lucille 
Arnold, news writer . . . 
Featurist Mary Jane Stew- 
art . . . Samuel Fogg, 
the sophomore sporting 
scribe . . Roland Voth 
alias "The Belittler" . . . 
Al Seidner, freshman 
prodigy . . . She of the 
vitriolic typewriter, Jean 
Moyer . . . That super 
snooper, the star of the 
keyholes Mac McDer- 
mott . . . Bill Anderson, 
sports editor extraordin- 
ary , . . Sports, Sundae 
Ciancio . . . The ever smil- 
ing George Urban, cap- 
able assistant editor . . . 
He of the perpetual pipe, 
James "Prof. Succotash" 
Craig . . . The sports writ- 
er who looks like a sports 
writer, Loris Troyer . . . 
Ex-editor Robert "Sport- 
ively Speaking" Boum- 
gardner . . . Ruth Klein, 
front page stuff . . . 
Eleanor Faloon, news, etc. 
. . . Drama criticised while 
you wait by Claud Smith 
. . . Assistant business 
manager Dave Alden, ad 
getter . . . Edgar McCor- 
mick, poet laureate and 
Dabbler . . . Helen "So- 
ciety Editor" Westcott 
... A feature a week. Jay 

Fall try-outs for debate team . . . sun 
tanned tongues limbered up . . . selec- 
tions . . . rejections . . . behold! . . . the 
team emerges . . . recourse to the refer- 
ence shelves . . . compiling imposing 
statistics . . . perfecting intricate phrases 
and convincing gestures for debate . . . 
followed by out-of-town trips . . . made 
memorable by decisions, flat tires, and 
steak dinners ... ah ! silver tongues. 

Self-assured veterans and knee-knock- 
ing novices competing for coveted roles 
. . . wearisome, night-after-night re- 
hearsals . . . harassed directors berate 
and praise . . . smoothing, polishing, 
perfecting . . . dress-rehearsal . . . pes- 
simism and trepidation . . . opening night 
. . . programs a-flutter like restless moths 
. . . the play is on, helpless victim of an 
aftermath of caustic comment or kind 

Merrill corridor trembles as the or- 
chestra takes another ear-splitting stab 
at Wagner . , . one, two, one, two . . . 
crescendo, diminuendo . . . new uniforms 
for the marching band . . . amateur 
soprano or tenor warbling drifts out over 
the campus . . . "Lo, hear the gentle 
lark." . . . Lo, hear the gentle music 





Men's Glee Club 

On Tuesdays and Thursdays these forty boys rehearse the songs 
they are to sing publicly. Several times they appeared in assembly 
programs this year. They had a prominent part in the Christmas 
Musicale. Professor Fred. H. Denker is director. 

First Row, Left to Rishl: 

H. Dunlavy. G. Mellert. J. Jen- 
liins. P. beevers. C. Pope. I 
Immel. J. O'Ha.a. 

Second Ron, Left to Risht: 

T. Dowding. T. Simpkins. J 
Smith. W. Lipscomb. F. Foii- 
ser. G. Dike, R. Drage. A. 
Gary, J. SimpsOil. J. Josephus, 
C. Pouser. D. Pouser. J. Wilder. 
V. Borde, R. Davidson. Mr 
Denker (conductor). 

Third Row, Left to Right: 
R. Ellsworth. W. Little. L 
Trover, A. Warnes. W. Fresh- 
lev. H. Helling. S. Ludt. R 
Dellner. K. Hart. R. Reynolds. 
H. Gifford. W. Ault. H 
Schamp. M. Polli. W. Critten- 
den. W. Mitten. 

Boiled stuffed shirts 

Flimsy dresses and voices 

First Row, Left to Right: 

N. Dick, H- Nighman. B. Miller. 

A. Rimer. R. Mears. M. Dunfee. 
G. Ackeret. A. Davev, M. Allen. 
F. Baldwin. M. Bedford. P. 
Sheron. M. Strahl. J. DeLeone, 
L. Eberwyne. Miss Sublette 

Second Row, Left to Right: 

M. Pfingsgraff, J. Treat. M. 
Daltorio. E. Burton. R. Jacobs. 

B. Guttridge. B. Kemp. E. Cor- 
lett. V. Costarella. I. Newell. T. 
Markley. L. Stump, R. Weiss. 
M. Baumbereer, E. Haines. 

Third Row. Left to Right: 

V. Gartshore. A. Gintert. H. 
Moseley. V. Gray. A. Erb. S. 
Klein. C. Castle. E. Asmun, L. 
Day. M. Nye. D. Meacham. C. 
Norton. E. Agae. M. Howard, J. 

Fourth Row. Left to Right: 

E. Swan. E. Ferrari. G. Foley. 
L. Myers. W. Gamber. A. Stew- 
art. H. Gray. R. Hudson. B. 
Philius. H. Remick. M. Rum- 
baugh. E. Thomas. J. Wright. 
J. Brundage. P, Gerber. 

Women's Glee Club 

This organization is composed of sixty girls selected at the be- 
ginning of the year. Directors this year were Miss Sublette and Miss 
Littlejohn. Practices were held each Monday and Wednesday. The 
outstanding program of the group was the Christmas Musicale. 


University Orchestra 

Professor Roy Metcalf directs this organization. It has forty- 
five members. They provide music at the University plays and play 
in at least one assembly program. Practices are held every Wednes- 
day evening. It had a part in the Christmas Musicale. 

r'irst Row. Left to Ri^ht: 

Perkins. F. Hair, L. Ham- 
.n. S. Fink. J. Farinacci. J. 
lith. M. Reynolds, B. Kurtz, 

Second Row, Left to Right; 

£. Breting. H. Chapman. J. Bur- 
roughs. W. Price. 

Third Row, Left to Right: 

R. Cunningham. R. Schmalz, 
A. Parker. M. Messersmith. E. 
Ingalls. S. Klein, A. Frangos, 
M. Read. J. Seymour, M. Heine- 
mann, H. Spiller. M. Ritter. M. 
Moore, B. Philius, M. Brandon. 

Fourth Row, Left to Right: 

P. Moore, L. Wilson. J. Darby. 
L. Bracy, C. Wall, R. Ellsworth, 
N. Hollister, L. Butler, O. Venn. 
C. Philius. H. Briola, H. Gif- 
ford, T. Foster. 

Fifth Row, Left to Right: Mr. 

Metcalf (conductor). W. Helm- 
boldt, C. Andregg, R. Stribley. 

Wood winds . . Strings . . Brass . . Braid and buttons 

First Row, Left to Right: 

F. Hair. M. Moore. M. Heine- 
mann, M. Ritter, R. Tuttle. D. 
McBride. L. Ewell, T. Markley. 
B. Helmboldt. A. Lennig. R. 
Reynolds, P. Weiss. J. Wilder. 
W. Lythgoe. I. Immel. J. Free- 
man. R. Ellsworth. 

Second Row, Left to Right: 

A. Godfrey. J. Seymour, N. Hol- 
lister. J. Darby. L. Bracy. F. 
Moore. P. Chappelear, F. Ken- 
nedy. W. Garwood. C. Wall. G. 
Milhoan, R. Baker. K. Hart. P. 
Gahagan. D. Strohl. L. Butler. 
J. Jenkins. 

Third Row. Left to Right: 

Mr. Metcalf ( conductor ) . H. 
Heinemann. C. Caldwell. S. 
Brown, G. Jordan, C. Philius. 
W. Freshley. H. Gifford. O. 
Venn, A. Parsons. H. Chapman, 
T. Foster. H. Briola. G. Kerb, 
H. Hardy, J. O'Hara, G. Lem- 

University Band 

Professor Roy Metcalf conducts this bond of fifty pieces. Students 
have heard it at the athletic games this year. The marching band was 
particularly attractive in its new blue and gold uniforms. William 
Helmboldt served as the drum major. 

Men's Debate 

By debating teams in these three conferences: Ohio Conference, 
Northeastern Ohio Conference, and Pi Koppo Delta, these men amassed 
total of approximately sixty contests. Each conference has an 
official question upon which the discussions are held. This year's 
squad was quite successful. 

Left to Risht: H Glanzer, B. 
Stribley. R. Conard. R. Gros- 
venor. D, Moore, Mr. Wright. 
L. Ross. L. Cooper, B. Lewis. E. 
Schneider. R. Wilson. 

Lett to Eieht: V. Bodo. P. 
Sprague. E. Whitmire. M. Runic. 
Mr. Wright. P. Waterbury. D. 
Bunk, J. Cotman, D. Smith. 

lake- believe or make tnem relieve 

Women's Debate 

The women's debate schedule follows closely that of the men, but 
they have only half as many contests and the questions for debate are 
somewhat different. A selected team represented Kent in the Pi Kappa 
Delta tournament in Texas. 


University Theatre 

The University Theatre, as the largest organization on the campus, 
continues to produce four major productions annually. Every student 
is eligible upon payment of the yearly dues. Included in the program 
each year is the Theatre Formal. It was held at the Portage Hotel 
in Akron just before Christmas. 

Left to Right: M. Stopher. G. 
McDermott. Mr. Wright. J. 
Knott, G. Dike. Prof. Stump. 

. Whether debater or dramatist 

Seated, Left to Right: J. Diet- 
rich. G. Gettrust, J. Treat. M. 
Scully, M. Lawrence. P. Parise. 
D. Knapik. N. Daub. 

Standing, First Row, Left to 
Riffht; R. Beuck. J. Tallentire. 
F. Miltner. B. Peck. P. Moore, 
V. Florenz. H. Koerpel. M. 
Rhodes. M. Gill. H. Peterson. 
B. Taylor. E. Ashton. V. La- 
Wand. K. Cone. 

Standing. Second Row, Left to 
Right: M. Morrow, G. Corbett, 
B. Martin. R. Chapman. 

Freshman Players 

Under the leadership of Prof. G. Harry Wright, the "Freshman 
Players" constitutes all freshmen interested in dramatics and other 
speech curricula. The objective of this group is to give several short 
Diays each year in assembly and assist the speech department in its 
leading productions. It is the proving ground for potential university 
dramatic stars. 


"Government of the students, for the 
students, and (once in a while) by the 
students" . . . student vox populi ex- 
pressed through the mouths of brother 
and sister organizations . . . puny but 
undespairing efforts to obtain more 
power and less pressure . . . making new 
rules to swell an ever-increasing total 
. . planning petitions that are destined 
for an ignominious end in a nice, digni- 
fied wastebasket . . . planning the social 
calendar . . . wrangling with conservative 
profs and advisors over off-campus 
dances . . . trying to slash off a few ten- 
tacles of the administrative octopus . . . 
and cauterizing the wound with ingrati- 
ating tact , . . acting as intermediaries 
between the multitude and the Chosen 
People . . . valiantly attempting to steer 
the ship of student government away 
from the shoals of discouragement and 
dissension . . . subjects for criticism and 
objects of ridicule from those whom 
they're trying to serve . . . thankful for 
small concessions . . . but tirelessly, re- 
belling in the true spirit of youth . . . 
thankless job! 







Robert Boumgardner. . . Pres. 
Don Ranney . . . .Vice. Pres. 
Harold Wendelken. . . . 

Sec. & Treas. 

Briola, M. Polli. E. Garrison. 

Baumgardner, H. Wendelken. H. Giicrest. H. 

The Student Council constitutes the "voice of 
the student body" in directing those nnatters per- 
taining to the interests of the students of Kent State 
University. It is composed of twenty-two members: 
four from each upper division class, two from the 
Freshman and Sophomore classes, the Editors of the 
Kent Stater and the Chestnut Burr, president of the 
woman's league and of the men's Union, and the six 
class presidents. 

This year the group formulated a "Code of Tra- 
ditions", designed to inculcate into such a compara- 
tively young university as Kent State customs and 
rules, observance of which will lead to an enrichment 
of campus tradition. One of the most important 
functions of the student council is the efficient and 
honest supervision of all university elections. 

Don Ranney was the official representative at 
the convention of the Notional Student Federation 
of America. The Kent State Council became a mem- 
ber of this organization last year. 

Two of the most important duties of this group 
are the annual publication of the "K" book and the 
enforcement of freshman regulations. The Student 
Council is a strong organization, ever growing in 
power and prestige and always devoted to the best 
interests of the students. 

The Student Council 

Pdn-Hellenic Council 

The Pan-Hellenic association, feminine oligarchy 
which reigns over the lady-Greeks of the campus, is 
composed of three representatives from each sorority, 
and a faculty sponsor who is chosen for a period of 
two years from among the sorority advisors. All the 
notional educational and local sororities ore repre- 
sented in its numbers. 

The major function of the group is to regulate 
rushing, set dotes for parties, examine expense ac- 
counts for rush parties, end to impose penalties in 
case of failure to observe regulations. 

For the past three years, "Pan-Hell" has effi- 
ciently managed the sorority bridge and tennis tourn- 
aments, the winners of which receive silver loving- 
cups. This year the high-light in the activities of 
the organization was the Pan-Hellenic boll, the first 
of its kind ever to be given at Kent State. 

The regulations and decisions of Pan-Hellenic 
ore seldom criticized, and the deference and cooper- 
ation which it receives indicate that it is one of the 
most efficient and capable governing bodies on the 

First Row, Left to Ri^ht; C. Roberts. P. Hendee. B. Elliott, E. Malpass, Mona Fletcher (advisor). 
Second Row, Lett to Right: W. Palmer. M. Palfi. D. Fitzgerald. B. Forner. D. Heitiinger, C. Palir 
Tliird Row, Lett to Right: H. Strouse, E. Bader. H. Hastings, L. Cp.pel, D. Young. E. Maddock. 


Bernita Elliott Pres. 

Pauline Hendee. . . Rec. Sec. 
Christine Roberts. .Cor. Sec. 
Edith Malpass Treas. 


T. E. Davey, Jr. . 

It is the University Social Committee whose duty 
it is to plan the university's social calendar, granting 
permission to hold on and off -campus dances and so 
arranging the schedule of affairs that there is no 
conflict in dates and places. This regulative body, 
which as a whole meets four times a year, is com- 
posed of eleven faculty members who are appointed 
by the president of the university, and twenty-five 
student members who are delegated as representa- 
tives of various campus organizations. 

More directly regulative of university social af- 
fairs is the executive council of the committee, con- 
sisting of the eleven faculty members and eleven stu- 
dents elected from the committee. This group meets 
once a month. 

This year, under the chairmanship of T. E. Davy, 
genial history professor, the committee itself man- 
aged the dances for the fall and spring Homecoming 
celebrations, p'cturesque Campus night festival, and 
'or the newly inaugurated Sub-Freshman Day jam- 

As the enrollment of the university increases, 
from year to year, the list of dances, teas, dinners, 
end all the other social events sponsored by campus 
groups will automatically lengthen. So it is inevitable 
that an organization with functions and duties such 
as are within the realm of the social committee will 
increase in importance, responsibility and prestige. 

University Social Committee 

Inter-Fralernity Council 

The Inter-Fraternity council, masculine counter- 
part of Pan-Hellenic, is on arbitrating body whose 
word is final in the decision of important inter-fra- 
ternity questions. It governs the rushing and pledg- 
ing system. Contrary to the procedure in most col- 
leges, fraternities under the "deferred" plan have to 
wait until the opening of the second semester to rush 
desirable candidates, the idea being that pledges' 
grades must be up by that time. 

The council is composed of two representatives 
from each of the four local and one national fraterni- 
ties. Under the guidance of Jimmy Craig, the council 
has been active and progressive throughout the school 
year in regard to its duties and functions. 

Once a month the council meets to discuss per- 
tinent questions which arise within its jurisdiction. 
Meetings are usually held in the library. It can be 
expected, in the future, that this organization will 
grow in prestige and importance due to the growth of 
fraternities and their expanding functions here on the 
campus at Kent State University. 


lames Craig Pres. 

_e Roy Widowski . , , V, Pres, 
vielson Salathe Sec, 


Boring notices read in assembly . . . 
fancy signs splattered over the bulletin 
boards . . "The home economics club 
will meet — " , . hot sessions . . . argu- 
ments over amendments or new members 
. dispensing pom-poms at football 
games . . . throwing m'niature dances in 
the little gym or the off-campus club 
room . . . Parliamentary law sadly para- 
phrased in meetings . . . the loudest 
talker gets heard . . . innumerable com- 
mittees that never deliver and eventually 
go up in smoke . . ." — ,who is an out- 
standing figure in this field will address 
us tomorrow evening" . . . friction, heated 
competition, back-biting when two clubs 
tackle the same project . . . dues two- 
bits per month . . . everyone in arrears . . . 
members who never show up after the 
first meeting . . . the remainder who do 
all the work . . . giving plays . . . learning 
songs . . . planning decorations . . . mak- 
ing posters . . . getting hot under the 
collar and all to make club ... or kill 
time . . or collect an imposing list of 
senior activities for the year book. 


Kindergarten -Primary Club 

This progressive and creative club has become known for its yearly 
sponsoring of the Century of Progress Marionettes each fall. Other 
services this club renders consist of assisting the Emergency Nursery 
School of Kent, Christmas and Easter parties for the children, plus 
many luncheon and tea get-togethers. 

standing. Left to Right: J 

Hugiies. H. Lundeen. 

Back Row. Left to Right; L. 
Pease. S. Cannon. D. Hommon. 
D. Schrader. L. Dunlap. J. 
Fitzpatrick. M. Spelman. Miss 
swan. R. Ewald. J. Lilie. M. 
Moomaw. E. McCartne.v. Miss 
Parrish. R. Tiiompson, V. 
Wells. M. Bray. 

Front Row. Left to Right: V 
Pearl. M. Sternad. E. Hazlitt. 
V. LaWand, E. Yanan. H. 
Madden. H. Neale. A. Beatty. 
R. Van Fleet. M. Graybill. M. 

Selling hot dogs 

Cheering up the lonesome . . . 

Seated. Left to Right: Dean 
Manchester. J. Kasha. R. Full- 
mer. H. Dunlavy. O. Sprunger. 
D. Alden. 

Standing, Left to Right: H. 
Gill. M. PoUi. 

Y. M. C. A. 

This brother organization to the Y. W. C. A. has very similar aims 
and objectives. The group endeavors to create new friendships, to in- 
vestigate different study problems, to help break down religious and 
racial prejudices, to provide recreation, and to create inter-collegiate 


Y. W. C. A. 

Endeavoring to aid girls in formuiating o sane, wholesome way of 
living, the Y. W. C. A. reaches out to all types of activities — social, 
service, religious, and study; in service the group strives to fill the gaps 
on the campus and in the community life where need is felt. 

Left to Right: L. Elwonger, 
E. Koeppe, W. Shepherd, D. J. 
Young. Miss Pai-rish. M. For- 
ney, A. Rimer, M. Trunkey. 

Giving teas . . . All in the name of service 

Left to Right: H. Chapman, 
H. Peterson, M. J. Stewart, E. 
Ashton. J. Meyer, Dean Verder, 
B. Gerspacher. E. Koeppe. M. 
Brockhaven, B. Richardson. 

Women's League 

This governing body of the women of the university does all in its 
power through the action of its Executive Board and Advisor to aid in 
acclimating all girls, new and old, to the campus, and to work for the 
betterment of the school in general whenever possible. 


Manual Arts Club 

This departmental club strives for better professional training for 
all manual arts teachers with the realization of the actual place of their 
department in the school. One of the interesting outgrowths of the club 
has been the Glider club, composed of boys who construct and fly their 
own glider. 

Lett to Rieht: J. Scharf. Mr. 
rischendorf. L. Brown, E. Dun- 
lavy. W. Curtiss, A. Godfrey. 
G. Jordan. J. Layman. A. Van 
Wyen. P. Wawrin. R. Doan. 

Mending broken furniture 

Broken dialects . . . . 

Left to Right: K. Albrecht. 
J, McKay. E. Whitmire. H. 
Kuhlins, E. McCormick. Dr. 
Schafheitlin. B. Heuser. R. 
Horton. E. Sackett. I. Sauk- 

German Club 

Truly international is this German club sponsored by Dr. Schaf- 
heitlin, a true German. One of its prime aims is to promote a better 
understanding and sympathy between the true German ond those study- 
ing the German culture. Lectures, book reviews, pictures, and personal 
correspondence help in creating this feeling of international friendship. 


Biology Club 

First Row, Left to Right: N. 

Hollister. B. Oviatt. B. Kunert, 
V. Petty. E. Kurtz. 

Second Row, Left to Right: 
R. Miller. K. Alexander, M. 
Zurcher, R. Frederick. 

Third Row. Left to Right: 
W. Ellett. R. Horton. W. Qam- 
auf. M. Serene. 

Fourth Row, Left to Right: 
Dr. Kelley. H. Shook, G. Hol- 
lister. R. TuUsen. S. Young. 

Fifth Row, Left to Right: C. 
Hinkle, Dr. Alexopoulos, W. 

Sixth Row, Left to Right: N. 
Salathe, O. Dobkin. H. Stull, 
R. Slutz. J. Page. W. Wardell. 

Seventh Row, Left to Right: 
Prof. Cunningham, Mr. Har- 
bourt, K. Damann. 

Cutting up worms and frogs with foreign names 

Similar to the German club, this organization gives to the student 
of French a practical linguistic background of books, plays, pictures, 
lectures, folklore, history, geography, and personalities prominent in 
French life. The club is composed of majors and minors in French 
and is directed by Miss Helen Machan. 

First Row, Left to Right: 

E. Zimmerman. D. Werner, J. 
DeLeone, H. G. Starr, G. Dor- 
sey. M. Senerchia, K. Hall. 

Second Row, Left to Right: 
K. Hoskjns. D. Rav. H. Pierce, 
J. Young. J. Treat, C. Wheeler. 

Third Row, Left to Right: L. 
Eddy. F, Wiggs. E. Davidson, 
B. Westlake, H. DeWeese, H. 

Fourth Row, Left to Right: 
R. Tozer, S. Kopach, C. Pan- 
tilimon. V. Woods. A. Dura, 
E. Schneider, 

Fifth Row, Left to Right: D. 
Wiegand,_ Miss Machan. Miss 
A. Bancroft, 

French Club 

Cleveland Club 

This group of students coming from Greater Cleveland is banded 
together to promote the interests of Kent State U in the High Schools 
of Cleveland, to form the nucleus of an alumni club, and to become 
better acquainted at parties and dances on campus and in Cleveland. 


Row. Lett to Rleht: 

V. Kauff 

man. M. Lawrence. J. 


B- Banyc. V. Florenz. 

A. Dura. 


Left to Rieht: V. 


r, F. Waterbury, E, 

Dura. E. 

Lockwood, H, Ramser. 

L. Wray. 


IE. Lett to Right: A 


E, Faloon, J, Stewart. 

R. Pinvo 

un. R, Van Fleet, H. 

Gill, G, 

Jordan, A, Davis, M. 

Polli, S. 

Canepa, S, Kaczor, L. 


A show in Cleveland or a cabin in the pines 

standing. Left to Right: E. 
Roberts. E. Likens. M. Gruen. 
K. Wardman. R. Morrell. E. 

Seated on Couch 
Right: H. Porter. 
Mrs, Appl 

Left to 

F. Lothrop. 

Elliott, J. 

Seated on Floor. Left to 

Right: M. Watson. V. Petty. A. 

Juringus, B. Bergman. L. 

Woman's Athletic Association 

Guided ably by the board of sports managers, this versatile organi- 
zation embraces practically all the girls in the "U", All sports are 
offered in season — in the university buildings, on the campus grounds, 
or at the cottage at E, Twin Lake — to develop skill, friendly competition, 
and alert bodies and minds. 


Men's Union 

The Saturday News Letter giving all the current information on a 
variety of subjects is the official organ of the Men's Union. The Union 
also sponsors Dad's Day, innumerable smokers and contests from song- 
writing to chess, and has among its achievements for this year a highly 
entertaining "Amateur Night". 

Left to Right: J Miltner, J. 
Simpson. B. Butler. S. Fogg, 
H. Gilcrest, J. Craig, J. Fari- 

Smoker Tonight! .... "No Smoking Allowed" . . . . 

Off-Campus Club 

This club offers friendship and jolly times to those many girls who 
commute daily to Kent State U for courses, and a study room for them- 
selves and girls who live off-campus. In their cozy club room in 
Merrill Hall the girls study, hold luncheon meetings, and many social 


Cosmopolitan Club 

This club strives for international and inter-raciol understanding 
by studying problems of world and national importance and attempting 
to arrive at the true facts of all the cases; and to formulate ideas as to 
what may be done to solve the problems. 

, Left to Riehl: M. 

C. Wheeler. C. 
Pouser, J. Ervin. 

to Ri;ht: C. 

W. Hammer. 

Tliird Rofl 
Thomas. F. 
J. Tallentire. 

Second Roiv. Left to Risht: 
M. Runk. O. Moyer. E. Koeppe. 
I. Saukkonen. E. Indoe. G. 
Warner. Dr. A. Schafhsitlin. E. 

Front Row. Left to Rieht: V. 
Bodo. H. Kang. P. Hcrton. E. 
Schneider. Dean O. Williams. 
L. Goldwood. E. Thomas. 

romoling race relations 

Family relations 

Back Row. Left to Riffht: E. 

Green. R. Benedict, C. Buell, 
E. Ochsendorf. A. Dye. M. 
Moore. M. Zurcher. M. Irvine. 
D- McDaniel. R. Frederick, H. 
Zerbe, M. Colby. Miss Jordan. 
H. Conkle. J, Hastings. Miss 
Nixson. E. Montecalvo. 

Middle. Row. Left to Ri-ht: 
E, Kurtz, E. Jordan, C. Monte- 
calvo, B. Boyett. N. Dominick. 
E. Malpass, M, L. Krebs. D. 
Cverman. D. Luikart. J. Mc- 
Kahn. J. Hankamer, R. Oviatt. 
M. Dyer. E. Oyer. E, Haines. 
L- C. Terrell. 

Seated. Left to Right: J. 
Spencer. M. Apley, J, Woods, 
G. Gettrust. J. Brundage. E. 
M. Truscott. L, Begala, H. 
Koerpel. F. Rhodes. I. Mitchell. 
N. Waters. L. Eddy. 

Home Economics Club 

One of the active departmental organizations on the campus is the 
Home Economics Club. Its purposes are to foster professional spirit, 
to sponsor and help furnish the Home Management House, and to serve 
OS a social, and service club, entertaining all from the freshmen and 
faculty to visiting college organizations. 


Business Administration Club 

The Commerce and Business Administration club was organized to- 
co-ordinate the extra-curricular activities of the student with the aca- 
demic work in Commerce and Business Administration and Economics. 
Such activities include lectures on current economic problems, talks 
before outside groups by members of the club, and efforts to place grad- 
uates in the field of business. 

Left to Right: 
C. Hageman, L. 
Markley, Prof. 

Back Row. 

Prof. Hudson 
Stewart. T. 

Fourth Row, Left to Right: 
P. Grieme. K. Hulbert. H. 
Conkle. P. Horton. R. Schulz. 

Third Row, Left to Right: M. 
Stambaugh, J. Smith, D. Fitz- 
gerald. P. Engleman. P. Pear- 
Second Row, Left to Right: 
E. Shearer. F. Fcuier, V. 
Schoffman. R. Kilhan. C. Har- 

First Row. Left to Ri?ht: K. 

Robenstine, G. Shriber. B. 
Scott, J. Simpson, M. Sener- 
chia. L. Lutz. 

Commercial and industrial relations 

Back Row, Left to Right: L. 

Stein. J. Romito, J. Scobie. R. 

Third Row. Left to Right: 

L. Eschenberg, J. King, D. Al- 
den. M. Brannon, J. Hopko, J. 

Second Row. Left to Right: 
J. Zupan. F. Watklns. W. 
Hageman. T. Schulz. N. Pu- 
chik. L. Cooper. D. Zink. 

First Row, Left to Right: L. 
Moo-e, J. Batchelder, A. Pod- 
wojski. R. Griffin. D, Griffin. 
C. Pope. 

Business Administration Club 

One of the chief purposes of the organization is to aid in the devel- 
opment of the College of Business Administration. The program of 
the club also includes social activities such as parties and a Commerce 

The Club membership totals fifty. 





change the perpeT^'-^^^ 
sports calendar grincr\ 
Fall and winter .... 
ball, wrestling and 
spring and summer . . 
tennis, baseball and 

round and round. 
^ in the 1936 athletic 

The college 
becomes a Uni 
versity .... but 
regardless of 
ual pages of the 
on undisturbed, 
football, basket- 
swimming .... 
. . track, 

golf .... 

Pounded \ 
as an "outstanding" year 
a year of unprecedented victory at- 

to the long-heralded "New Deal" 
clue to the rejuvenated spirit moni 


tested in participation and observation of inter 
collegiate sports .... University athletics have 
emerged. They are successful. 


Minor Sports 

W L 








Football . . . that swaggering behemoth 
that lurches from its lair every fall and 
captures the fickle heart of the Ameri- 
can public . . . thousands sit in drizzling 
rain to watch twenty-two men tear at 
each other with the fury of prehistoric 
beasts . . . glistening bodies . . . steamy 
shower rooms . . . pungent odor of sweat 
and antiseptics . . . the coach, a harried 
master mind pacing the locker room . . . 
Football . . . turning the multitude into so 
many rooters or hecklers . . . cheer lead- 
ers whose grotesque antics draw lusty 
roars from hoarse throats . . . brass blar- 
ing between halves . . . the strutting 
drum major, gaudy in stripes and gold 
buttons, high-stepping down the field . . . 
the Alma Mater . . . hots off . . . hair 
blows and ears tingle in the icy wind . . . 
refs in wide-striped shirts, blowing whis- 
tles, blandly ignoring complaints ... If 
we win . . . goal posts torn up, backs 
slapped ... If we lose . . . post-mortems 
in the Brady . . here's what I'd have 
done . . . optimism . . . wait till next time 
. . . football. 


We Present 

Leff to Right: 

Alvon Cox, center; Lyie Warren, end; Roy Widowski, 


Poxton Whitmire, tackle; Robert Eisel, end; Herman 
Fischer, tackle 

Morvin Garner, half-back; Harry Gilcrest, center; 
Herbert Gill, tackle. 

Left to Right; 

Myron Harrington, guard; Cliestsr Sokoloski, guard; 

Norvin Carter, half-back. 

Dick Bolich, guard; Don Ronney, half-back; Victor 
Gilly, end; Ashton Hall, half-back. 

Vd^w^" "■■4 

Gridiron Facts 





— • 






Widowski drives off-tackle for a 20 yard gain in a type of ploy that 
was instrumental in defeating Otterbein 6-0 before a record homecoming 

With the football season as a proving grounds the new coaching 
triumvirate of Starn, Novotny, and Begala successfully underwent 
the acid test and nurtured the Kent gridders to a new style of play so 
well that they broke all records for scoring at Kent, accumulating 
1 27 points to their opponents' 1 08. They won three and lost five of 
an eight game schedule. 

It was not an auspicious beginning for the Flashes when they 
traveled to Mount Union and were thoroughly drubbed by the Purple 
Roiders. Dopesters had predicted an undefeated season for the 

Raiders and these predictions were substantiated by their 19-0 win 
over Kent in a rainy night game. 

Kent faced the Student Princes of Heidelberg in the first home 
game of the season and in this clash came the first touchdown under 
the new regime. Widowski neatly passed to Lyie Warren who scam- 
pered 14 yards for the score. Although outplaying the Princes, the 
Flashes failed to take advantage of position and the Princes scored 
three times. The final score was 21 -6. 

The perfcrmance of the Golden Flashes was nothing short of 
classic in the feud-infested Akron fray. Kent fans migrated to 
Buchtel field where they saw the 'B^ue and Gold completely outclass 
the heavier Zippers for the full four periods. Three points stood 
between the Kent team and victory after Earl Hensal had kicked the 
deciding points from the;_^l-yard tine making the score 3-0 in favor 
of Akron at the end of^he game. 

It was at this point iri the season that the Kent team began to 
"click", Otterbein fell 6-0 at the Kent homecoming. Scoring at 
will against Bowling Green the Flashes smothered them 45-0. The 
last football game to be played -between Hiram and Kent saw the 
Terriers fall under a 45-6 score. '' 

The Baldwin-Wallace steam roller was next on the Flash card. 
Sanity prevented the prediction of a Kent victory but Kent showed a 
powerful scoring punch and made three stabs over the goal line. 
The gome ended 40- 1 8. 

The final game of the season saw the Flashes travel to Ashland 
doped as favorites. Playing in a drizzling rain and on a soggy field 
the Blue and Gold dipped its colors to the Eagles by a 19-7 score. 
Widowski made the only touchdown for Kent. 

Pile-driving Carter finds an opening over guard and gains four yords 
before being stopped by the Otterbein secondary. 

Varsity Squad 

W, McAllster. A. Miller, E. Kegler. S. 
H. Fischer. F. Scott. V. Gilly. R. Moran. 

D. Bollch. O. 

Third Koiv. Left lo Right : D. Banney. M. Oarner, H. Ollcrest. N. Carter. 
R, Widowski. R. Snyder. B. MeGinnls. E. Dunlavy. Mr. Novotny. Mr. Begala, 
Mr. Storn. 


Converting FkstT^^ ^'^wd 

'^■^'"fetS,"-!-. o,,.-. 

First Row, Left to Ri?ht: T. DeEulis, V. Lindsay. J. Widowski, A. 
Sabatino. R. Halsey. B. Beinstein, J. Wicks. R. Cox. 

Second Rt.w, Left to Ri^ht: D. Hoskins. C. Marusic. A. Weatherford. T. 
Dowding. N. Littlepage. H. Harrington, C. Hutton. 

Third Row, Left to Right: R. Gla?.ier. E. Weisel. F. Keifer. F. Weir, E. 
Sullivan, P. Hazen 

Fourth Row, Left to Right: J. Krizman. J. Luisch. H. LaFountam. E. 
Simpson, E. Kempf, C. Hine. J. Armour. 

Fifth Row. Left to Right: B. Butler. L. Schoffman. B. Morgan. P. Ryan. 
R. Drage. 

Freshman Squad 

Wrestling . . . that most primitive form 
of combat that sends the blood of the 
red-eyed Neanderthal surging through 
the veins of the spectators . . . Wrestling 
. . . formalities and handshaking in the 
center of the arena . . . formalities cast 
aside as bodies clash, muscles straining 
in attack and counter attack . . . the dull 
thud of flesh on flesh and the gasp of 
tired lungs fighting for air . . . the crowd 
grows tense as the struggle continues on 
a horizontal plane . . . nonchalant, sick- 
ened or loudly enthusiastic Romans 
around the arena . . .The referee sprawls 
and squirms as shoulders near the mat 
. . . his mighty hand slaps down and an- 
other victory or defeat is carved in the 
annals of the university . . . Wrestling . . 
all types pass in review . . . lean and 
gawky, chunky and fat, well set and pow- 
erful; all versed in the lore of hand to 
hand combat ... a compendium of sweat, 
sprains, skill, power, spirit, guidance and 
alertness . . . Wrestling. 




"Red" McCort pins Campbell, of W and J, in Kent's 36-0 victory. This wos the twenty-second con- 
secutive win of the Kent wrestling team and the finale of an undefeated season. 

Kent State University Excels in Wrestling 

An undefeated season — that sought after epitaph that haunts every 
coach's waking hours and recurs in his sleep in blaring headlines that shout 
a soothing symphony of complimentary publicity. 

An undefeated season has been written on the records at Kent, and in 
that most colorful of varsity sports, wrestling. Smashing through ten 
scheduled meets in a style that has characterized Begola-cooched teams the 
gropplers piled up 274 points to their opponents' 57. Not included in thsse 
results is a 17-11 win over the alumni champions. 

The followers were given a pre-season taste of wrestling spiced by the 
personal appearance of Coach Joe Begalo when the wrestlers scheduled a 
meet with the alumni champions in the Courier-Tribune charity show. Such 
stars as "Tiger" Lukens, Joe Taborsky, Bob Johnson, Fred Scott, Art Stejskol, 
and Bing Rinaldi were carded on the opposition and when the varsity rapped 
out the 17-11 victory over these opponents Begala's persistent pessimism 
was shoved aside by the fans' enthusiasm for the coming season. Begalo 
clipped off a clean decision over Lukens in the feature match of the evening. 

The first scheduled meet found the Flashes facing an untested Witten- 
berg grapple squad in Wilis gym. Optimism ran high as the evening drew to 
a close for the only loss suffered by the Kent men was a questioned decision 
in the 155 pound division in which "Tuffy" Harrington wrestled ten pounds 
over his weight. The final score was 36-3. 

The customary doubts by Begala preceded the Case match and these 
doubts were somewhat echoed by the student body of Kent as they v.'ewed 
the high caliber material from Case. The outstanding matches of the meet 
saw Eckert, Kent's 135 pound inter-state champion, wrestle a determined 
Body for 7:05 minutes before he was able to pin him. Wardell, dwarfed 
by Case's Wright , displayed the touch of a master as he pinned the behemoth 
in 4:53. The notorious 145 pound Vaughn pinned "Buck" Dunlavy to give 
Case five of its ten points in the 17-10 set-back. 

The team of Miami university of Coral Gables, Florida, travelled from 
the tropical atmosphere of the south to the sub-zero weather of Ohio and rnet 
an equally cold reception as the Begalomen blasted them from their path, 
24-8. Miami brought three Florida state champions to Wills gym. Abras, 
a tanned, lithe 1 18 pounder, pinned Kent's Strohl in short order; Girtman, 
was decisioned by Eckert in the 1 35»,bracket, while E. Sudlow, 145 pound 
champion edged "Red" McCort in the 155 pound slot. 

A highly rated Rochester, Mechanics team was subdued, 27-5, before 
a record High School day crowd. Buel I Graven, 126 pound sophomore sen- 
sation, and "Smoothie" Eckert were both pitted against men that forced 
them to break their pin habits 

On the team's first road trip, two scalps were brought back to grace 
the wrestling trophy case. Waynesbtirg, and Washington and Jefferson fell 
before the drive toward on undefeated season, 26-8, and 27-3, respectively. 

The twentieth straight victory was won when the Ohio U. bobcats in- 
vaded Wills gym to be turned back by a 21 -3 margin. The lone victory for 
the men from Athens came in the heavyweight division that saw Wardell 
lose on a referee's decision to Peaspanen. 

The closest match of the season came when the fans followed the 
grapplemen to Case and saw them win but four out of the eight matches 
and only save their win streak through their ability to garner pins. Graven, 
Carter and Hach gave Kent three falls and Eckert gathered in an advantage 
over Body giving Kent 18 points in the 18-12 victory. 

Washington and Jefferson's motmen were not received cordially as they 
were whitewashed 36-0. Featured in this meet was the skill displayed by 
that wrestler who has won notoriety in Ohio collegiate wrestling circles. Otto 
Hach. Hach appeared in the heavyweight ranks in place of Wardell and 
capered around the W and J heavyweight for three minutes and fifty five 
seconds before pinning him. 

Kent again captured team and individual honors at the Inter-State 
meet which held its 1936 sessions in Wills gym. Buell Graven, 126; Clarence 
Eckert, 135; Norvin Carter, 165; Otto Hach, 175 won first places. Dale 
Strohl, 118; Ed Kegler, 145; William Wardell, heavyweight were the Kent 
second place winners. 

rf^ r 

Kent State University Interstate Wrestling 

Left to Right: 

Bill Bradley 
Roscoe Snyder 
Dale Strohl 
Walter Lang 
Joe Begala 
Elmer Dunlavy 
Norvin Carter 
William Warded 
Don Terrill 
Dohrnman Maffett 


Left to Right: 

Paul Deevers 
John Mendiola 
Bill Mines 
Otto Hoch 
Herbert Gill 
Bill Mansfield 
Joe Taborsky 
Buell Graven 
Howard Dunlavy 

Champions Demonstrale How It Is Done 

Varsity Wresllers 

First Row, Left to Right: 

B. Graven, J, McCort, C. Eckert, G. Hach, D. Strohl. 

Second Row: 

J. Begala (coach), H Dunlavy, E. Kegler, J. Wardell, F, Scott, M. Harrington, 
G Barkalow (manager I. 


Freshman Wrestlers 

First Row, Left to Right: 

F. Nicolosi, J. Armour, D. Butler, E. Riley, H. Mull, W. Berger, T. DeEulis. 

Second Row: 

J. Taborsky (coach), M. Bruno, D. McBride, E. Jolli, C. Mine, N. Littlepags, 
A. Simpson, D. Zink, C. Falcone. 

Third Row: 

C. Kainrad, A. Komlody, A. Grogro, P. Polen, K. Gartrell, F. Weir, T. Dowding. 

Hollow echoes in a barn-like gym . . . 
the resounding smack of leather on wood 
. . the squeal of quick-stopping rubber 
soles ... a whistle shrills . . . trunk-clad 
torsos leap up, straining to reach the ball 
. . . then men dart into position, blocking, 
passing, pivoting, shooting . . . cheers 
come in waves from the shadowed 
bleacher mob . . . officials brood solemnly 
over charts and clocks at o small table, 
scribbling statistics as the seconds spin 
off . . . the gun cracks . . . the half! . . . 
solicitous managers drape the sweating, 
panting players as they lope off the floor 
. . . the second half, with its rallying burst 
of energy and second wind . . . hurried 
substitutions . . . coaches lose their 
Sphinx-like poise as the winning five 
stalls for time . . . the seething crowd 
heckles or gloats . . . undercurrent of sus- 
pense . . . eyes on the timer . . . the final 
gun breaks the spell, loosing a pande- 
monium of exulting or olibi-ing enthu- 
siasts . . . the general exodus of the crowd 
, . . exeunt omnes . . . Basketball. 

'"-*»niv^(("- - 















That new spirit that has come to 
Kent with the new coaches manifested 
itself in the 1936 basl<etball season as 
the Flash courtmen hung up their uni- 
forms after compiling the best record 
at Kent in nine years. Ten wins and 
seven defeats. Numbering among the 
ten wins was a victory over the Akron 
hoodoo which in itself is sufficient to 
moke a season a success at Kent. 

To add glamour to the victory over 
the Zippers, it came as the culmina- 
tion of a seven game winning streak 
that grasped the fans in a feverish grip 
OS they poured into Wills gym to watch 
Kent pitch its inspired forces against 
o team they had not been able to 
defeat in nine years. From the opening 
tip-off with "Long John" Scharf dom- 
inating the center circle, the Starnmen 
had complete control of the situation. 
Roy Pinyoun, sophomore finery, and 
Roy Widowski, senior reliable, hit the 
steel loop with impressive regularity 
that gave Kent a 22-1 1 lead at the 

The second half saw Akron rally 
shortly but ineffectively as Scharf 
played a bang-up defensive game to 
recover all Zipper shots from the Kent 
backboard. The much lauded Bill 
Sturgeon was unable to make more 
than one field goal through a Kent 
defense that threw the Zipper offense 
completely off balance as it shifted 
into a zone coverage that allowed only 

Victor Gilly, guard 
John Scharf, guard 
Roy Pinyoun, forward 


nine field goals to sift through. A 
hoodoo humbled by a 40-28 score! 

The Flashes opened the season in 
fine style as they filtered through the 
Fenn Foxes for a 34-22 win. The game 
was a typical season opener with both 
teams over-cautious and ragged. The 
score at the half found Kent ahead 

The Blue Streaks of John Carroll 
provided the Kent fans with a thrilling 
climax to the first home game. Kent 
gave the fans a very poor exhibition 
during the first half as they handled 
the play in an awkward style. In 
sharp contrast Carroll clicked like a 
well oiled machine and sank sufficient 
shots to make the score 24-8 in favor 
of the Clevelanders at the end of the 
first half. The second period was 
composed of a series of rallies that 
saw Kent teeter on the winning points 
only to be dropped in the lost minute 
oP play as Garrett of the Streaks mir- 
aculously sank a long one that arched 
over the rafters. The final score: 

Another heart breaker was staged 
at New Concord by the Flash quint as 
the veteran Muskingum outfit staved 
off the Kent rally to win 48-46. 
Findlay, who once defeated Kent 
100-12 in the dear dead days, eked 
out a 32-26 victory over the Gold as 
the big guns of the Flash failed to 

Glendall McDermol'f, forward 

Paul Boyle, guard 

Dean KIsseberth, forward 

Bill Keller, forward 
Horry Lohr, forward 
Roy Widowski, guard 

Fenn's invasion of the Kent hard- 
woods turned out to be more disastrous 
than their previous loss as the Gold 
shook off the jinx of three consecutive 
defeats and crushed them 48-29. 

Ashland and Kenyon fell in quick 
order on the following Friday and Sat- 
urday. The Lords gave Kent one of 
the roughest games of the season and 
there was little scoring as the Flashes 
won, 19-17. The Eagles were edged 
in a close game that found Kent at the 
long end of the 36-40 score at the 
final gun. 

Hiram, that traditional rival of 
Portage county, provided poor opposi- 
tion for the fast moving five of Kent 
as they fell before the drive of the 
Flash winning streak, 43-26 and 

A record crowd filled Wills gym on 
Kent's first High School day to see 
the Kent five stretch their winning 
streak to six when they bowled over 
their sister university, Bowling Green, 
27-24. Akron went on the block for 
what was to be the final success in 
the win streak. Akron fell and history 
was recorded. 

Mount Union broke the record with 
a 32-42 drubbing. Kent lost the next 
three; Akron 48, Kent 28; Findlay 46, 
Kent 33; and Toledo 3 1 , Kent 1 9. 

The final two games of the season 
saw Kent blossom forth at its best. 
John Carroll was thoroughly thumped, 
38-43, and the Ashland Eagle was 
picked bare in the closing game of the 
season as it bowed to the tune of 

Four Flashes 
Follow Through 


!'. Fluhy 0I& *""-. 


Varsity Squad 

D. Kisseberth. P. Boyle. R, Widowski, 
r.), J. Wright, B. McOlnnls. 


' "^'^^-a-**'?etin '-'-p, gives __._ -_:y<tr Vi 

't%Tvns ^V^-gr^* Meet Capers 

Jn Home TiJtsj 

Next Ws, 

F. Keifer. B. Morgan, A. Lipstn 

Freshman Squad 


Spring . . . and the advent of three 
minor sports . . . Baseballs fly as addicts 
unleash energies suppressed through the 
winter . . . the thrill of a well-hit horse- 
hide . . . uniforms reek of moth balls . . . 
gloves are oiled and limbered . . . The 
tennis court is prepared for the invasion 
of its protagonists . . . managers scrape, 
rake, roll, line at frequent intervals . . . 
fans chose and hit, seeking skill by prac- 
tice . . . Greenskeepers dodge golf bolls 
OS the moshie-wielders advance on the 
nineteenth hole . . . drives hook and slice 
with contemptuous disregard of the de- 
sires of the golfer , . . tense moments in 
matches that rest on the skill of the 
player . . . Swimming team . , . baby in- 
fant of minor sports . . . human fish-like 
forms in splashing action . . . specialists 
in speed, turns, dashes . . . Intro-mural 
teams flare in the year's finale . . . 
brotherly love between close competitors 
. . . fight-talks behind closed doors . . . 
the, omnipresent disputeover an umpire's 
decision . . . smiling winners with shining 




First Row, Left to Right: F 
Second Row, Left to Right 

Ray Novotny. 

W, Gressard, Coach 


For the first time in Flash sports history, 
a swimming squad represented the school, 
making not an auspicious, but nevertheless, 
a resounding splash in Ohio conference waters. 

Coached by Ray Novotny, they copped one 
of their six meets. Akron tripped them 48-44, 
and Fenn followed up, ducking them, 47-28. 
In the return engagement with the Zipper 
mermen however, the squad turned in a vic- 
tory, 50-34. Wooster's water-minded Scots 
scored two wins, 49-35 and 56-37 against the 
Flashes, and Fenn scuttled the Kent fleet for 
a second time, 47-37, to conclude the season. 

In the conference swim meet, three of the 
four entries qualified to give Kent five points. 
Gressard, Ranney, and Godfrey were the three 
who qualified. 

■itc. '^ 


First Row. Left to Right: B. Celestino. R. Widowski, W. Nye, O. Ott, J. Taborsky. P. 

Second Roiv, Left to Right; D. Gassier, P. Boyle, P. Taborsky, D. Harrah, E. Gialucca. 
Third Row, Left to Right: Coach Peterka. C. Doan. E. McGee. W. Harrington, 
Fourth Row, Left to Right: B, Smith, G. Andrews, mgr. 


Losing the initial two games when its pitch- 
ing staff proved erratic, Kent's 1935 baseball 
squad, aided by the hurling of Roy Widowski, 
converted catcher, produced a successful 
season, winning six and losing three. 

Against Muskingum, Coach Peterka's 
proteges fell, 14-6. The same resulted at 
Marietta, the game ending 10-2. In this 
game, Widowski took the mound and tossed 
with remarkable success. Against Toledo, he 
turned in a four-hit performance, Kent win- 
ning 5-4. He repeated at Wooster and Kent 
won again, 8-4. Fenn was crushed under the 
momentum of a winning streak, 16-3, and 
an Alumni squad tumbled on Homecoming, 
15-2. At Wooster, the Flashes wasted a 4-0 
lead and were drubbed by the Scots, 1 9-9, 
and against Ashland, they fell behind 10-4, 
but rallying they knotted the count and finally 
copped the contest, 11-10, when Celestino 
smashed a hit with runners on first and second. 
The season ended when Fenn forfeited the 
final clash. 

Left to Bisht: D. Weir, E. SkilUcorn. M. DeWeese. W. Anderson. F. Ritchie. B. Keller. J. Wolf. 


The tennis squad at Kent in 1935 suffered 
a dismal fate, winning only one of seven tilts. 
Coach Joe Begala, boasting but one veteran, 
Marion De Weese, built his court of new- 
comers, namely Weir, Skillicorn, Ritchie, 
Keller, and Wolff. 

They were blasted 5-1 by Mount Union in 
the opener, were spilled 4-2 by Baldwin- 
Wallace, and were dosed with white-wash at 
Marietta, 6-0. Agoinst Hiram they copped 
their only match as they won three of the 
singles matches and split in the doubles play, 
to win 4-2. Marietta, a second time, scored 
a shut out, 7-0, and Baldwin-Wallace again 
won, 4-2. The neighboring Hiram squad re- 
turned to avenge themselves and did so suc- 
cessfully, taking the meet, 7-0, to close an 
unsuccessful season. 

The lone spark of hope resulting from the 
season is found in the fact that with a year's 
competition tucked away, enough men will 
return to the court wars to place Kent in the 
win column of the Ohio conference. 

Left to Riehl: D. Ulrich. M. Gardine 


Offering horrid contrast to the top-flight 
crew of 1934, the 1935 niblick wielders at 
Kent found little success in a six match 
schedule. With Don Ulrich, the lone member 
of the preceding year's successful quartet 
returned to his knickers, only one victory re- 
sulted. With him, the team was composed 
of John Zupan, John Page and Marvin 
Gardiner, all lacking in collegiate experience. 

Mount Union struck the first blow, drop- 
ping the Flash golfers, 1 1 Vi-'^Vi, with Ulrich, 
Zupan, and Gardiner scoring the points. 
Mount also struck the second blow, repeating 
in a return match, 9-7. Wooster's Scots an- 
nihilated the Flashes, 15-1, and Akron fol- 
lowed suit, winning lOVz-TVi. Stung, battered 
and bleeding, the quartet pulled an upset 
when they turned the tables on the Akron 
Zippers, winning 10^2-7^2. Ulrich and 
Zupan, scoring nine of the points between 
them, paved the way to the lone Kent win. 
The season was closed when Wooster again 
boomed forth on their bagpipes to win, 15-1, 
Zupan accounting for the solitary marker. 



W I N 



F. Taborsky 

First Row, Left to Right 

W^ Keller 

P. Hazen 

0. Shumon 

C. Rapp 


W. Keller 

J. Kalkas 

Left to Right 

E. Korb 

R. Parmigian 

Back Row, Left to Right 

P. Angelo 

F. Taborsky 

P. Warwin 

P. Boyle 

S. Cioncio 

E. Kempf 

H. Romito 

F. Ritchie 

J. Mendiola 

T. Manko 




T. Manko 

First Row, Left to Right 

P^ Hazen 

E. Kempf 

J. Kalkas 

F. Ritchie 


Bad-, Row, Left to Right 

Left to Right 

C. Rapp 
G. Korb 

J. Benfer 

F. Taborsky 

R. Moron 

T Manko 

M Renner 

W Keller 


E R 


First Row, Left to Right 

R. Crumley 
R. Ogrody 
F. Nicolosi 

Bock Row, Left to Right 

M. Treat 

A. Lipstreu 
T. Watts 

B. Ryan 
T. Bell 


First Row, Left to Right 
P. Hozen 
0. Shuman 
C. Rapp 
W. Keller 
J. Kalkas 

E. Korb 

Back Row, Left to Right 

F. Toborsky 
P. Boyle 

E. Kempf 

F. Ritchie 
T. Monko 

1935 TRACK— K.M.K. 

First Row, Left to Right 
M. Renner 
B. Graven 
R. Moron 

Bock Row, Left to Right 
F. Scott 
P. Whitmire 
L. Lutz 

1935 GOLF— K.M.K. 

Left to Right 

R. Moron 
L. Lutz 
P. Whitmire 
M. Renner 




College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 


College of Education 

JOHN L. BLAIR, A. M., Ph. D. 



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High School 



Home Economics 
Physical Education 
Industrial Arts 




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When such questions are en- 
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furnish counsel, literature or 
some other helpful cooperation. 

In any event, we hope that you 
will always feel free to let us 
know whenever we may be in a 
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To the graduating class of 1 936 
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Kent Ohio 


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Benedict, Ruth Lenore, Colgory, Alberta Con. 

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Bombach. Edward Victor Cleveland 

Boncila, Victoria Elizabeth, Youngstown 58 

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Brown, Lawrence Pornell, Ellet 

Brown, Lois W., Millersburg 1 32 

Brown, Lucille Berry, Burton 

Brown, Samuel William, E. Liverpool .... 93, 1 1 9, 1 67 

Brown, Virginia Ormsby, Canton 

Brownlee, Ruth Geroldine, Youngstown 

Brundage, Jeon Margaret, Akron '18, 136 

Brunker, Horry Willord, Mossillon 
Brunner, Luello Jean, Silver Lake 
Brunner, Ruth Marie, Silver Lake 

Bruno, Myron Anthony, Ravenna 1 59 

Brunstad, Ruth Elizabeth, Ashtabula 93 

Buchanan, John Noel, Newton Falls 62 

Bucher, Millicent Ruth, Cuyahoga Foils 56, 96 

Buchman, Martha Ann, Canton 

Buck, Jane Arline, Lokewood 63, 94 

Buckmaster, Jayne Elizabeth, Akron 

48, 80, 93, 107, 134 
Budd, Adeline Harriman, Akron 

Buell, Chorlene Kathryn, Loroin 96, 136 

Brake, Paul Cyrus, Kent 

Burge, Lucile Marie, Wellington 56, 65 

Burke, Roy Oral, Kent 113 

Burrier, Clara Isobelle. Scio 

Burroughs, Jane Louise. Kent 96, 119 

Burton, Ethel May. Wadsworth 57, 1 1 8 

Burton, Marjorie C, Newton Falls 
Bush, Charles James Auroro 

Bush, Chester Allison, Aurora 60 

Bush, Frances Sobro, Aurora 

Bushong, Ruth Eleanor, Kent 94 

Butler, Dick Earl. Kent 91 , I 59 

Butler, Leota Eleine, Kent 35.119.119 

Butler, Robert Perry, Kent 56 91 , 1 35 151 


Caldwell, Charles W.. Ravenna 

Caldwell, Horriett, Beloit 
Cam, Mary Louise, Grand Rapids, Michigan 
Campbell, Ruth Elizabeth. Sebring 
Conepo, Sylvio Rita, Clevelond 

Cannon, Shirley Jane, Kent 65, 1 30 

Confield, Dorothy Elizabeth, Youngstown 62, 98 

Capel, LaVerdo Ethel, Solem 46, 48, 99, 125 

Carpenter, Bernice Virginia, Cleveland 48, 134 

Corter, Norvin P., Poinesville . . .48, 90, 147, 150, 156 
Carver, William Goodell, E. Cleveland 

Cory, Alto Luella, Burton 62 

Cory, Alton Robert, Burton 118 

Case, Corlotto M., Cuyahoga Fails 35 

Castle, Carol Bell, Rome 118 

Cothan, James Alton, Chagrin Foils 

Catlin, Madeline Elizabeth, Ravenna 48 

Celestino, William, Mamoroneck, N. Y 35, 171 

Choddock, Ned Burwell, Mossillon 60 

Chapmon, Evelyn Mae, Youngstown 65 

Chapman, Helen Anne, Ashtabula .... . .64, 131 

Chapman, Hilda Isobelle, Wolf 1 1 9, 1 1 9 

Chapman, Margaret, Cleveland 

Chapman, Richard Alexander, Cuyahoga Foils 93, 121 

Choppelear, Paul Franklin, Ra /enno 48, 1 19 

Chilcote, Dorothy Kotherine, Formdole 
Chubbuck, Stephen George, Hudson 

Church, Jeanne Belle, Lakewood 64, 134 

Cioncio, Sundae Anthony, Rcvenno 62, 115, 174 

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Clark, Elizabeth Esta, Kent 96 

Clark, Nellie Moe, Kent 64 

Clark, Russell T., Cuyahoga holls 

Clement, Eleanor Ann, Allionce 96 

Close, James Franklin. Wodswortn 

Cobb, Charles Otto, Stow 63, 90, 1 50 

Cogan, John Jerold, Ashtabula 100 

Cohen, Minnie, Youngstown 48 

Colby, Mary M., Youngstown 48, 59, 94, 135 

Cole, Elaine Ross, Elyria 

Cole, Jefferson C, Akron 60 

Conard, Wendell Reed, Kent 120 

Cone, Kothryn, Perry 121 

Conkle, Evelyn May, Wellington 

Conkle, Helen Louise, Coshocton 48, 136, 137 

Conkle, Margery Elizabeth, Medina 

Conn, Mariom Ella, Cuyahoga Falls 56, 96 

Conrad, Fay Margoret, Alliance 

Cooke, Gretchon Noel, Cuyahoga Falls 94 

Cooper, James Marion, Cuyahoga Foils 

Cooper, Leo G., Akron 1 23, 1 37 

Copthorne, Betty Joan, Canton 60 

Corbett, Glenn Earl, Detroit, Michigan 103, 121 

Cordier, Lois Marie, Moqodore 
Coreo, Joanne Marie, Niles 

Corlett, Esther Jane, Madison 118 

Costorelle, Virginia, Girard 61 , 118 

Cotman, Josephine Louise, Cleveland 

35, 80, 97, 105, 107, 120, 124 
Counts, Virginia Margaret, Brunswick 

Courtright, Charlotte M., Dover 64 

Cowles, Austin Hughes, Stow 

Cox, Alvon Richards, Cuyahoga Foils ... .93, 145, 150 

Cox, Rondel Lewis, Cuyahoga Falls 193, 151 

Craig, James Borkley, Rocky River 

35, 113, 115, 125, 127, 135 
Cramer, Richard Burdette, Suffield 
Cramer, Thalia Maralyn, Confield 
Crawford, lone Mae, Piedmont 

Creed, Mabel Jeannette, Youngstown 65 

Creese, Earl Dewalt, Ravenna 59 

Crittenden, Henry William, Burton 118 

Critz, John Paul, Wadsworth 59 

Cronin, Walter Arlington, E. Liverpool 

Crumley, Robert Melvin, Warren 175 

Culnon, Mory Elaine, Navarre 
Cunningham, Gladys May, Youngstown 

Curtiss, Walter M., Ravenna 132 

Cutting, Horry McClleon, McDonald 64, 81 


Daltorio, Mary Dora, Macedonia 118 

Damann, Kenneth Eugene, Randolph 49, 133 

Damkov, Pete, Akron 

Donforth, Helen Grace, Akron 46, 49, 103 

Danko, Elisabeth Frances, Niles 56, 65 

Darby, Jean, Norwolk 99, 1 1 9, 1 1 9 

Darrell, Mabel Allean, Canton 

Daskovich, Elizabeth, Pataskala 35 

Daub, Norma Jean, Akron 121 

Dougherty, Lola Gladys, Hudson 107, 108 

Davey, Mrs. Sarah King, Kent 

Davidson, M. Eloise, Oberlin 65, 1 33 

Davidson, Ronald Hayes, Oberlin 65, 1 1 8 

Davis, Anna May, Cleveland 61 , 134 

Davis, Bertha Joan, Youngstown 

Davis, Jean Rebecca, Kent 92 

Davy, Alice Margretta, Bowerston 62, 65, 1 18 

Dawson, Vernell Holden, Hudson 4, 92 

Day, Edward Archer, Kent 

Day, Grace Elizabeth, Kingsville 

Day, Lois, Kingsville 65, 1 1 8 

Decile, Tony Thomas, Willoughby 

Deem, Madaline Anna, Girard 57 

Deetz, Kittie Marie, Sugar Creek 65, 103 

DeEulis, Julio Gerald, Ravenna .95, 1 09, 1 1 3, 1 1 5, 1 50 

DeEulis, Timothy Anthony, Ravenna 95, 151, 159 

Deevers, Paul Christopher, Bedford ..64,90,118,157 

DeLeone, Julia, Kent 59, 11 8, 1 33 

Delias, Alton John, Ravenna 

Dellner, Raymond Pearson, Chagrin Falls .... 100, 118 

Denison, Virginia, Rovenna 

Densmore, Helene Dorothy, Grand Rapids, Michigan 81 

Depew, Marguerite Eillein, Kent 

Dermasa, Justine Mary, Cleveland 

DeSimio, Lena Ruth, Ravenna 64 

Devine, Harold William, Kent 

DeWeese, Harriette Elizabeth, Kent 94,133 

Dick, Nathalie Thaye, Windham 118 

Dickey, Winifred Beatrice, Conneaut 

Dickinson, Nathaniel Harding, Canton 

Dickson, Dorothy Elaine, Akron 

Diday, Hilda Pearle, Mingo Junction 

Didoy, Nellie Pauline, Mingo Junction 49, 103 

Dietrich, Jean Louise, Ravenna 66, 94, 121 

Dike, George Walter, Akron 

95, 106, 107, 108, 118, 121 

Diller, Robert Irving, Stow 61 

Dirodis, Francis Thomas, Ravenna 
Dixon, Dorothy, Ravenna 

Dixon, Joseph C, Ravenna 95 

Doon, Russell, Wayland 1 32, 1 67 

Dobkin, Oscar, Akron 35, 1 33 

Dodd, Sara E., E. Palestine 

Dogan, Anne Eunice, Cuyahoga Falls 

Dominick, Nellie Alice, Massillon 98, 1 36 

Dorsey, Grace Eleanor, Youngstown 57, 65, 133 

Dowding, Richard Robert, Canton 58 

Dowding, Tasman Andrew, Canton .... 1 1 8, 151, 159 
Dowen, Leonard Franklin, Poinesville 
Dowler, Verna Mae, Atwater 

Drage, Raymond G., Novarre 58, 118, 151 

Dressen, Edna Mae, Hubbard 
Dubetz, Michael, Unionport 

Duff, Eleanor, New Concord 94 

Dumire, Kenneth Durwood, Akron 

Dunfee, Marjory Gaynelle, Akron 92, 1 18 

Dunlap, Lucille Amanda, Mineral Ridge 1 30 

Dunlap, Wilmer Woodard, E. Palestine 61 

Dunlavy, Elmer Myer, Ravenna . .35,90, 132, 150, 156 
Dunlavy, Howard Raymond, Ravenna . . . 1 1 8, 157, 158 

Dunlevy, Harry Vance, Brewster 90 

Dunning, Lura Ellen, Kilbourne 65 

Dunson, James Albert, Cleveland 90 

Dura, Alvira Ann, Cleveland 1 33, 1 34 

Dye, Agnes, Broadacre 35, 1 36 

Dye, Cloyde George, Borberton 

Dye, Harry Clair, Bowdil 61 

Dyer, Mary Margaret, Cuyahoga Falls 136 

Dyke, Ralph, Cuyahoga Foils 49, 61, 91 

Ebel, Mary Jane, Cleveland 57, 81, 96 

Eberwyne, Claudia Louise, Windham 49, 118 

Eckert, Clarence Frederick, Perry 35, 91, 158 

Eddy, Laura Elizabeth, Silver Lake 49, 133, 136 

Edwards, Marion, Campbell 
Edwards, Richard Ralph, Cuyahoga Foils 
Eggleston, Robert Keith, Cuyahoga Falls 
Eichorn, Mildred Lucille, Canton 

Eickleberry, Richard Howard, Akron 49, 95 

Eiden, Mary Jane, Lorain 

Einsel, Martha Alice, Struthers 65, 130 

Eisel, Robert Harold, Akron 36, 146, 150 

Elgin, Mary Elizabeth, Kent 54, 64, 96 

Ellett, Clayton Wayne, Hudson 133 

Ellett, Dwight Phillips, Hudson 
Elliott, Bernita, Youngstown 

49, 75, 81, 93, 106, 107,124, 125, 134 

Elliott, Deborah, Rocky River 93 

Elliott, Mary Jane, Cuyahoga Falls 93 

Ellsworth, Richard Homer, Cleveland ....118, 1 19,1 19 

Elwonger, Lucy Mary Louise, E. Palestine 57, 131 

Emerman, Bertha, Canton 
Emmons, Edna Nell, Cuyahoga Falls 

Englemon, John Phil, Kent 1 06, 137 

English, Doris Jane, Hubbard 

Ensminger, George Howard, Suffield 62 

Erb, Evonell Lovinia, Youngstown 65, 1 18 

Ervin, John Bernard, Kent 64, 1 36 

Eschenberg, Louis G., Wooster 63, 137 

Evans, Alice Juanita, Canton 65 

Evans, Jean Cleve, Kent 61, 94 

Evans, Wayne, Ravenna 58 

Ewald, Ruth Barbara, Akron 1 30, 1 35 

Ewell, Laura Marie, Suffield 65, 1 19 


Faccinto, Vincent, Akron 90 

Fackler, Sherman E., Willard 

Fair, Betty Josephine, Baltic 

Falls, Clare Weir, Kent 

Faloon, Eleanor Jean, Cleveland . . . . 49, 1 09, 1 1 5, 1 34 

Faloon, Virginia Eliza, Alliance 63 

Faloon, Wanda Lois, Honoverton 

Fonn, Maude Helen, Foirport Harbor 57, 135 

Farinacci, John Francis, Cleveland 

49, 95, 1 19, 127, 135, 170 

Faulkner, Doris Grace, Shelby 36 

Fawcett, Jane Elizabeth, Canton 56 

Fenton, Nathan Hale, Northfield 

Ferrari, Eileen May, Piney Fork 65, I 1 8 

Fields, Emma Leafie, New London 49 

Finch, John A., Rootstown 

Fink, Sherley L., Akron 61, 119 

Finnicum, Mary Margaret, New Rumley 63, 74, 86, 94 

Fischer, Herman, Tallmadge 36, 146, 150 

Fiser, Lena C, McClure 

Fisher, Dorothy Jean, Canfield 118 

Fisher, Sheldon Clay, Bowdil 64 

Fitzgerald, Dorothy Louise, Kent 

92, 113, 119, 125, 137 

Fitzpatrick, Jane Watson, E. Palestine 1 30 

Flanagan, John Patrick, Lyndhurst 
Flanders, Robert Eugene, Akron 

Fling, Marion Louise, Lakeside 62 

Florenz, Victoria Mary, Parma 96, 121, 134 

Fogg, Sam Richard, Kent 

62, 80, 91, 1 13, 1 15, 124, 135 

Foley, Gladys Helena, Cuyahoga Falls 118 

Follin, Iris Arbelle, Kent 94 

Force, Joan Jackson, Akron 

Foreman, William Kirkiand, South Park 

Forner, Betty Alice, Lorain 36, 93, 1 07, 1 25 

Falcone, Carmen, Genessee, N. Y. 

Forney, Maree Evelyn, Madison 131 

Forthofer, Ruth Ann, Avon 

Foster, Thelma, Youngstown 65, 119, 1 19 

Fouser, Charles Edward, Kent 36, 1 1 8 

Fouser, Daniel Frederick, Kent 

Fouser, David Franklin, Kent 49, 11 8, 1 36, 1 37 

Foust, Willard C, Kent 

Frongos, Athena, Akron 119 

Franks, Pauline Belle, Uniontown 
Eraser, Isobelle Hortense, Wellsville 
Frayer, Helen F., Ravenna 
Frazier, Duone C, LeRoy 

Frederick, Reita May, Copley 36, 99, 133, 136 

Freelond, Roberta Virginia, Eiyrio 

Freeman, Jesse Beeson, Canton 49, 1 19 

Freeman, Kothryn Rebecca, Uniontown 

Freshley, Wilson Bryan, Homeworth 1 1 8, 1 1 9 

Fricke, Doris Elenore, Kent 62, 93 

Friedly, Julia Lee, Bellefontaine 

Fritch, Frederick Donald, Akron 91 

Fuchik, Norbert John, Maple Heights 137 

Fuller, Edouard William, Harrison, N. Y 36, 91 

Fuller, Eleanor Mae, Willoughby 49 

Fullmer, Ralph Carl, Elyria 57, 1 30 

Fulton, Dale Elton, Akron 95 

Fulton, Glenn Etson, Akron 
Funkhouser, Jean, Columbiana 

Furney, Lester, Waynesburg 36, 108 

Furtch, Wilbur Carroll, Stow 

Fusselman, Euola Evalyn, Kent 

Fynn, Dorothy Jane, Cuyahoga Falls 61, 94 

Gahagon, Paul Wilmer, Newton Falls 119 

Galoti, Francis Vincent, Akron 49 

Galehouse, Robert D., Cuyahoga Falls 61 

Gallagher, Harry Paul, Akron 
Galloway, David Louis, Kent 

Gamauf, William, Copley 49, 101, 133 

Gomber, Winifred, Orrville 118 

Gardiner, Stanley A., Akron 58, 90 

Gardner, Carey C (Dick), Kent 

Gardner, Marion Edmund, Massillon 36, 101 

Gardner, Warren Dennison, Ravenna 90 

Garford, Mary Ellen, Elyria 

Garl, Tom, Kent 

Garland, Betty Winifred, Barberton 

Garland, Thelma Anne, Mineral Ridge 97 

Garner, Marvin Edward, Louisville 58, 146, 150 

Garrison, Edward Emmett, Kent 

36, 90, 109, 1 12, 124, 127 

Gartrell, Ralph Willard, Leesville 167 

Gartrell, S. Kenneth, Leesville 159 

Gartshore, Vernis Thelma, Yongstown 65, 1 18 

Garwood, Horace Wendell, Spencer 119 

Gary, Helen Elizabeth, Ashtabula 65 

Gates, Marjorie Maud, Andover 

Gates, Robert W., Wadsworth 61, 95 

Gautschi, Dorothy Louise, Girard 

Gay, Alice Elizabeth, Andover 
Geib, Elsie Louise, Canton 

Geiger, Lois Kathryn, Orrville 63 

Gemberling, Clyde Elmer, Kent 
George, Marion Frances, E. Liverpool 

Gerber, Pauline Mae, Orrville 118 

Gerberich, John Barnes, Cuyahoga Falls 
Gerig, Lois M., Wooster 

Gerspocher, Bertha Elizabeth, Cleveland 131 

Gettrust, Gene, Kent 92, 1 2 1 , 1 36 

Getz, Jean, Kent 

Getz, William Hanno, Kent 90 

Gibbs, Lois Maureen, Sebring 60 

Gibson, Annobelle Jean, Suffield 

Gidley, John T., Ravenna 44 

Gifford, Herbert Elbourn, Ravenna . . 49, 118, 119, 119 
Gilcrest, Horry R., Kent 

36, 77, 90, 106, 124, 127, 135, 146, 150 
Gill, Herbert T., Twinsburg 

49, 90, 130, 134, 146, 150, 157 

Gill, Marion Natalie, Campbell 121 

Gill, Robert Emerson, Akron 59, 95- 

Gillett, Ruth Evelyn, Ravenna 

Gilliland, Mary Faye, Centerburg 

Gilly, Victor Robert, Ravenna . .49, 147, 150, 162, 166 

Gingery, Stanley Wallace, 

Gintert, Mary Annabel, Leovittsburg 118 

Glanzer, Harvey William, Cleveland 120 

Glazier, Ronald Frederick, Cuyahoga Falls 151 

Godfrey, Albert Hoye, Kent .... 49, 90, 1 1 9, 1 32, 1 70 
Goeppinger, Edith Moe, Warren 

Goldwood, Lailo M., Cuyahoga Falls 136 

Goodrich, Lucille Ednie, Mingo Junction 

Gordon, Mable Virginia, Youngstown 58 

Gordon, Mary Jane, Portage Lakes 
Gordon, Mourice, Akron 
Gorhom, Lewis, LeRoy 
Gorton, Dorothy Evelyn, Burton 

Goss, Ruth M. M., Conneout 59, 94 

Gougler, Frances Ellen, Atwoter 

Grabenstetter, Rose Louise, Erhort 57 

Grober, Elizabeth Arliene, E. Canton 65 

Grable, Hugh Raymond, Canton 

Graf, Rita Belle, Alliance 64 

Graham, Anna Margaret, Frazeysburg 

Grampp, Betty Lou, Akron 

Graner, Kathryn Louise, Stow 

Graven, Buell L., Akron . . . . 49, 61 , 91 , 157, 158, 175 

Gray, Doris Isobelle, Wooster 

Gray, Helen Laura, Ravenna 61 , 93, 1 1 8 

Gray, Phylis Barbara, Wooster 

Gray, Vivian Lucile, Canton 65, 1 1 8 

Groybill, Margery Grace, Massillon 61, 130 

Green, Albert L., Akron 44 

Green, Elizabeth Judd, Kent 36 

Green, Elizabeth S., Stow 136 

Green, James Horace, Welshfield 

Green, Virginia Judd, Kent 93 

Greenberger, Charles Moynord, Cuyahoga Falls 

Grieme, Priscilla Katherine, Cuyahoga Falls 60,92, 137 

Griffin, Donald Hone, Akron 50, I 37 

Griffin, Richard Wilmer, Akron 50, 1 37 

Griffith, Thomas Hathaway, Canal Fulton 

Grobowski, Zigmund Vincent, Cuyahoga Falls 60 

Grogro, Arthur Albert, Fresno 1 59 

Grooms, Marion, Salem 

Grosvenor, Richard Browne, Cuyahoga Falls . . .57, 120 

Gruen, Miriam Mae, E. Liverpool 37, 98, 134 

Guinther, Dorothy Jane, Canton 

Guise, Newton C, Munroe Falls 50 

Gulgin, Peter Tom, Grafton 95, 167 

Gurney, Evelyn Marie, Alliance 

Guttridge, Betty, Youngstown 118 


Hach, George Otto, Twinsburg 37, I 

Hafely, Ruth Jeanette, Girard 

Hageman, Carl N., Tallmadge 37, 95, 1 

Hagemon, Wilbert John, Cleveland 

Haines, Esther Virginia, Grafton 1 

Hair, Florence Belle, Kent 1 

Hall, Ashton O., Brookfield 

Hall, Carl Wayne, Brookfield 

Hall, Dons Kathleen, Kent 

Holsey, Robert Geer, Copley I 

Hamilton, Irene Frances, Belloire 

Hamilton, Rosalie Elsie, Shaker Heights 

Hammock, Wilbert Merle, East Canton 1 

Hamman, Leona Marion, Valley City 

Hammer, William Baptist, Jr., South Euclid . . 1 
Hamrock, Elizabeth Anne, Youngstown 

Hankamer, June, Willard 

Hannig, Albert Adolph, Akron 

Hanson, Harold Edword, Randolph 

Hardy, Harold Wesley, Kent 

Hargreaves, Alvin Earl, Akron 

Harkins, Russell Allen, Cuyahoga Falls 

Harmon, Grace, Andover 

Harmon, Mildred Mae, Columbiana 

Harper, Kenneth Frank, Ravenna 

Harpman, Virginia Catherine, Youngstown . . . . 

Harrah, Clarence C, Cadiz I 

Harrington, Homer Dale, Cuyahoga Falls 

Harrington, Myron E., Cuyahoga Falls 91, 147, 1 

Harrington, William B., Kent 50, 

Harris, Edward L., Ravenna 

Hart, Kenneth Rankin, Ravenna 1 

Hart, Lois Kothryn, Youngstown 

Hastings, Helen C, Kent 32, 37, 99, 1 

Hastings, Margaret Jean, Cuyahoga Falls 

Houger, Hope Virginia, Niles 

Hauserman, Laurobelle, Youngstown 

Housman, Henry Steve, Suffield 

Hausman, Loretto Mae, Painesville 

Hausmann, George Rowe, Mentor 

Hay, Lois Virginia, Canton 

Haynie, Flora Laverne, Warren 

Hazen, Paul Frederick, Ashland 90, 151, 167, 1 

Hazlett, Eleonor Margaret, Akron 103, 1 

Heeley, Marian Ruth, Lorain 

Heineman, Harold H., Cuyahoga Falls 

Heinemann, Mildred A., Cuyahoga Falls 

37, 107, 108, 1 

Helling, Horry Lee, Steubenville 

Helm, Grace E., Maple Heights 

Helm, Victor Morton, Maple Heights 
Helmboldt, William Henry, Westmoreland, Pa. 

50, 80, 90, 1 
Helmkomp, Ruth Ann, Canton 

Heminger, Dorothy Mane, Cleveland 

Hendee, Pauline Louise, Lodi 62, 92, 1 

Henry, Wannetta E., Kinsman 

Herbst, Betty Mary, Canton 

Herr, William Richard, Akron 

Herrington, Delia Cora, Chardon 
Herron, Lowell William, Salem 
Hershey, Evelyne Dorothy, Hartville 

Hess, Marion Carol, Cleveland 

Hesson, Ruth Genevieve, Caldwell 

Heuser, Robert Bernard, Cuyahoga Falls. .37, 1 
Hibbs, John William, Canton 
Hickey, Mary Lou, N. Canton 
Hickman, Alicemoe, East Sparta 
Himelrigh, Thelma Viola, Barberton 

Hine, Clarence A., Painesville 90, 1 

Hines, Bill Edgar, Akron 

Hinkle, Clarence A., 

57, 157 
65, 103 
07, 137 
. . . 137 

18, 136 

19, 119 

63, 147 
. . . .37 

64, 133 
51, 170 

.63, 81 
01, 136 
00, 136 

94, 136 


37, 119 


37, 171 
. . . 151 
50, 158 
80, 171 

18, 119 

07, 125 
50, 136 


74, 175 
30, 136 
. . . .64 

19, 119 
61, 1 18 
. . .125 

97, 125 
25, 134 


.37, 94 


01, 132 

51, 159 
. . .157 
91, 133 

Hinman, Dovid Rockwell, Ravenna 

Hixenbaugh, Eleanor Louise, Salem 65 

Hobbins, Margaret Emma, Beloit 
Hoben, June Elizabeth, Cleveland 
Hoch, Medley Martin, Cuyahoga Falls 

Hoenstine, Chester Paul, Queen 63 

Hoffman, Betty Carolyn, Brookfield 57, 94 

Hoffman, Carolyn Isabel, Niles 
Hoffman, Elde, Glossport 
Hoffman, Ruth Fishel, Elyrio 
Holben, Helen Louise, Confield 

Hollister, Gerald Allen, Kent 133 

Hollister, Nancy Northrop, Kent .37,95, 119, 119, 133 
Holm, Marjorie Catharine, Canton 

Holmes, George Edwin, Kent 50 

Holmes, Melville Word, Stow 

Homer, Delmor Frederic, Cuyahoga FoMs 91, 130 

Hommon, Mido Dorcas, Canton 56, 96 

Hoobler, Mary Vietto, Mossillon 
Hooker, Dorothy Eileen, Coshocton 

Hopko, John, Boston 1 00, 137 

Horning, Clifford Joe, Kent 

Horton, Paul Burleigh, Rootstown 64, 136, 137 

Horton, Robert Lumley, Rootstown . . 50, 101, 132, 133 

Horwath, Anno Benning, Cleveland 65 

Hosea, Virginia Priscillo, Kent 62 

Hoskin, Donald Francis, Akron 90, 1 50 

Hoskins, Dorothy May, Ashtabula 

Hoskins, Kenneth Montgomery, Akron 65, 133 

Hostetler, Donis Eileen, Alliance 
Hothem, Mildred lone, Fresno 
House, Ruth H,, Kent 
Howold, Hans, Narrowsburg, N. Y. 

Howard, Marian Jeannette, Sandusky 99, 1 18 

Hoyt, Dons Jean, E. Liverpool 

Hronko, Anne Theresa, Shodyside 56 

Huber, Lawrence, Akron 37 

Hudson, Ruth Marie, Cuyahoga Falls 95, 118 

Huge, Karl, A,, Cleveland 37 

Huge, LoVerne Ruth, Cleveland 96 

Hughes, Judy Elaine, Von Wert 1 30 

Hulbert, Corrine, Kent 96 

Hulbert, Kenneth Hudson, Hubbard 137 

Humbert, Frank Jock, Cuyahoga Falls 
Hurd, Pauline Mane, Chagrin Falls 

Hurd, Russell William, Newton Falls 95 

Huston, Christine, New London 

Huston, Fred, Akron 38 

Huston, Helene Virginia, Canton 
Hutchinson, Roy Edv/in, Wodsworth 

Hutson, Christine Helen, Solineville 60 

Hutton, Charles Fori, Ravenna 151 


Imbrie, Inez Ruth, E. Palestine 57 

Immel, Ivan Dexter, Hanoverton 118, 119 

Immel, Lemoine Evelyn, Mossillon 57, 92 

Indoe, Esther Virginia, Medina 1 36 

Ingalls, Aileen Elizabeth, Akron 119 

Irvine, Mary Hammond, Steubenville 50, 99, 136 

Irving, Annie Gibson, Kent 59 

Irwin, Bette lAdol Elizabeth, Niles 97 

Irwin, Mildred Mae, Minerva 


Jackson, Edith Inez, Youngstown 

Jackson, Eileen Edna, Burton 59 

Jackson, Nellie Jonet, LaGrange 62 

Jacob, Helen Deloris, Canton 92 

Jacobs, Ruth Pauline, New London 118 

Jacobson, Kenneth Brown, Youngstown 95 

Jacolenne, Adelina, Zanesville 50, 103 

James, Elizabeth McCutcheon, Lancaster, N. Y. .44, 134 
James, Harold, Warren 

Janson, Esther lolo. East Sparta 60, 99 

Jazbec, Ferdinand John, Euclid 

Jenior, Edna Mary, Randolph 58 

Jenkins, John Morris, Brookfield 64, 90, 11 8, 11 9 

Jewell, Elaine B., Farmdale 
Jocis, Alfons John, Akron 
John, Loreno Moe 

Johns, Lois Marjorie, Martins Ferry 62 

Johnson, Jeannette Erma, Alliance 

Johnston, Phyllis, Alliance 92 

Johnston, Wilfred Pearl, Chardon 

Jolli, Edward John, Painesville 90,159 

Jones, Alice Marie, Hudson 

Jones, Dorothy Margaret, Sebring 65, 80, 96 

Jones, Gertrude Esther, Warren 

Jones, Herman Lewis, Bedford 38 

Jones, James Hume, Ravenna 44, 80, 95 

Jones, Joseph Allan, Louisville 
Jones, Katherine Gail, Niles 

Jones, Leah Naomi, E. Liverpool 56 

Jones, Rosina S., Warren 60 

Jordan, Eleanor Margaret, Borberton 61, 136 

Jordan, Glen C., Willoughby . . .44, 90, 1 19, 132, 134 

Josephus, John, Cleveland 64, 1 1 8, 1 50 

Judy, Elma Ruth, Dover 58 

Juringus, Alice, Cleveland 38,134 


Kaczor, Stanley John, Cleveland 1 34 

Kading, Lila Roberta, Mantua 58 

Kainrad, Chris August, Diamond 159 

Kaiser, Janet Bea, Youngstown 54. 59, 99 

Kolofus, Rosalie Amelia, Berlin Center . . . 50, 103, 175 

Kallas, John W., Wooster 38, 90, 174 

Kong, Han Mo, Homheung, Korea 1 36 

Karper, Paul W., Kent 

Kasha, Joseph Soe, Wadsworth 1 30 

Katzenmayer, Robert G., Kent 50, 70 

Kauffmon, Velma Berenice, Cleveland 50, 92, 134 

Kearnes, Martha Catherine, Kent 

Keck, George Ernst, Ravenna 50, 95 

Keeney. Robert Champion, Foirhope 

Keep, Radah Roe, Dorset 

Kegler, Edward Francis, Alden, N. Y. . . 50, 81 , 1 50, 1 58 

Keifer, Frank Mansfield 1 5 1 , 1 67 

Keller, William, Cuyahoga Falls 

90, 164, 166, 172, 174. 174. 175 

Kemp, Bernice Mae, Cuyahoga Falls 62, 93, 1 18 

Kempf, Eugene Lester, Coshocton 10, 151, 167, 174, 195 
Kendall, Mary E., Tallmadge 

Kennedy, Franklin William, Cleveland 90,119 

Kent, Leonard B., Akron 
Keplinger. Glenn Allen, Dover 

Keppler. Marjorie F., Dover 64, 94 

Kerko, Joseph James, Cleveland 50, 90 

Keyfouver, Gladys Mae, Akron 
Keyser, Daniel Warren, Shadyside 
Kienzle, Esther Eleanor, Canton 
Kilbourne, Clinton Edward, Kent 

Killion, Ralph Joseph, Akron 60, 1 37 

Kimberly. Elton Glenn, Akron 

Kimes, Helen Louise, Kent 62 

King, Bernice Julia, Ashtabula 66 

King, June, Tollmadge 62, 1 37 

King. Marie Magdalene, Sebring 

Kinsey, Donald Robert, Dennison 101 

Kirkbride, Margaret Cecelia, Salem 64 

Kisner, Pearl Idella, Mossillon 

Kisseberth, Dean Howard, Sandusky . .38,95, 163, 166 

Klein, Jean Elizabeth, Fresno 

Klein, Ruth Naomi, Ravenna 50,82,115,118 

Klein, Shirley Charlotte, Ravenna 92, 1 1 9 

Knopik, Dorothy Lucille, Cleveland 121 

Knapp, Alice Emma, Mogadore 
Knopp, Francis Joseph, Akron 
Knott, Janet E., Kent 

38, 76, 94, 107, 107, 108, 121, 124 

Knouss, Muriel Ruth, Youngstown 58, 63, 99 

Knox, Beatrice A., Painesville 

Knox, Dorothy Belle, Sterling 108 

Knutsen, Virginia Martha, Martins Ferry 

Kobo, Leo John, Lorain 63, 91, 127 

Kocis, Raymond I., Willoughby 

Koeppe, Eloise, Bereo 56, 1 3 1 , 1 3 1 , 1 36 

Koerpel, Honodeon, Cleveland 92, 121, 136 

Komlody, Andrew, Akron 159 

Koons, Milo Marvin, Greensburg 

Kopach, Sophia Elizabeth, McDonald 133 

Korb, Eugene Barth, South Euclid 

50, 113, 119, 174, 175 
Koste, Margaret Irene, Martins Ferry 
Krabill, Ralph Mahlon, Louisville 
Krontz, Arlene Mae, Dover 

Krebs, Mary Louise, Akron 80, 97, 1 36 

Kriner, Cora Margaret, Alliance 

Krizmon, John Thomas, Cleveland 151 

Kruger, Gertrude M., Kent 

Kuhlins, Helena Anne, Canton 1 32 

Kumlin, Irma Elaine, Ashtabula 64 

Kunert, Betty Katherine, Kent 96, 1 33 

Kunkle, George, Akron 

Kurinsky, Arpad John, Cuyahoga Falls 

Kurth, Jean, St. Cloirsville 

Kurtz, C. Elizabeth, Lorain 

38, 99, 108, 1 19, 133. 136 
Kyle, Grace Eileen, Beach City 65, 99 


Lacy, Bernice Florence, Lakewood 64, 96 

LoFountain, Harry John, Cleveland 151 

Lohiff, Mary Mogdelene, Amherst 93 

Laird, Esther Jean, Ashtabula 32, 38, 93 

Lollement, Joe Raymond, Kent 167 

Lembright, Marion Alice, Canton 
Londis, Owen Harry, Cuyahoga Falls 

Lang, Walter William, Randolph 64, 156 

LaRocca, Charles Lawrence, Cleveland 
Larocco, Marie Isabel, Campbell 
Larson, Eugenia Clara, Youngstown 
Lash, John William, Borberton 

Lash, Russell D., Brewster 101 

Lauderbaugh, Mary Elizabeth (Betty), Kent 94 

Laughlin, Margaret Frances, Cleveland 38 

Lave, Elsie Marie, Burton 61 

Law, Margaret Kathryne, Warren 

LaWand, Velma Catherine, Cleveland . . . . 96, 1 21 , 1 30 

Lawrence, John Alvin, Bowdil 

Lawrence, Margaret Mabel, Maple Heights . .121, 134 

Lawrence, Richard H., Kent 60 

Layman, Jock William, Painesville 1 00, 1 32 

Leach, Carolyn May, Kent 

Leighton, Jewel E., Lorain 60, 80, 94 

Leitner, Florida Ohio, Dalton 98 

Lennig, Arthur Francis, Jr., Columbiana 119 

Lesher, Vivian Ruth, Akron 

Levinson, Harold Francis, Cuyahoga Foils 56 

Lewis, Larry, Akron 90 

Lewis, Margaret Jane, Youngstown 

Lewis, Roger Russell, Kent 

Lichti, Esther Marjorie, Cuyahoga Falls 

Liezert, Mary Agnes, Hudson 

Likens, Eleanore Louise, Ravenna 54, 

Lilie, Jean Elizabeth, Cleveland 50, 103, 

Liikala, Axa Rachel, Fairport Harbor 
Linder, Ada Mae, Alliance 

Lindsay, Vergil LeRoy, Marion 91, 151, 

Lipscomb, Willis L, Kent 

Lipstreu, Allen Leroy, Macedonia 167, 

Little, Warren T., Aurora 

Littlepage, Norris Frank, Cisco, Texas 151, 

Lockwood, Helen Yvonne, Garfield Hts 

Logon, Pauline Isola, Gustavus 

Lohr, Horry W., Hubbard 38, 90, 164, 

Lossee, Lois Jeanne, Trumbull 

Lothrop, Frances Caldwell, E. Cleveland 50, 

Lovejoy, Mary Kotherine, Neffs 

Loyer, Vera Bernice, Gustavus 

Ludt, Silas B., Youngstown 50, 95, 

Luich, Joe, Mansfield 

Luikart, Dorothy Lenore, Ravenna 50, 

Luke, Esther Christena, Cuyahoga Falls 63, 

Lukins, Alfred Colton, Moysville, Kentucky 
Lund, S. Paul, Akron 

Lundeen, Helen C, Cleveland Hts 38, 94, 

Luse, Kenneth H., Painesville 59 

Lustig, Jean Frances, South Euclid 

Lutz, Ethel Meryl, Louisville 

Lutz, Leo A., Kent 38, 80, 91 , 1 26, 137 

Lyman, Cora Dooh, Chesterland 62 

Lythgoe, R. Warren, Akron 

Lytle, Ruth Elaine, Canton 



I 18 


1 18 


, 98 
1 19 


MacLean, Colino Crombie, Ellet 

McAlister, Wilbur A., Louisville 51, 133, 150 

McBone, Ruth E., Irondole 

McBane, Wallace Walter, E. Liverpool 64 

McBride, Donald Earl, Barberton 119, 159 

McComentt, Glen Edward, Utica 61 

McCartney, Ellen Nancy, Doylestown 64, 130 

McCloskey, Anna Jean, Grafton 65 

McCorkle, Emily Jean, Warren 65 

McCormick, Edgar Lindsley, Kent . . . 39, 109, 115, 132 

McCort, John William, Cuyahoga Falls 44, 158 

McCurdy, Grace Lucille, Avon Lake 

McDaniel, Dorothy Lucile, Windham ... .63, 103, 136 

McDermott, Bernard A., Akron 

McDermott, Glendall Wayne, Kent 

108, 109, 1 13, 1 15, 121, 163, 166 
McGinnis, Benjamin George, Youngstown 

54, 64, 95, 150, 166 

McGuigan, Jewel Anita, Kent 92 

Mclntire, Jean Carol, Struthers 
Mcintosh, A. Vern, Chardon 

McKohn, Laura Joyne, Lodi I 36 

McKay, Julie Alexo, Kent 39, 1 32 

McKenzie, Virginia Marie, E. Liverpool 
McKinley, Jay E., Mansfield 
McMillion, Margaret Ellen, Dorset 

McNab, Marjorie Jane, Cuyahoga Foils 92 

McSorley, Jane, Lokewood 51,81,93 

Mack, Richard Louis, Akron 56, 81 , 90 

Madden, Helen Sarita, Cleveland 96, 130 

Maddock, Ethel, Elyria 39, 102, 125 

Moffett, Dohrmon Scott, Carrollton 39, 1 56 

Maglione, Charles Victor, Akron 

Mojiek, Louis, Spokane 1 00 

Molott, Comfort Mae, Macedonia 54, 63, 1 35 

Malpass, Edith Leona, Youngstown ..51,98,125,136 
Manchester, Elizabeth Ellen, Kent 57, 94 

Moncovitz, Abe, Akron 

Monfull, Daniel Malcolm, Mechonicstown . . 

Manko, Thomas, Kent 61, 90 

Monn, Neil Wilson, Ravenna 

Mansfield, Richard K., Akron 

Marcellette, Lucy Virginia, Garfield Hts 51, 

Maretka, Annie Lillian, Burton 

Morkley, Ethel Altheo, Burbank 

Markley, Trevo I lene, Atwater ... 5 1 ,98, 118, 119, 
Marsh, Frederick S., New Philadelphia 

Marshall, Julio DeFronce, Youngstown 

Morsola, Laura Marie, Youngstown 

Martin, William Louis, Steubenville 

Morusic, Charles, Cleveland 

Mass, Don A., Belloire 

Mosto, Evelyn, Youngstown 
Matthews, Earl Denis, McDonald 

Matthews, James S., Ravenna 39, 

Maxwell, Robert James, Kent 

Meochom, Dorothea Lois, 

Meade, Robert Bernard, Akron 

Mears, Rebecca Jayne, Uhrichsville 51, 

Medkeff, Wilbur Franklin, Cuyahoga Falls 

Megert, Jane E., Dover 60 

Meier, Mary A., Conneout 

Mellert, George Frederick, Bedford 51, 

Mellinger, Edward George, Akron 

Mendiolo, John Joseph, Ravenna 56, 157, 

Merrick, Ruth C, Kent 51 

Messersmith, Mary Belle, Warren 

Middleton, Grace, Alliance 64 

Milhoan, Garland William, Sowyerwood 

Miller, Arnold Leroy, Leavittsburg 95, 

Miller, Bernice Virginia, Cleveland 

Miller, Blanche Romona, Bedford 44, 

Miller, Clarence Baker, Kent 
Miller, Ermand Anthony, Kent 
Miller, Helen K., Kent 

Miller, Laura Anne, Cortland, 

Miller, Margaret Clare, Cortland 
Miller, Mary K., Carrollton 

Miller, Miriam Mae, Mossillon 

Miller, Paul E., Stone Creek 

Miller, Robert George, Norwolk 51, 63, 

Miltner, Francis J., Painesville 56, 121, 125, 

Mirkin, Minnie Gertrude, Youngstown 

Mirto, Carman Richard, Woynesburg 

Mitchell, Iris Louise, Cuyahoga Falls 

Mitten, Wallace R., Cuyahoga Foils 51, 

Mlasofsky, Marie Ann, New Milford 

Mohn, Portia Mae, Wodsworth 

Mohr, Robert William, Winesburg 

Monostro, Nick, North Canton 

Montalto, Grace Marie, Lorain 

Montecalvo, Cormella, Ravenna 

Montecalvo, Edith, Ravenna ... .51,97, 108, 109, 
Mook, Alberta Grace, Youngstown 

Moomaw, Margaret Victoria, Greenfield 57, 

Mooney, Howard Raymond, Kent 

Moore, Donald Frederic, Kent 63, 

Moore, Frances Jeonette, Cleveland '19, 

Moore, LaVerne C, Kent 51, 

Moore, Margaret Louise, Poland 119, 

Moore, Mildred, Ashland 119, 

Moore, Virginia M., Youngstown 
Moron, Raymond King, Akron 

51, 91, 106, 1 14, 150, 174, 
Morford, Elizabeth Mary, Kinsman 

Morgan, Byron Earl, Mogadore 151, 

Morrell, Ruth Louise, Cleveland 51, 121, 

Morris, Henry George, Akron 

Morrow, Mary Alice, Youngstown 

Morsback, Albert Raymond, Youngstown 

Moseley, Hazel Lois, Warren 





, 91 
1 18 

, 94 
1 19 
. 97 
1 19 



1 18 




1 19 


Moyer, Garnet Lucille, Leavittsburg 136 

Moyer, Jean Louise, E. Palestine 

51, 80, 96, 106, 109, 113, 115, 124, 126, 131 

Muir, Mary Elizabeth, Warren 39, 93 

Mull, Harold Root, Grafton 95, 1 59 

Mulligan, Nancy Ann, Canton 63 

Mumaw, Dorothy Ruth, Dalton 

Munger, Dorothy Livona, Jefferson 57 

Munzenmayer, Wilmer Walter 39, 95, 107 

Murphy, Anne Rita, E. Liverpool 
Murphy, Karl Marx, Cuyahoga Falls 
Murphy, Rex M., Irondale 

Murphy, Ruth Elizabeth, Negley 61 

Murray, Grayce Agnes, Cuyahoga Falls 58, 80 

Myers, Bruce Owen, Akron 

Myers, Laura Ellen, Greentown 118 

Myers, Leota Evelyn, E. Palestine 

Myers, Virginia Sarah, Beach City 92 


Neal, Richard W., Kingsville 5 1 , 1 00 

Neale, Helen Elizabeth, Canton 1 30 

Neel, Orile Gertrude, New London 

Nelson, Andre Harry, Mantua 56 

Newell, Inza Leona, Mt. Vernon 56, 62, 1 18 

Nickerson, Hugh S. Stow 90 

Nighmon, Helen Lee, Kent 57, 1 1 8 

Nicolosi, Frank John, Cleveland 101, 1 59, 175 

Nims, Ruth Winnifred, Orwell 62, 98 

Nischwitz, Reynold Erich, Strongsville 90 

Nixon, Frances Juliabelle, Delaware 
Noland, Marjorie L., Peninsula 

Noll, William Henry, Youngstown 66, 101 

Norton, Crystal Ellen, Suffield 64, 1 1 8 

Nostadt, Pauline Elsie, Orwell 

Novotny, Elmer Ladislaw, Cleveland 

Nye, Mary Alice, Windsor 118 


Obermiller, Evelyn Ethel, Canton 

Ochsendorf, Edith Virginia, Steubenville 136 

Odadzin, Eleanor, Atwoter 

Oehling, Norton Cannell, Painesville 90 

Ogrody, Robert James, Clevelond Hts 170, 175 

O'Hara, Jack Lionel, Lorain 1 1 8, 1 1 9 

Opalic, Daisy Kusic, Yorkville 59, 65 

Osberg, Dorothy June, Poland 

Osborne, Marjorie Eloise, Youngstown 51, 97 

Osmun, Eula Winifred, North Lima 
O'Toole, Thomas, Akron 

Ott, Orson E., Rootstown 171 

Overman, Dorothy Thomas, Loudonville 136 

Oviatt, Ruth v., Kent 51 , 96, 1 33, 1 36 

Oyer, Edna Blanche, Canton 59, 1 36 

Oyler, Robert William, Cuyahoga Falls 96 

Overlow, Ann Gertrude, Ravenna 

Pantilimon, Cornelia Jean, Youngstown 133 

Papp, Alex William, Fairport Harbor 
Pardee, Josephine Harriett, Stow 

Parise, Fanny Elizabeth, Niles 121 

Parker, Alice Alberta, Geneva 119 

Parker, Mildred Lucille, Cleveland 66, 97 

Parker, Paul 0., Salem 59, 1 00 

Parkinson, Laurel G., Kent 51 

Parmigian, Ralph Steve, Ashtabula 63, 174 

Parsons, Aletha, Louise, Wakeman 119 

Parsons, Ruth Arline, Cleveland 96 

Patterson, Eleanor Mae, Chagrin Falls 
Patterson, Helen Elizabeth, Girard 

Patterson, Wilmer Owen, Killbuck 40 

Pearl, Violet Marie, Canton 1 20 

Pearson, Philip Duone, Aurora 64, 317 

Pease, Beryl Lynette, Bay Village 52, 1 30 

Peck, Betty Winifred, Kent 96, 121 

Peck, Harold M., Ravenna 60 

Peddicord, Dorothy Virginia, Sebring 

Peet, Jane Elizabeth, Lakewood 52, 93 

Peters, Clara Anita, Niles 57, 62 

Peters, Herman Jacob, Cuyahoga Foils 

Peterson, Helen Elizabeth, South Euclid 121, 126, 131 

Petersen, Jessie Ella, Youngstown 97 

Petko, Matilda, Canton 

Petty, Virginia Lucile, Cuyhoga Falls 52,93, 133,134 

Pfingsgraff, Mary, Youngstown 40, 1 08, 1 1 8 

Phelps, George Robert, Kent 

Philius, Betty Louise, Youngstown 56,58,118,119 

Philius, Charles Wands, Youngstown 64, 1 1 9, 1 1 9 

Phillips, Elisabeth Ellen, Niles 

Pierce, Helen Jane, Ravenna 133 

Pinyoun, Roy George, E. Cleveland 

61, 81, 134, 162, 166 
Pliskin, Abe D., Akron 
Plummer, Florence Virginia, Warren 
Plummer, Leonard Robert, Coshocton 
Podwojski, Alvin Edward, Garfield Heights 95, 137 

Poetter, Ruth Wilhelmino, Marshallville 58 

Polen, James Paul, Hopedole 1 59 

Polli, Michael A., Mayfield Hts. 

54, 64, 100, 1 18, 124, 130, 134 

Pope, Anna, Sebring 60 

Pope, Christ Dimitri, Bucyrus 1 1 8, 1 24, 1 36, 1 37 

Porosky, George E., Cuyahoga Foils 40 

Porter, Helen C, Cleveland 134 

Prozok, Esther Martha, Burton 65, 103 

Pressler, Claude Leroy, Akron 

Pringle, George Edward, Akron 90 

Prysock, Wilma Elaine, Toronto 65 

Pugh, George Leslie, Akron 62, 100 

Pulsford, Florence Mary, Chagrin Falls 56, 103 

Pyle, Howard Larry, Kent 

Queale, Heather Belle, Kinsman 57 


Paden, Edith Jane, Steubenville 

Page, Joe A., Cleveland 51, 133, 135 

Polf i, Margaret Yvonne, Kent 5 1 , 80, 96, 125 

Palich, Andy, Akron . . 

Palmer, Catherine Elizabeth, N. Philadelphia 81, 125 

Palmer, Paul Wetmore, Stow 

Palmer, Richard Edwin, Kent 90 

Palmer, Winifred Aldene, Kent 5 1 , 96, 1 07, 125 

Pamer, Frank Paul, Cleveland 61 

Racine, Dorothy, Cleveland 57, 97 

Raff, Dan Alvin, Atwater 

Ramser, Helen Frieda, Garfield Hts 1 34 

Rondell, Hyacinth A., Warren 

Randies, Lee Robert, Cuyahoga Falls 60 

Rankin, Donald Wells, Alliance 
Ranney, Don Edward, Cuyahoga Falls 

52, 90, 106, 124, 147, 150, 170 
Ranney, James Frank, Silver Lake 
Ransaw, Harold Charles, Akron 
Ropp, Carl Frederick, Cuyahoga Falls . . . . 90, 174, 175 

Raupple, Anita Jean, Youngstown 63, 8 1 , 93 

Raush, Eugene Herbert, Canton 

Ray, J. Daniel, Canton 62, 101, 133 

Ray, Lillian Margoret, E. Cleveland 93, 134 

Raymer, Earl B., Conneaut 61, 100 

Roysor, Virginia Montgomery, Poland 64, 96 

Read, Gerald Howard, Akron 40, 91, 150 

Read, Margaret Ruth, Cuyahoga Falls 119 

Ream, Dons Virginia, Canton 58 

Redinger, S. Grant, Ellet 

Redinger, James Eraser, Ellet 56 

Reed, Robert Allen, Suffield 

Reeder, Jane Madeline, Canton 60 

Reese, Williom Merle, Washingtonville 

Reesh, Ruth Lovina, E. Palestine 93 

Remick, Helen E., Youngstown 118 

Renner, Max Harry, Dover 62, 91 , 1 74, 1 75 

Reyman, Vincent Robert, Akron 

Reynolds, Enola Leone, Chcrdon 65 

Reynolds, Esther Charlotte, Cleveland 65 

Reynolds, Kenneth Willard, N. Fairfield 60 

Reynolds, Miriam Ellen. Crestline 61, 119 

Reynolds, Royal Olin, Ravenna 40, 1 1 8, 1 1 9 

Rhodes, Florence Mertie, Kent 136 

Rhodes, Mory Alice, Kent 102, 121 

Rice, Jessie Baine, Ashtabula 
Richards, Adalyn Fae, Hortville 
Richords, Catharine Jane, Fredericksburg 

Richardson, Betty Hunter, Canton 97, 131 

Richardson, Maxine Kathryn, Chagrin Falls 
Richey, Thelmo B., E. Liverpool 
Ridinger, Ruth Jane, Youngstown 

Riesterer, Oscar Daniel, Akron 61 , 63, 95 

Riley, Alfred Twyman, Akron 

Riley, Emmett Lee, Dover 54, 57, 101, 150, 159 

Rimer, Anne Elyizabeth, Dillonvale 58,118,131 

Rinaldi, Joseph Ivo, Kent 127 

Rine, Lenora, Kent 

Ringley, Mildred Avonell, Ragersville 

Ripley, Donold Bryan, Cuyahoga Falls 81 

Ripple, Virginia Maxine, Massillon 
Ritchie, Frank Lee, Cuyahoga Falls 

52, 90, 172, 174. 175 

Ritter, Mary Louise, Jefferson 65, 1 19, 1 19 

Rittmaier, Eloise Christine. Brewster 66 

Robbins, June D., Youngstown 

Robenstine, Kenneth W., Mogadore 40, 137 

Roberta, Filomina, New Milford 52 

Roberts, Christine, Cuyahoga Falls . . . . 40, 30, 97, 1 1 3 

Roberts, Elinor Claire. Alliance 60 

Roberts, Ella Viola. Alliance 40, 98, 133 

Robinson, Elizabeth Jane, Hudson 
Robinsteen, George Manner, Akron 

Rodgers, Leono Mae, Bergholz 52 

Rodich, Dorothy Dawn, Steubenville 59, 65 

Rogers, James Douglas. Gates Mills 91 

Rogers, Mrs. Zella B.. Kent 

Romito, Henry Charles, Ravenna 174 

Romito, Herman Andrew Bedford 

Romito, Joseph Vito, Bedford 1 37 

Romito, Stella Evelyn. Bedford 

Ross, Ledo, Campbell 52. 1 08, 1 20, 1 36 

Rossetti, Herman Paul, Canton 64 

Roth, Grace Elizabeth, Canton 58 

Rubin, Mildred Vivian. Canton 
Ruble, Evelyn Marie. Glenmont 

Ruddy, Margaret Callistus, Lowellville 57, 97 

Rue, Harriet Ann, Kent 
Rufener, Carl Ernest. Suffield 

Rufo, James Sam, Ravenna 1 50 

Rumbaugh. Georgia Miriam, Millersburg 99. 1 18 

Rummell, June E.. Youngstown 52, 93 

Rummell, Shirley I.. Youngstown 93 

Runk, Dorothy Marion, Cuyahoga Falls 56, 120 

Runk, Marguerite Pearle, Cuyahoga Falls .... 120, 136 

Runk, Riley H., Cuyahoga Falls 44, 90, 1 27 

Russell, Moriorie H., New Costle, Pa 40 93 

Russo, Charles Robert, Cleveland 95 

Ryan, Paul Augustus, Marion 95, 151, 175 

Ryerson, Dons Irene, Havana 65 

Ryerson, Margaret Alice, Havana 

Sabotino, Albert, Belloire 

Sockett, Esther Blanche, Kent 64, 

Sacksteder, Aloys, Sandusky 40, 

St. John, Asthore Eileen, Elyrio 53, 

Solothe, E. Nelson, Macedonia 40, 1 00, 127, 

Sonner, Nolan James, Cuyahoga Falls 91, 

Saukkonen, Irma Cuellamo, Maple Heights . . 132, 

Saum, Ellen Jane, Kent 

Saviers, Marie Eleanor, E. Palestine 
Scolzi, Constance Josephine, Yorkville 

Scanlon, Dorothy Patricia, Youngstown 58, 

Scornecchio, Elizabeth Ann, Youngstown . . .56, 58, 
Scarnecchia, Irene, Niles 

Schaetzle, Joseph Augustine, Akron 

Schomp, Harold E., Canton 40, 95, 109, 

Schantz, Virginia Henrietta, Orrville 

Schorf, John Ernest, Momoroneck, N. Y. 

52, 91, 132, 162, 
Schaub, Emmet H., Canton 

Scheck, Robert Earl, Akron 64, 

Scherman, Howard William, Ashtabula 59, 

Schield, Reed Lindner, Borberton 
Schleicher, Mary Eleanor, Madison 

Schmolz, Rosalia Ursula, Shaker Heights 99, 

Schmidt, Helen Gertrude, Steubenville 59, 

Schmidt, Kenneth E., Winesburg 

Schmidt, Theron Wayne, Winesburg 
Schneider, Edward William, Ravenna 

52, 100, 106, 120, 133, 

Schneider, Helen Ruth, Canton 64, 

Schnitzer, Miriam Grace, E. Sparta 

Schoffman, Lincoln Joseph, Akron 60, 

Schoffman, Victor Edward, Akron 1 37, 

Schofield, Lillian Kothrine, Youngstown 52 63 

Schroder, Dorothy Ann, Youngstown 
Schrekengost, Marjorie Eileen, Kent 

Schroyer, Doris J., Warren 

Schuiz, Rudolph Edward, Warren 

Schuiz, Theron Paul, Garfield Hts 95, 

Schwarzenberg, Ruth Elizabeth, Williomsfield 

Scobie James Barrett, Peninsula 100, 

Scobie, Jeanette Laura. Peninsula 
Scott, Berdine EIna, Alliance 

Scott, Betty E., Oberlin 58, 65 

Scott, Betty M., Ravenna 

Scott, Charles Gaylord, Kent 

Scott, Charles Fred, Ravenna 44, 150, 158. 

Scott, Johney Fulton, Ravenna 52 

Scully, Martha Lenore. Niles 

Seager, Jane Sturley, Youngstown 

41, 107, 109, 114 

Searl, Alonzo Horton, Cuyahoga Foils 67, 

Season, Dorothy Elizabeth, Cuyahoga Falls 

Season, Hester Alice Cuyahoga Falls 57 

Secrest, Edith May, Rittmon 

Sedlacko, Stephen Anthony, Struthers 52 

Seeds, Martha Lynette, Cuyahoga Falls 59 

Seidel, Dorothy Ann, Ravenna 41 

Seidner, Albert. Cleveland 115, 

Seiter, Ono Pearl. Borberton 

Senerchia, Marie Florence. Ravenna . . . .59, 133, 
Serene, Michael Francis, Campbell 

41, 106, 108, 133, 


, 93 
. 63 


1 18 



1 19 


. 93 



, 93 

, 91 

, 94 

, 59 


Seymour, Jean Frances, Ravenna . . .56, 93, 119, 119 
Shafer, Carl, Akron 

Shaffer, Ernestine Louise, Van Wert 57 

Shaffer, Harold Dale, Hartville 58,167 

Shank, Eugene Leon, Cuyahoga Falls 52 

Shaylor, Ida Leora, Ashtabula 125 

Shearer, Elmer Curtis, Mogadore 60, 1 37 

Sheatsley, Elizabeth Josephine, Paris 

Sheehe, Carl, Marion 64, 1 66 

Shepherd, Wildo Elizabeth, Akron 58, 131 

Sherman, Samuel Louis, Akron 100 

Sheron, Phyllis Regina, Independence 118 

Sherrill, Verdo Marjorie, Poland 

Shilling, Catharine Marie, Mossillon 

Shoff, Virginia Alma, Akron 

Shook, Howard Denman, Cuyahcqa Falls . . . .52, 133 

Shook, Loel George, Cuyahoga Falls 95 

Shope, Hugh Norman, Barberton 

Shotwell, Margaret Jean, Cuyahoga Foils 60 9'' 

Shriber, George Austin, Akron 137 

Shriver, George Elmer, Canton 90 

Shulman, Gladys, Youngstown 
Shultz, Lillian Moxine, Lewistown 

Shuman, Louise, Stow 92 

Shuman, Omar Douglass, Mayfield Hts. ..90, 174,75 
Sibola, Jeannette Margaret, Canal Fu'tT 

Siddall, Don Frank, Ravenna 52 

Sidley, Mary Jane, Ashtabula 

Siegfried, Vema Amber, Loudonviilo 59. 94 

Siegrist, Louis William, Aurora 64 

Siemon, Anomory, Cleveland 41, 102 

Silsby, Hazel Fay, South Euclid 

Simons, Orlie Herbert, Kent 90 

Simpkins, Theron Edward, Suffi?ld 118 

Simpson, Arthur E., Girard 159 

Simpson, Bruce Harold, E. Cleveland 91 

Simpson, Elspeth Marian, East Akron 67 1 "^ I 

Simpson, John B., Kent .... 52, 80 91 , 1 1 8, 1 35. 1 37 

Singer, Elizabeth Isabel, Canton 93 

Skaleski, Mildred A., Steubenville 
Slack, Doris Mae, Bedford 
Slodek, June Marie, Medina 
Slater, Wilfred Weston, Kent 

Slates, Ralph David, Ravenna 80 

Slemmons, Dora Mae, Navarre 

Slutz, Russell Charles, Navarre 41.101.133 

Smith, Cloud R.. Cuyahogn Falls . . . . 41 . 91 . 1 09. 1 1 S 

Smith, Doreen Charlotte, Canton 62. 120 

Smith, Dorothy Pearl, Kent 
Smith, Elizabeth Ethel. Hudson 

Smith, George John. New Middletown 64 

Smith, Isabel Lucinda. Burqhill 

Smith, James Thornton. Cleveland . . . 92, 95, 1 1 8, 1 1 9 

Smith, Jane Elizabet. Kent 41.133.137 

Smith, Lois Orinne, Alliance 
Smith, Martha Barret. Kent 
Smith, Russell Lyoll, Kent 
Snedden. Betty Alice, Hudson 
Snider, Calvin William, Kent 
Snodgross. Robert Bruce. Northfield 

Snyder, Ruth J., Canton 65. 93 

Snyder, Mildred Eleanor, Creston 

Snyder, Roscoe, Dayton 65, 1 50. 1 56 

Sokoloski. Chester P., Cuyahoga Falls .52. 91, 147. 150 

Souders, Delbert Leonard. Akron 

Spelmon, Marian Elizabeth. Kent . . . 52. 92 1 24, 1 30 

Spencer, Margot Jocelyn, Hiram 41, 92, 136 

Spencer, Mary Ellen, Canton 

Spencer, Peggy Anne, Grand Rapids Mich 81, 92 

Spencer. Sara-Louise, Hudson 
Soicer, Doris Jane, Akron 

Spielon, Richard, South Euclid 1 67 

Soillman, Lorraine, Amsterdarn 57 

Spirtos, Jock, Campbell 136 



34, 137 

Sponseller, Elizabeth Jane, Canton 
Sprogue, Dorothy Lucille, Tollmadge 

Sprague, Flora Jean, Kent 41, 106, 1 

Spratt, James A., Akron 

Spriggel, Keith Brenton, Munroe Falls 

Sprunger, Orlo O., Wodsworth 

Stafford, Margaret Davies, Canton 

Stolder, Charles Edward, Akron 

Staley, Willord Eugene, Atwater 

Stombough, Marie Kothryn, North Canton .53, 

Stanley, Dorothy May. Beloit 

Stopel, Ruth Naomi, Chardon 

Starr, Hazel Gene, Ravenna 

Steckel, Harold Palmer, Akron 
Steckel, Lucile Jeannette, Akron 

Stein, Lawrence Averal, Cleveland 1 

Stein, Kenneth John, Mogadore 
Steiner, Esther Marie, Orrville 
Stelson, Mrs. Ada Woolley, Kent 
Stern, Arvine Russell, Mossillon 

Sternod, Marcia Jane. Macedonia 

Stetler, Herman, Doylestown 

Stevens, Katherine Virginia, Foirport Harbor . 

Stewart, Anita, Kent 1 

Stewart, Betty Jane. Hubbard 

Stewart, Hugh Barnes. Kent 

Stewart, Mary Jane Shaker Heights 

53, 93, 107, 109, 109 113, 115, 125, 1 
Stockdole, David Donald. Ravenna 
Stockman, Richard E., Kent 
Stockman, Robert Homer, Stow 
Stoll, Wilda Griswold, Cuyahoga Foils 
Stone, Florence Gertrude, Tollmadge 

Stonehill, Irene Pauline, Robertsville 

Stonework, George, Campbell 
Stopher, Marooret Mary. Kent 

53, 96, 106, 108. 108, 109 1 H I 

Strahl, Mary Maxine, Ravenna 61, 

Straight, Lois Dene, Kent 

Stribiey, Rex Carl. Kent 1 

Stribley, Wendell Royer, Kent 

Stringer, Williom Lvnn, Kent 
Strohl, Dale Willis, Greensburg 

63, 65, 90, 1 19, 1 

Strouse, Helen Inez, Loudonville 78, 

Stubbins, Florence Lona. Mortins Ferry 

Stull, Harold Forest. Wooster 

Stump, Gordon George, Akron 

Stump, Louise Elinor. Cleveland 

Sullivan, Ernest Ravenna 

Swan, Ada A.. Cuyahoga Falls 

Swan, Elsie, Akron 

Sweony, Dorothy May, Dellroy 

Swearengin, Gladvs Mae Delaware 

Swedish, Frank. Kent 

Swickard, Ruth, Richmond 
Swinehart, Charles Henry. Cleveland 

Swinehart, Merle R.. Suffield 

Sykes, Franklin Duff, E. Palestine 

Szobo, Marie Jane, Warrensville 


Toborsky, Frank. Kent ...42.90,171,174.174,175 

Toborsky, Joe, Kent 42,106.157,159,171 

Toiclet, Louise, Vienna 1 03 

Tollentire, John Richard, Cuvohogo Falls .... 121, 136 
Torr. Olive Rowena, Mingo Junction 

Tatqenhorst, Jane Ann, Kent 92 

Taylor, Dorold, Kent 

Taylor, William, Cuyahoga Falls 121 

Teas, Deborah Isabel. Hudson 53. 96 

Terrell, Logan Paul, Belloire 136 

1 18 




1 18 
I. 94 
1 18 


Terrill, Donald F., Kingsville 1 56 

Terrill, Mrs. Lillian Cummins, Kent 

Terry, Charles Miles, Kent 54, 1 24 

Thayer, Elizabeth Muriel, Youngstown 
Theobald, George Edward, Cleveland 
Thomas, Annabelle Louise, Cuyahoga Falls 

Thomas, Doris Irene, Morshallville 65 

Thomas, Estella Mae, Ravenna 118, 136 

Thomas, Harold Curtis, Woodville 

Thompson, Eloise Mary, Canton 65 

Thompson, Ethel, Canton 65 

Thompson, Faye Myrtle, Fredericksburg 
Thompson, Lois, Cleveland Hts. 

Thompson, Mortho Helen, Garfield 53 

Thompson, Moxine Edith, Canton 59 

Thompson, Mildred Theresa, Cleveland 

Thompson, Ruth Dorothy. Farmdale 56, 1 30 

Tibbitts, Paul Wendell, Geneva 

Tigner, Dorothy, Porkersburg, W. Vo 93 

Timmons, Martha Lucille, Chagrin Falls 59 

Titterington, Grace. Madison 42 

Titus, Anna Mary, Johnston 
Tobin, John Walk, Akron 
Tolla, Julia Pauline, Diamond 

Tomosheska, Jack Francis, Grafton 95 

Toth, Elizabeth Ann, Lorain 

Tozer, Rada N., Cuyahoga Falls 63, 94, 113, 133 

Tracy, Wilmo Louise, E, Liverpool 

Treat, Jane Berenice, Massillon ...102,118,121,133 

Treat, Mark G., Cuyahoga Falls 175 

Tretta, Max, Akron 

Troeger, Elisabeth Wilhelmina, Defiance 53 

Troyer, Loris C, Walnut Creek . . 44, 95, 1 09, 115, 118 
Truax, Vivian Palma, Shodyside 
Trulson, Geraldine Cook, Painesville 

Trunkey, Mary Louise, Shreve 131 

Truscott, Ella Mae, Kent 136 

Tucek, Elmer Lawrence, Geauga Lake 
Tucker, Ethel A., Painesville 

Tullsen, Roxone Mir, Youngstown 108, 1 33 

Turk, Gladys Louise, Kent 65 

Turner, Charles, Akron 60 

Tuttle, Richard M., Kent ... 32, 42, 1 06, 119, 1 27, 135 

Ugron, Anne, Youngstown 
Ulicny, Betty Ruth, Salem 
Urban, George, Kent . . . . 


Vagnozzi, Lawrence, Youngstown 
Vallen, Kathryn Mae, W. Richfield 

Van Fleet, Roberta Jean, Cleveland 92, 1 30, I 34 

Von Iden, Starr Stanley, Cleveland Hts 53 

Von Wyen, Adrian, Bedford 42, 1 1 3, 1 32 

Vaughan, Allan, Solon 
Vaughon, Lewis H,, Akron 

Venn, Olive Ruth, Lockwood 42, 1 1 9, 1 1 9 

Vesy, Hazel Eleanor, Orwell 65 

Visher, Victor, Ravenna 

Visti, Laura Sylvia, Fairport Harbor 

Voth, Roland, Cleveland 53, 1 1 5 

Vuillemin, Alfred Ernest, Akron 


Wade, Earl Wenman. Broadacre 100 

Wagner, EImm David Smith, Hudson 

Wagner, Virginia Moe, Greentown 63, 103 

Wall, Clyde Fremont, Kent 119, 119 

Wallis, Vera, Eileen, Cuyahoga Falls 94 

Wolrath, Vernon Arthur, Beloit 

Walsh, Marie Rose, Youngstown 42 

Walter, Ann Laing, Dundee 

Wansack, Anno, Campbell 57 

Word, Lester Robert, E. Palestine 

Word, Vool, Lorain 

Warden, John Williom, New Philadelphia 

46, 53, 100, 133, 156, 158 

Wordmon, Catherine Jane, Akron 1 34 

Warner, Alyce Elinor, Suffield 65, 99 

Warner, Genevieve Mae, Akron 136 

Wornes, Atlee G., Shonesville 118 

Warren, Lyie, Springfield 64, 1 46, 1 50 

Waterbury, Francis Ruth, Bedford 1 20, 1 34 

Waters, Moxine Lucy, Garrettsville 

Waters, Naudine H., Kent 42, 136 

Watkins, Benjamin Earnest, Massillon 167 

Wotkins, Fred Herbert, Chagrin Falls 1 37 

Watkins, John Reginald, Akron 44 

Watkins, Twilo Elizabeth, Canton 
Watson, M. Elizabeth, Canton 

Watson, Mary Elizabeth, Conneaut 94, 1 34 

Watts, Thomas Campbell, Akron 95, 175 

Worwin, Peter, Diamond 53,132,171,174 

Weotherford, Arnold, Akron 56, 151 

Weaver, Mary Rebecca, N. Philadelphia 57 

Weaver, Ralph J., Cuyahoga Falls 80 

Webb, Lila Jane, Brookfield 
Weber, Leona Frances, Strosburg 
Weeks, James Woodrow, Ravenna 
Weinstein, Harriett F., Farmdale 

Weir, Don LaMor, Hudson 42, 95, 172 

Weir, Frances Anthony, Willoughby ...64,151,159 
Weis, Paul Eugene, Lancaster 

Weisel, Earl, Akron 90, 151 

Weiss, Ruby Pearl, Shonesville ....65,103,118,119 
Weldin, Walter Reid, Ravenna 

Wells, Vivian Luello, Elyrio 53, 1 30 

Wendelken, Harold William, Kent 

42,95, 1 12, 124, 166 

Werner, Dolly Geraldine, Akron 64, 133 

Wertheimer, Bernard Michael, Peninsula 

Westcott, Helen, Painesville 57, 1 09, I 1 3, 1 1 5 

Westfall, Elizabeth Ann, Carrollton 

Westlake, Bernice Jean, Marysville 1 03, 1 33 

Whalen, James Joseph, Kent 

Wheeland, Doris Regina, Port Washington 

Wheeler, William Charles, Bedford 133,136 

Wherley, Poul Berdette, Stone Creek 63 

Whinery, Elsie Margaret, Salem 

Whipple, Mary Jane, Canton 62 

White, Denzil Wilmot, E. Palestine 95 

Whitehead, Eleanor Mae, Massillon 

Whitmon, Robert William, Akron 91 

Whitmire, A. Paxton, Kent . . .43, 106, 146, 150, 175 

Whitmire, Eileen May, Navarre 1 20, 1 32 

Whittlesey, Ruth Catherine, Kent 43, 94, 107 

Wick, Robert Wasser, McDonald 90 

Wicks, Joseph Roger, Ashland 151 

Widder, Thelmo Moe, Sugarcreek 58 

Widowski, Joe, Mayfield Hts 1 5 1 , 1 67 

Widowski, LeRoy Herman, Mayfield Hts. 

43, 91, 106, 146, 150, 164. 166, 171 

egand, Dorothy Louise, Steubenville . . .43, 92, 133 

ggs, Frances Louise, New London 43, 133 

Icox, Elizabeth Carolyn, Lakewood 61 

Icoxon, Sara L., Painesville 

Ider, James C, Painesville 1 1 8, 1 1 9 

lenius, Wilfred, Mantua 53 

Ikins, Frances Arlene, Perry 58 

llemsen, Jeonette Louise, Stow 
llett, Audre Elizabeth, Sebring 
lliams, Cora Belle, Akron 

Willioms, Ernest Allen, Newton Falls . . . 54, 56, 95, 124 

Williams, Ervin Ray, Cuyahoga Falls 53 

Williams, Lena Marie, N. Bloomfield 
Williams, Margaret Elizabeth, E. Liverpool 

Williams, Maryon E., Cleveland 59, 53 

Willioms, Ralph Charles, Ravenna 

Williamson, Dorothy Irene, Cleveland 43, 94 

Willmot, Dorothea Ann, Massillon 58 

Wilson, Etta Mae, Sebring 57 

Wilson. Emma Louise, Kent 119 

Wilson, Eraser Eugene, Akron 

Wilson, Robert Meldrum, Kent 59, 1 66, 1 20 

Winchell, Margaret Wilma, Canton 93 

Winder, Eva Catherine, Homeworth 

Winemiller, Doris Marilyn, Akron 96 

Winemiller, Frederick D., Akron 64, 95 

Wise, Doris Theresa, Ravenna 65 

Wise, Elizabeth Mae, Kent 62 

Wise, Paul H., Kent 43 

Wise, Winifred M., Kent 43 

Wishort, Jean P., Winterset 62 

Wolf, Jennie F., Wodsworth 63 

Wolfe, Rosalie Esther, Cuyahoga Falls 53, 92 

Womsley, Florence Elisabeth, Akron 57 

Wood, Fred D., Cleveland 64, 90 

Wood, Julio F., Canton 1 07, 1 08, 1 09, 1 36 

Woods, Jeonette Louise, Ravenna 53, 103 

Woods, Mary Jane, Ravenna 53, 1 37 

Woods, Virginia Eileeen, Ravenna 61,133 

Woodward, Shirley Ross, Hiram 
Wootopulos, Helene Marie, Youngstown 
Work, Clifford, Cuyohoga Falls 

Workman, Margaret Louise, Copley 58 

Wrentmore, George, Lockwood 1 00 

Wright, Jean Frances, Oberlin 118 

Wright, Joseph, Cuyahoga Falls 53, 90, 166 

Wright, Mrs. Lillian Hager, Kent 

Wykrent, Ann Wanda, Elyria 96 

Wynne, Leo P., Cuyahoga Falls 


Yorion, Ellen Marie, Rootstown 130 

Yerman, John William, Diamond 

Yoder, Elizabeth L., Solem 64 

Young, Al. A., Harrison, N. Y 43, 91, 127 

Young, Dorothy Jane, Cleveland 

43, 102, 107, 109, 113, 125, 131 

Young, James Scott, Hortville 62 

Young, Janet W., Hortville 57, 102, 133 

Young, Ruth Amelia, Negley 63 

Young, Sara Lenore, Mantua 43, 99, 133 

Young, William W., Massillon 53, 91 

Yurchison, Katherine, Lowellville 103 

Zeltman, Violet Roberto, Strosburg 

Zerbe, Harriet Graham, Canton 92, 136 

Zimmerman, Edna Lucille, Marshallville 133 

Zimmerman, Mary Elizabeth, Akron 

Zink, Dole Edgar, N. Canton 95, 1 37 

Zuercher, Barbara Idello, Dolton 
Zuercher, Venus, Millersburg 
Zupan, John Carl, Cleveland 

53, 95, 106, 1 13, 173, 137 
Zurcher, Mabel Ruth, Wilmot . . .43, 99, 109, 133, 136